Punk: 2000-2004
Punk: 1990-1994

Punk: 1995-1999

Albums from this period are below the fold.

2 Minuta Mržnje: Došao Je Kraj EP (1995)

4 Promille: Was das sein bester Freund (1995)

30 Foot Fall: Divided We Stand (1995)

Active Minds: Dis Is Getting Pathetic… EP (1995)

Alice Donut: Pure Acid Park (1995)

Anal Cunt: Top 40 Hits (1995)

Anti-Product: Reject Your Surroundings (1995)

AOS3: Diversionary Tactics (1995)

Argy Bargy: Drink, Drugs, & Football Thugs (1995)

Babes in Toyland: Nemesisters (1995)

Backfire!: Who Told You Life Is Easy? (1995)

Balzac: The Last Men on Earth (1995)

The Beltones: Lock and Load EP (1995)

Besthöven: Canção Para Uma Base De Mísseis (1995)

Blind Pigs: Lost Cause (1995)

Blink-182: Cheshire Cat (1995)

Blyth Power: Paradise Razed (1995)

Bloodlet: Entheogen (1995)

The Bollweevils: Heavyweight (1995)

Boulder: Self-titled EP (1995)

Candiria: Surrealistic Madness (1995)

Chain of Strength: The One Thing That Still Holds True (1995)

Channel Zero: Unsafe (1995)

Charles Bronson: Self-titled EP (1995)

China White: Addiction (1995)

Chisel: 8 A.M. All Day (1995)

Chisel: Nothing New EP (1995)

Citizen Fish: Millennia Notes (Selected Notes from the 21st Century) (1995)

Code 13: Doomed Society EP (1995)

Code 13: They Made a Wasteland and Called It Peace EP (1995)

Combat Shock (1): Hinein, Hindurch Und Darüber Hinaus (1995)

Cosmic Psychos: Self Totalled (1995)

Cyco Miko: Lost My Brain! (1995)

Dead Fucking Last: Proud to Be (1995)

Dead Fucking Last: Tony’s War (1995)

Deadguy: Fixation on a Co-Worker (1995)

The Dead Milkmen: Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig) (1995)

Dead Moon: Nervous Sooner Changes (1995)

The Defectives: Who Needs Talent (1995)

Derozer: Bar (1995)

Desobediencia Civil: ¿Cuanto Tiempo Mas? EP (1995)

Destroy!: Necropolis (1995)

Dezerter: Deuter (1995)

Dirt: Drunks in Rusty Transits (1995)

Disfear: Soul Scars (1995)

D.O.A.: The Black Spot (1995)

D.R.I.: Full Speed Ahead (1995)

Driller Killer: Total Fucking Hate (1995)

Earth Crisis: Destroy the Machines (1995)

Electric Frankenstein: The Time Is Now (1995)

Emily’s Sassy Lime: Desperate, Scared, but Social (1995)

English Dogs: All the World's a Rage (1995)

The Ex: Mudbird Shivers (1995)

Excel: Seeking Refuge (1995)

Excuse 17: Such Friends Are Dangerous (1995)

Extinction Of Mankind: Baptised in Shit (1995)

Extreme Noise Terror: Retro-bution (1995)

Face to Face: Big Choice (1995)

Fear: Have Another Beer with Fear (1995)

Frodus: Fireflies (1995)

Fugazi: Red Medicine (1995)

Funeral Dress: I'm In Love With OI! (1995)

Good Riddance: For God and Country (1995)

Hiatus: El Sueño De La Razón Produce Monstruos (1995)

Hiatus: Old-fashioned Shit for Consumers (1995)

Hogan’s Heroes: 101/3 Fists and a Mouthful (1995)

Ignite: Family (1995)

Integrity: Systems Overload (1995)

Jawbreaker: Dear You (1995)

J Church: Arbor Vitae (1995)

The Joykiller: Self-titled  (1995)

June of 44: Engine Takes to the Water (1995)

Kickback: Cornered (1995)

Knochenfabrik: Tag Der Deutschen Einheit (1995)

Lagwagon: Hoss (1995)

LIFE: Freedom and Liberation EP (1995)

Lifetime: Hello Bastards (1995)

Litmus Green: Circle that A! (1995)

The Lurkers: Ripped 'N' Torn (1995)

Masskontroll: Warpath EP (1995)

Masskontroll: Will You Ever Learn? (1995)

Millencolin: Life on a Plate (1995)

Mudhoney: My Brother the Cow (1995)

MxPx: Teenage Politics (1995)

Načo Názov: Komu Že Je Lepšie... (1995)

Nailed Down: Violent Distortion EP (1995)

Neos: Fight with Donald EP (1995)

Nip Drivers: Dirt My Hole EP (1995)

Nobodys: Minus One EP (1995)

Nomeansno: The Worldhood of the World (As Such) (1995)

No Use for a Name:¡Leche con Carne! (1995)

Nuzzle: Follow For Now (1995)

Oblivians: Soul Food (1995)

One King Dwn: Absolve EP (1995)

Orange 9mm: Driver Not Included (1995)

Oxymoron: Fuck The Nineties... Here's Our Noize (1995)

Patrik Fitzgerald: Pillow Tension (1995)

Pennywise: About Time (1995)

Persiana Jones: Siamo Circondati (1995)       

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Supermodels (1995)

Pist ‘N’ Broke: American Drinking Songs (1995)

The Queers: Move Back Home (1995)

Quicksand: Manic Compression (1995)

Ramones: ¡Adios Amigos! (1995)

Rancid: ...And Out Come the Wolves (1995)

Ratos de Porão: Feijoada Acidente? - Brasil (1995)

Raw Power: Fight (1995)

Rhythm Collision: Clobberer! (1995)

The Riverdales: Riverdales (1995)

Rudimentary Peni: Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric (1995)

Rupture: Lust And Hate (1995)

Rupture: Sex, Drugs And Rupture (1995)

Ryker’s: First Blood (1995)

Schleim-Keim: Drecksau, EP (1995)

Screw 32: Unresolved Childhood Issues (1995)

Sham 69: Soapy Water and Mister Marmalade (1995)

Sheer Terror: Love Songs For The Unloved (1995)

Shelter: Mantra (1995)

Shutdown: Turning the Tide (1995)

Skarhead: Drugs, Money, Sex (1995)

Skitsystem: Profithysteri EP (1995)

Slapshot: 16 Valve Hate (1995)

Slapstick: Lookit! (1995)

Sleater-Kinney: Self-titled (1995)

Smut Peddlers: Failure (1995)

SNFU: The One Voted Most Likely to Succeed (1995)

S.O.B.: Symphonies of Brutality (1995)

Soilent Green: Pussysoul (1995)

Sonic Youth: Washing Machine (1995)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Ratas (1995)

Split Lip:  Fate's Got a Driver (1995)

Split Lip:  Songs You May or May Not Have Heard Before: Archived Music for Stubborn People (1995)

The Squids: Rush 2112 EP (1995)

Stage Bottles: Corruption and Murder (1995)

State of Fear: Wallow in Squalor EP (1995)

State of Fear: Stàte Of Feär EP (1995)

Strongarm: Atonement (1995)

Submission Hold: The Buzz of a Baseless Situation (1995)

Submission Hold: Kamikaze Quagga EP (1996)

Sunny Day Real Estate: Self-titled (1995)

Superchunk: Here's Where the Strings Come In (1995)

Superjoint: Demo (1995)

The Supersuckers: The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers (1995)

Swingin’ Utters: The Streets of San Francisco (1995)

Team Dresch: Personal Best (1995)

Ten Yard Fight: Demo '95 (1995)

Ten Yard Fight: Hardcore Pride (1995)

Terrorgruppe: Musik für Arschlöcher (1995)

Tocotronic: Digital ist besser (1995)

Tocotronic: Nach der verlorenen Zeit (1995)

Total Chaos: Patriotic Shock (1995)

Toxic Reasons: No Peace in Our Time (1995)

Troublemakers: Mental Kristid (1995)

Uncurbed: A Nightmare in Daylight (1995)

Unholy Grave: Crucified (1995)

Unsane: Scattered, Smothered & Covered (1995)

U.S. Bombs: Put Strength in the Final Blow (1995)

The Vandals: Live Fast, Diarrhea (1995)

The Vapids: Five Minute Major (1995)

Vegan Reich: Vanguard (1995)

Vicious Circle: Reactivate (1995)

Violent Femmes: Rock!!!!! (1995)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Firme (1995)

Warcollapse: Crust as Fuck Existence (1995)

X-Ray Spex: Conscious Consumer (1995)

Zaunpfahl: Kreuze (1995)

The Zeros: Over the Sun (1995)

Zikney Tzfat: Ten Li Shlager (1995)

30 Foot Fall: Junior High Sucked EP (1996)

98 Mute: Self-titled  (1996)

Acid Bath: Paegan Terrorism Tactics (1996)

Adhesive: Sideburner (1996)

Anal Cunt: 40 More Reasons to Hate Us (1996)

Anti-Flag: Die for the Government (1996)

Anti-Heroes: American Pie (1996)

Antiseen: Here To Ruin Your Groove (1996)

Armchair Martian: Xenophobe: A Car (1996)

Assorted Jelly Beans: Self-titled  (1996)

Atoxxxico: Self-titled (1996)

Aus-Rotten: The System Works… for Them (1996)

Avail: 4AM Friday (1996)

Backfire!: Rebel for Life (1996)

Battalion of Saints: Cuts (1996)

The Beltones: My Old Man EP (1996)

Besthöven: Os Mortos Insepultos (1996)

Bikini Kill: Reject All American (1996)

Billyclub: (It’s Better to Be) Pissed Off (1996)

Biohazard: Mata Leão (1996)

Blanks 77: Killer Blanks (1996)

Blue Eyed Devils: Murder Squad (1996)**

Blyth Power: Out from Under the King (1996)

Boulder: 555 EP (1996)

The Bruisers: Up in Flames (1996)

Bus Station Loonies: Squiffy on a Small Amount EP (1996)

Buzzcocks: All Set (1996)

The Candy Snatchers: Self-titled  (1996)

Catharsis: Self-titled  EP (1996)

Cause for Alarm: Cheaters and the Cheated (1996)

Choking Victim: Squatta’s Paradise EP (1996)

Citizen Fish: Thirst (1996)

Converge: Petitioning the Empty Sky (1996)

The Crucifucks: L.D. Eye (1996)

Dackelblut: Schützen Und Fördern (1996)

Defiance: No Future No Hope (1996)

Descendents: Everything Sucks (1996)

Despair: One Thousand Cries (1996)

Detestation: The Inhuman Condition EP (1996)

Detestation: Unheard Cries (1996)

Dezerter: Mam kły mam pazury (1996)

Diesel Boy: Cock Rock (1996)

Digger: Powerbait (1996)

Disaffect: Powerless with a Guitar (1996)

Dogwood: Good Ol' Daze (1996)

Doom: Rush Hour of the Gods (1996)

Down by Law: All Scratched Up (1996)

Earth Crisis: Gomorrah's Season Ends (1996)

Electric Frankenstein: Conquers the World (1996)

Electric Frankenstein: Time is Now (1996)

Emily’s Sassy Lime: Dippity Do-Nut (1996)

Envy: Breathing and Dying in This Place (1996)

Eskorbuto: Kalaña (1996)

Eucharist: Self-titled EP (1996)

Ex-Cathedra: Tartan Material (1996)

The Exceptions: Five Finger Discount (1996)

The Exploited: Beat the Bastards (1996)

Eyehategod: Dopesick (1996)

Face to Face: Self-titled (1996)

Falling Sickness: Right on Time (1996)

Fall Silent: No Strength to Suffer (1996)

Fastbaks: New Mansions in Sound (1996)

Flag of Democracy: Everything Sucks (1996)

Floorpunch: Division One Champs EP (1996)

The Freeze: Freakshow (1996)

Frodus: F-Letter (1996)

Funeral Dress: Singalong Pogo Punk (1996)

Fury of Five: No Reason to Smile (1996)

F.Y.P.: Toilet Kids Bread (1996)

G.B.H.: Punk Junkies (1996)

Girls Against Boys: House of GVSB (1996)

Good Riddance: A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion (1996)


Grief: Miserably Ever After (1996)

Groovie Ghoulies: World Contact Day (1996)              

Hard Resistance: It’s All Around (1996)

Hard Skin: Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts (1996)

Hatebreed: Under the Knife EP (1996)

Hiatus: Self-titled (1996)

Homomilitia: Twoje Ciało - Twój Wybór (1996)

The Humpers: Live Forever or Die Trying (1996)

Insted: We’ll Make the Difference EP (1996)

Integrity: Humanity is the Devil (1996)

J Church: The Drama of Alienation (1996)

Jesus Lizard: Shot (1996)

The Joykiller: Static (1996)

Juggling Jugulars: New Toys (1996)

Jughead’s Revenge: Image Is Everything (1996)

June of 44: Tropics and Meridians (1996)

Killing Time: The Method (1996)

Knochenfabrik: Die Anthropologin Adrienne Zihlman ‎(1996)

Link 80: Seventeen Reasons (1996)

Loikaemie: Ihr Für Uns Und Wir Für Euch (1996)

Madball: Demonstrating My Style (1996)

Major Accident: The Ultimate High (1996)

Makeshift 3: Childproof Bug Bombs (1996)

Merauder: Master Killer (1996)

Misery: Next Time EP (1996)

M.O.D.: Dictated Aggression (1996)

Murphy’s Law: Dedicated (1996)

MxPx: Life in General (1996)

Nailed Down: Kaaos Attack EP (1996)

Nailed Down: Leak of Deadly bacteria EP (1996)

New Bomb Turks: Scared Straight (1996)

Nobodys: Short Songs for Short Attention Spans (1996)

NOFX: Heavy Petting Zoo (1996)

Nomeansno: In the Fishtank 1 EP (1996)

Nomeansno: Would We Be Alive? EP (1996)

No Redeeming Social Value: Rocks the Party (1996)

Numb: Roar 365 (1996)

Oblivians: Rock N’ Roll Holiday (1996)

Oblivians: Popular Favorites (1996)

OHL: Die Stunde Der Wahrheit (1996)

The Oppressed: Music for Hooligans (1996)

Orange 9mm: Tragic (1996)

Oxo 86: Fleisch, Sex, Alkohol (1996)

Pöbel und Gesocks: Oi! Punk Pervers (1996)

The Pogues: Pogue Mahone (1996)

Popperklopper: Kalashnikov Blues (1996)

Portraits of Past: Self-titled (1996)

Propagandhi: Less Talk, More Rock (1996)

Pro-Pain: Contents Under Pressure (1996)

Public Toys: Punk! (1996)

Pulley: Esteem Driven Engine (1996)

Quarantine: Automatic Negative Thoughts (1996)

The Queers: Don't Back Down (1996)

Raised Fist: Stronger Than Ever EP (1996)

Red Alert: Breakin' All the Rules (1996)

Refused: Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent (1996)

Reversal of Man: Reversal of Man EP (1996)

The Restarts: Frustration EP (1996)

Rhythm Collision: Crunch Time (1996)

Ringworm: The Promise (1996)

Roadside Monument: Beside This Brief Hexagonal (1996)

Rövsvett: Burn the Gay Nuns (1996)

Rudiments: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch (1996)

Ryker’s: Ground Zero (1996)

Satanic Surfers: Hero of Our Time (1996)

Showcase Showdown: Appetite of Kings (1996)

Sick on the Bus: Self-titled (1996)

The Siren Six!: The Voice with a Built in Promise (1996)

Skankin' Pickle: The Green Album (1996)

Skitsystem: Ondskans Ansikte EP (1996)

Skruigners: Self-titled  (1996)

Slap of Reality: Monkeydust (1996)

Slayer: Undisputed Attitude [punk covers] (1996)

Sleater-Kinney: Call the Doctor (1996)

Sloppy Seconds: Live: No Time for Tuning (1996)

Smegma: Schrammel Oi! (1996)


Solunski Front: Мали Свет ‎EP (1996)

Social Distortion: White Light, White Heat, White Trash (1996)

Social Unrest: New Lows (1996)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Diversiones...? (1996) 

The Specials:  Today's Specials (1996)

Squiggy: What Are You Fighting For? EP (1996)

Stahlgewitter: Das eiserne Gebet (1996)**

Stäläg 13: Conviction (1996)

Stand Against: Self-titled (1996)

State of Fear: The Tables Will Turn…And It’s You Who’s Going to Suffer (1996)

Straight Faced: Broken (1996)

Street Troopers: Demo (1996)

The Strikes: A Conscience Left to Struggle with Pockets Full of Rust (1996)

Strung Out: Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues (1996)

Sublime: Sublime (1996)

SubZero: Happiness without Peace (1996)

The Suicide Machines: Destruction by Definition (1996)

Swallowing Shit: Love Is the Act of Being Moved to Action EP (1996)

Swingin’ Utters: A Juvenile Product of the Working Class (1996)

Tara Perdida: Self-titled  (1996)

Team Dresch: Captain My Captain (1996)

Terrorgruppe: Musik für Leute wo gern trinken Pipi (1996)

Terrorgruppe: Melodien für Milliarden (1996)

Tocotronic: Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren (1996)

Todos Tus Muertos: Subversiones (1996)

The Tossers: We'll Never Be Sober Again (1996)

Total Chaos: Anthems for the Alleyway (1996)

Toxic Narcotic: You Wreckt Em EP (1996)

Trial: Self-titled EP (1996)

Trial: Through the Darkest Days EP (1996)

Turbonegro: Ass Cobra (1996)

Turmoil: From Bleeding Hands (1996)

U.K. Subs: Occupied (1996)

Uncurbed: Punk and Anger (1996)

Undeclinable Ambuscade: The Greatest Adventures (1996)

Unhinged: Win Our Freedom with Fire (1996)

Unholy Grave: Inhumanity (1996)

Unholy Grave: Nerve Gas Attack (1996)

Uniform Choice: Getting the Point Across (1996)

Unwritten Law: Oz Factor (1996)

Uppercut (2): Across the Lips (1996)

U.S. Bombs: Garibaldi Guard! (1996)

The Vandals: The Quickening (1996)

Vicious Circle: Internal Headstrength (1996)

Volxsturm: Oi! Is Fun! (1996)

Warcollapse: Wandering in Darkness EP (1996)

Warumpi Band: Too Much Humbug (1996)

Warzone: The Sound of Revolution (1996)

Weezer: Pinkerton (1996)

White Kaps: The Endless Bummer (1996)

The Wipers:  The Herd (1996)

Witchknot: Squawk (1996)

Wolfpack [1]: Bloodstained Dreams EP (1996)

Wolfpack [1]: A New Dawn Fades (1996)

Workin’ Stiffs: A Man and His Sledge Hammer EP (1996)

Workin’ Stiffs: Dog Tired (1996)

The Wretched Ones: Go To Work (1996)      

Youth Brigade [2]: To Sell the Truth (1996)

Zaunpfahl: Zum Lügen ist es längst zu spät (1996)

Zeke: Flat Tracker (1996)

Zikney Tzfat: Ten Li Shlager 2 (1996)

Złodzieje Rowerów: Self-titled  (1996)

59 Times the Pain: Twenty Percent of My Hand (1997)

Active Minds: Free to Be Chained (1997)

Active Minds: I’m Not a Tourist…I Live Here EP (1997)

Agenda: Take Control EP (1997)

All Out War: Truth in the Age of Lies (1997)

Anal Cunt: I Like It When You Die (1997)

The Anti-Nowhere League: Scum (1997)

A//Political: Planting the Seeds of Revolution (1997)

Armchair Mrtian: Self-titled (1997)

Assück: Misery Index (1997)

The Astro Zombies: Are Coming… (1997)

At the Drive In: Acrobatic Tenement (1997)

Backfire!: All Bets Are Off (1997)

Balzac: Deep – Teenagers from Outer Space (1997)

Better than a Thousand: Just One (1997)

Bigwig: Un Merry Melodies (1997)

Black Fork: Rock for Loot (1997)

Blanks 77: Tanked and Pogoed (1997)

Blind Pigs: São Paulo Chaos (1997)

Blink-182: Dude Ranch (1997)

Blood for Blood: Spit My Last Breath (1997)

The Bouncing Souls: Self-titled  (1997)

The Boys: Power Cut (1997)

Bruce Lee Band: Self-titled  (1997)

Buck-O-Nine: Twenty-Eight Teeth (1997)

The Business: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth (1997)

Buzzov*en: The Gospel According… II EP (1997)

Candiria: Beyond Reasonable Doubt (1997)

The Casualties: For the Punx (1997)

Catharsis: Samsara (1997)

Cause for Alarm: Birth after Birth EP (1997)

Chaos UK: The Morning After the Night Before (1997)

Charles Bronson: Youth Attack! (1997)

Children: Dead – The Story of a Suicide (1997)

Chisel: Set You Free (1997)

Coalesce: Given Them Rope (1997)

Cock Sparrers: Two Monkeys (1997)

Contempt: Shouting the Odds (1997)

Cosmic Psychos: Oh What a Lovely Pie (1997)

Cress: Monuments (1997)

Dackelblut: Fluten Und Tauchen (1997)

Dead Fucking Last: The Tapeshow (1997)

Dead Fucking Last: Grateful (1997)

The Defectives: Hey Kids! (1997)

The Discocks: Long Live Oi! (1997)

Discount: Half Fiction (1997)

Disembodied: Diablerie (1997)

Disfear: Everyday Slaughter (1997)

Disorder: Sliced Punx on Meathooks (1997)

Dogwood: Through Thick & Thin (1997)

Down by Law: Last of the Sharpshooters (1997)

Driller Killer: Fuck The World (1997)

The Ducky Boys: No Getting’ Out (1997)

Dwarves: The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking (1997)

Dystopia: Human = Garbage (1994)

Electric Frankenstein: Sick Songs (US) (1997)

Ensign: Direction of Things to Come (1997)

Epäjärjestys: Self-titled (1997)

Extreme Noise Terror: Damage 381 (1997)

Final Conflict: Rebirth (1997)

Four Letter Word: A Nasty Piece of Work (1997)

Funeral Oration: Believer (1997)

F.Y.P.: My Man Grumpy (1997)

Gang Green: Another Case of Brewtality (1997)

Garotos Podres: Com a Corda Toda (1997)

The GC5: A More Aggressive Approach Towards Peacekeeping (1997)

The Generators: Welcome to the End (1997)

Genocide Superstars: Another Fucking EP (1997)

Genocide Superstars: Hail The New Storm (1997)

The Get Up Kids: Four Minute Mile (1997)

A Global Threat: The Kids Will Revolt Against All Authority EP (1997)

Gloom: Noise for Moblish (1997)

Gloom: Recommendation of Perdition EP (1997)

Goldblade: Home Turf (1997)

Groovie Ghoulies: Re-Animation Festival (1997)

Happy Campers: Campfire Songs (1997)

Hard Resistance: Engine of Hate (1997)

Hatebreed: Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire (1997)

Headache (2): Self-titled (1997)

Heiter Bis Wolkig: Verbotene Früchte (1997)

Hellkrusher: Doomsday Hour (1997)

His Hero Is Gone: Fifteen Counts of Arson (1997)

His Hero Is Gone: Monuments to Thieves (1997)

Hoods: New Blood (1997)

Hot Water Music: Fuel for the Hate Game (1997)

Hot Water Music: Forever and Counting (1997)

The Humpers: Plastique Valentine (1997)

I Hate Myself: 4 Songs EP (1997)

I Hate Myself: 10 Songs (1997)

Ill Repute: Bleed (1997)

Inner Terrestrials: Escape from New Cross (1997)

Inner Terrestrials: iT! (1997)

Inspecter 7: …The Infamous (1997)

Integrity: Seasons in the Size of Days (1997)

Jeromes Dream: Completed (2005) [ recorded from 1997-2001]

The Joykiller: Three (1997)

Kickback: Forever War (1997)

K.K.P.A.: Self-titled  (1997)

Knochenfabrik: Ameisenstaat (1997)

Knochenfabrik: Kaufehlermessung ‎(1997)

L7: The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum (1997)

Lagwagon: Double Plaidinum (1997)

Lard: Pure Chewing Satisfaction (1997)

Lifetime:  Jersey's Best Dancers (1997)

Link 80: Killing Katie (1997)

Lower Class Brats: Rather Be Hated Than Ignored (1997)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Have a Ball (1997)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let's Face It (1997)

Millencolin: For Monkeys (1997)

The Murder City Devils: Self-titled (1997)

Mustard Plug: Evildoers Beware! (1997)

Nailed Down: Honour and Glory EP (1997)

Nobodys: The Smell of Victory (1997)

NOFX: So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes (1997)

No Use for a Name: Making Friends (1997)

Oblivians: Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quinton (1997)

The Offspring:  Ixnay on the Hombre (1997)

One King Down: Bloodlust Revenge EP (1997)

One Way System:  Return to Breizh (1997)

Oxymoron: The Pack Is Back (1997)

Pennywise: Full Circle (1997)

Persiana Jones: Brivido Caldo (1997)

La Pestilencia: El Amarillista (1997)

The Pinkerton Thugs: Pain and the Pinkerton Thugs (1997)

Popperklopper: Wer sich nicht wehrt… der lebt verkehrt (1997)

Porno Riviste: Cosa Facciamo? (1997)

Potshot: Pots and Shots (1997)

Pulley: 60 Cycle Hum (1997)

Rasta Knast: Prøbegepøgt EP (1997)

Ratos de Porão: Carniceria Tropical (1997)

Reatards: Get Real Stupid EP (1997)

Reatards: Get Out of Our Way EP (1997)

Resist And Exist: Resist and Exist EP (1997)

The Restarts: Just Gets Worse EP (1997)

Riot/Clone: To Find a Little Bluebird (1997)

The Riverdales: Storm the Streets (1997)

Roadside Monument: Eight Hours Away from Being a Man (1997)

Rollins Band: Come In and Burn (1997)

Rotten Sound: Under Pressure (1997)

Ryker’s: A Lesson in Loyality (1997)

Satanic Surfers: 666 Motor Inn (1997)

Screw 32: Under the Influence of Bad People (1997)

Shai Hulud: Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion (1997)

Sham 69: The A Files (1997)

Shelter: Beyond Planet Earth (1997)

Shyster: That’s My Story, and I’m Stickin to It EP (1997)

Sick of It All: Built to Last (1997)

Sick on the Bus:  Suck on Fuck Heads (1997)

Silent Majority: Life of a Spectator (1997)

Skinnerbox: What You Can Do, What you Can’t (1997)

Skitslickers: Self-titled (1997)

Skruigners: Ricercato (1997)

Sleater-Kinney: Dig Me Out (1997)

Smut Peddlers: Freedom (1997)

Snapcase: Progression Through Unlearning (1997)

Snot: Get Some (1997)

Soziedad Alkoholika: No Intente Hacer Esto En Su Casa (1997)

Spazz: La Revancha (1997)

Special Duties: ’77 in ’97 (1997)

Spread: Unknown Place (1997)

Stand Against: Bred to Hate (1997)

Stiff Little Fingers: Tinderbox (1997)

Street Troopers: Take the Battle to the Street (1997)

Strife: In This Defiance (1997)

Strongarm: The Advent of a Miracle (1997)

Submission Hold: Garlic for Victory! EPM (1997)

Submission Hold: Flag + Flame = Fun EPM (1997)

Superchunk: Indoor Living (1997)

Superjoint: Demo (1997)

The Supersuckers: Must've Been High (1997)

The Teen Idols: Self-titled (1997)

The Templars: Phase II (1997)

Ten Foot Pole: Unleashed (1997)

Ten Yard Fight: Back on Track (1997)

Terrorgruppe: PUNKCERIALIEN (1997)

Tocotronic: Es ist egal, aber (1997)

Totalitär: Ni Måste Bort! (1997)

Toxic Narcotic: Damn Near Killed Em EP (1997)

Trapped in Life: What Have I Done? EP (1997)

Troublemakers: Erketion (1997)

U.K. Subs: Quintessentials (1997)

U.K. Subs: Riot (1997)

Ulster: M-19 EP (1997)

Unholy Grave: Hatred? (1997)

Union 13: East Los Presents… (1997)

The Unseen: Lower Class Crucifixion (1997)

U.S. Bombs: Never Mind the Opened Minds (1997)

U.S. Bombs: War Birth (1997)

Vanilla Muffins: The Devil Is Swiss (1997)

The Vapids: Wanna Fuck Around (1997)

The Vapids: Drink Beer! (1997)

The Vibrators: French Lessons with Correction (1997)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Baile de Los Locos (1997)

Warzone: Fight for Justice (1997)

The Weakerthans: Fallow (1997)

Wolfpack [1]: Hellhound Warpig EP (1997)

The World/Inferno Friendship Society: The True Story of the Bridgewater Astral League (1997)

Yuppiecrusher: No Commercial Value EP (1997)

Yuppiecrushr: No Sir, I Won’t EP (1997)

Zumbis do Espaço: A Invasão (1997)

8°6 Crew: Bad Bad Reggae (1998)

30 Foot Fall: Cartoons EP (1998)

98 Mute: Class of ’98 (1998)

Adhesive: From Left to Right (1998)

Against All Authority: All Fall Down (1998)

Agnostic Front: Something's Gotta Give (1998)

All Out War: For Those Who Were Crucified (1998)

Alternative TV: Punk Life (1998)

Anal Cunt: Picnic of Love (1998)

Andanada 7: Te Odio (1998)

Antiphaty: W.A.R. (1998)

Apatia No: Fronteras EP (1998)

A//Political: Propaganda by Deed EP (1998)

A//Political: Punk Is a Ghetto EP (1998)

Assorted Jelly Beans: What’s really Going On!?! (1998)

At the Drive In: In/Casino/Out (1998)

Aus-Rotten: ...And Now Back to Our Programming (1998)

Avail: Over the James (1998)

Avskum: Crime & Punishment (1998)

Backfire!: Choose My Own Path (1998)

Balzac: 13 Stairway – The Children of the Night (1998)

Battery: Whatever It Takes (1998)

The Beltones: Naming My Bullets EP (1998)

The Beltones: On Deaf Eras (1998)

Belvedere: Because No One Stopped Us (1998)

Billyclub: Ou to Lunch! (1998)

Black Army Jacket: The Path of Two Swords as One EP (1998)

Blanks 77: C.B.H. (1998)

Blood for Blood: Revenge on Society (1998)

Bloodlet: The Seraphim Fall (1998)

Bonecrusher: Working for Nothing (1998)

Botch: American Nervoso (1998)

The Bouncing Souls: Tie One On (1998)

Buried Alive: Watchmen Session Demo (2017) [ recorded in 1998]

Buzzov*en: At a Loss (1998)

The Candy Snatchers: Human Zoo! (1998)

Captain Everything!: Music By Idiots (1998)

The Casualties: Underground Army (1998)

Cause for Alarm: Beneath the Wheels (1998)

Cave In: Until Your Heart Stops (1998)

The Chinkees: …Are Coming (1998)

Coalesce: Functioning on Impatience (1998)

Code 13: A Part of America Died Today (1998)

Combat Shock (2): Wishful Drinking (1998)

Consumed: Breakfast at Pappa’s (1998)

Converge: When Forever Comes Crashing (1998)

Cowboy Killers: Thank You, Fuck You, and Goodnight (1998)

Death Threat: Last Dayz (1998)

The Defectives: Beat the Hell Outta Jojo (1998)

Detestation: Self-titled (1998)

Deviates: My Life (1998)

Dezerter: Ziemia jest płaska (1998)

Diesel Boy: Venus Envy (1998)

Digger: The Promise of an Uncertain Future (1998)

Dillinger Four: Midwest Songs of the Americas (1998)

D.O.A.: Festival Of Atheists (1998)

Driller Killer: Reality Bites (1998)

The Drones: Take Shelter (1998)

Dropdead: Untitled (1998)

The Ducky Boys: Dark Days (1998)

Dust Noise: Healthy Filthy Noise Attack EP (1998)

Earth Crisis: Breed the Killers (1998)

Electric Frankenstein: Spare Parts (1998)

Elektroduendes: Self-titled (1998)

Envy: From Here to Eternity (1998)

Eskorbuto: Dekadencia (1998)

The Ex: Starters Alternators (1998)

External Menace: The Process of Elimination (1998)

Falling Sickness: Because the World Has Failed Us Both (1998)

Fang: American Nightmare (1998)

Los Fastidos: Contiamo Su Di Voi! (1998)

The Fiend: Prediction EP (1998)

Floorpunch: Fast Times at the Jersey Shore (1998)

The Forgotten Rebels: Executive Outcomes (1998)

Frodus: Conglomerate International (1998)

Fugazi: End Hits (1998)

Funeral Dress: Totally Dressed: 1985-1988 (1998)

Funeral Oration: Survival (1998)

Fury of Five: At War with the World (1998)

Girls Against Boys: Freak*on*ica (1998)

Goldblade: Drop the Bomb (1998)

Good Riddance: Ballads from the Revolution (1998)

GREENMACHiNE:The Earth Beater (1998)

Grief: Torso (1998)

Harum-Scarum: Self-titled EP (1998)

Hellbastard: Blood, Fire, Hate... (1998)

HHH: Homo Homini Lupus (1998)

His Hero Is one: The Plot Sickens (1998)

Hoods: Alone (1998)

The Humpers: Euphoria, Confusion, Anger, Remorse (1998)

I Against I: Headcleaner (1998)

The Icarus Line: Highlypuncturingnoise-testingyourabilitytohate EP (1998)

The Icarus Line: Red and Black Attack EP (1998)

Ill Repute: And Now… (1998)

In My Eyes: The Difference Between (1998)

Irate (NYC): Burden of a Crumbling Society EP (1998)

Jesus Cröst: The Feeding of the Party Pönks (1998)

Jesus Lizard: Blue (1998)

Juggling Jugulars: Can You Explain? EP (1998)

Jughead’s Revenge: Just Joined (1998)

June of 44: Four Great Points (1998)

Kid Dynamite: Self-titled  (1998)

Kill Your Idols: This Is Just the Beginning (1998)

Lagwagon: Let's Talk About Feelings (1998)

Litmus Green: It Must Suck to Be You (1998)

The Living End: Self-titled (1998)

The Locust: Self-titled  (1998)

Madball: Look My Way (1998)

Misanthropic: Open Up And Take Your Bullet EP (1998)

The Mud City Manglers: Gonna Die Tonight EP (1998)

Mudhoney: Tomorrow Hit Today (1998)

The Murder City Devils: Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts (1998)

MxPx: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo (1998)

The Nerve Agents: Self-titled EP (1998)

New Bomb Turks: At Rope's End (1998)

Nobodys: Generation XXX (1998)

Nomeansno: Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie (1998)

No Redeeming Social Value: Three Way Dance (1998)

The Offspring:  Americana (1998)

The Oi! Scouts: Strength in Numbers EP (1998)

One King Down: God Loves, Man Kills (1998)

One Man Army: Dead End Stories (1998)

Outer Circle: Self-titled (1998)

Out Of Order (2): Survival of the Fittest (1998)

Parasites: Rat Ass Pie (1998)

Perkele: Från Flykt Till Kamp (1998)

Persiana Jones: A El Paso (1998)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Alien Pubduction (1998)

Phobia: Means of Existence (1998)

Pig Destroyer: Explosions in Ward 6 (1998)

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Self-titled (1998)

Pöbel und Gesocks: 5 Millionen (1998)

Poison the Well: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder EP (1998)

Pro-Pain: Self-titled (1998)

The Queers: Punk Rock Confidential (1998)

Racetraitor: Burn the Idle of the White Messiah (1998)

Raised Fist: Fuel (1998)

Rancid: Life Won't Wait (1998)

The Randumbs: It’s About Time (1998)

Rasta Knast: Legal Kriminal (1998)

Raw Power: Reptile House (1998)

Reatards: Teenage Hate (1998)

Refused: The Shape of Punk to Come (1998)

Resist And Exist: Dare to Struggle – Dare to Win EP (1998)

Resist And Exist: Kwangju (2000)

Reversal of Man: Revolution Summer EP (1998)

Roadside Monument: I Am the Day of Current Taste (1998)

Rotunda: My Only Weapon EP (1998)

Rövsvett: All Makt Åt Mig (1998)

Runnin Riot: Reclaim the Streets (1998)

Saetia: Self-titled  (1998)

Saves the Day: Can't Slow Down (1998)

Shutdown: Against All Odds (1998)

Shyster: February EP (1998)

Shyster: Cold Weather EP (1998)

Skarhead: Kings at Crime (1998)

Skinnerbox: Demonstration (1998)

Skruigners: La Cosa Che Non Ha Importanza (1998)

Slight Slappers: Very Best of Slight Slappers (1998)

Sloppy Seconds: More Trouble Than They're Worth (1998)

Soilent Green: String of Lies (1998)

Soilent Green: Sewn Mouth Secrets (1998)

Soilwork: Steelbath Suicide (1998)

Sonic Youth: A Thousand Leaves (1998)

The Specials:  Guilty 'til Proved Innocent! (1998)

Squiggy: Middle Class Rebellion EP (1998)

Stage Bottles: Big Kick!! (1998)

Stonehammer: Sons of Our Race (1998)**

Straight Faced: Conditioned (1998)

Stretch Arm Strong: Compassion Fills the Void (1998)

Strung Out: Twisted by Design (1998)

Subhumans [1]: Unfinished Business EP (1998)

Submission Hold: Waiting for Another Monkey to Throw the First Brick (1998)

The Suicide Machines: Battle Hymns (1998)

Sunny Day Real Estate: How It Feels to Be Something On (1998)

Swingin’ Utters: Five Lessons Learned (1998)

Tara Perdida: Só Não Vê Quem Não Quer (1998)

Ten Foot Pole: Insider (1998)

Terrorgruppe: Keiner hilft euch (1998)

Todos Tus Muertos: El Camino Real (1998)

Totalt Jävla Mörker: Då hämndens timme slår EP (1998)

Trapped in Life: Inside Shadows (1998)

Turbonegro: Apocalypse Dudes (1998)

Ulrikes Dream: Burn the European Swastika (1998)

Uncurbed: Peacelovepunklife…Andotherstories (1998)

The Undead (2):  Til Death! (1998)

Undeclinable Ambuscade: One for the Money (1998)

Unhinged: Crime and Punishment (1998)

Union 13: Why Are We Destroying Ourselves? (1998)

Union 13: Youth, Betrayal, and the Awakening (1998)

Unsane: Occupational Hazard (1998)

Unwritten Law: Unwritten Law (1998)

The Vandals: Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (1998)

Vanilla Muffins: Ultra Fine Day (1998)

The Varukers: Murder (1998)

Vicious Circle: Perfect World Disaster (1998)

Viletones [w/ Steven Leckie): What It Feels Like to Kill (1998)

Volxsturm: Mach Die Augen Auf (1998)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: The Band Geek Mafia (1998)

Vorkriegsjugend: Widerstand Dem Teutonenland (1998)

Warcollapse: Divine Intoxication (1998)

Wolfpack [1]: Lycanthro Punk (1998)

Workin’ Stiffs: Liquid Courage (1998)

Yacøpsæ: Fck Punk Rock.... This Is Turbo Speed Violence (198)

Zeke: Kicked in the Teeth (1998)

4 Promille: Im nächsten Leben (1999)

25 Ta Life: Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment (1999)

30 Foot Fall: Ever Revolving, Never Evolving (1999)

59 Times the Pain: End of the Millennium (1999)

7 Seconds: Good to Go (1999)

Agnostic Front: Riot, Riot, Upstart (1999)

Anal Cunt: It Just Gets Worse (1999)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead: Madonna (1999)

Anti-Dogmatikss: Self-titled EP (1999)

Antidote [2]: My Life! (1999)

Anti-Flag: New Kind of Army (1999)

Anti-Heros: Underneath the Underground (1999)

Antiphaty: Under Control (1999)

Anti-Product: The Deafening Silence of Grinding Gears (1999)

Apatia No: Hazlo Tu Mizmo / Do It Yourself EP (1999)

Argyle Goolsby: Terrifying Tales – Death By Jersey (1999)

Armchair Martian: Hang On Ted (1999)

As Friends Rust: Self-titled  (1999)

Assholeparade: Student Ghetto Violence (1999)

The Astro Zombies: Control Your Minds (1999)

Avskum: In The Spirit Of Mass Destruction (1999)

Bane: It All Comes Dow to This (1999)

Big Wig: Stay Asleep (1999)

Biohazard: New World Disorder (1999)

Black Army Jacket: 222 (1999)

Blink-182: Enema of the State (1999)

Blitzkid: Terrifying Tales (1999)

Blood for Blood: Livin’ in Exile (1999)

Bombshell Rocks: Street Art Gallery (1999)

Botch: We Are the Romans (1999)

Boulder: The Rage of It All (1999)

The Bouncing Souls: Hopeless Romantic (1999)

Buried Alive: The Death of Your Perfect World (1999)

Burn the Priest: Self-titled  (1999)

Bus Station Loonies: Mad Frank's Zonal Disco (1999)

Buzzcocks: Modern (1999)

Candiria: The Process of Self-Development (1999)

Capitalist Casualties: Subdivisions in Ruin (1999)

Catharsis: Passion (1999)

Chaos UK: Heard It, Seen It, Done It (1999)

Children: Impedimenta (1999)

The Chinkees: Peace through Music (1999)

Choking Victims: No Gods, No Managers (1999)

Citizen Fish: Active Ingredients (1999)

Coalesce: 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening (1999)

Consumed: Hit for Six (1999)

Cress: From Violence to Consumerism EP (1999)

Cro-Mags: Before the Quarrel Demos (1999)

Darkbuster: 22 Songs You Will Never Want to Hear Again (1999)

Dead Moon: Destination X (1999)

Derozer: Alla Nostra Età (1999)

The Dillinger Escape Plan: Calculating Infinity (1999)

Disembodied: Heretic (1999)

The Distillers: Self-titled EP (1999)

Dogwood: More Than Conquerors (1999)

Drei Flaschen: Kaisers of Metal (1999)

The Drones: Dirty Bastards (1999)

Dystopia: The Aftermath (1999)

Electric Frankenstein: Rock 'n' Roll Monster (1999)

Electric Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster (1999)

English Dogs: I've Got A Gun! Live in Helsinki (1999)

Ensign: Cast the First Stone (1999)

Envy: Angel's Curse Whispered in the Edge of Despair (1999)

Fabulous Disaster: Pretty Killers (1999)

Face to Face: Ignorance is Bliss (1999)

Face to Face: Standards & Practices (1999)

Fall Silent: Superstructure (1999)

Fastbaks: The Day that didn't Exist (1999)

Figure Four: Exercise Your Demons (1999)

F-Minus: Self-titled (1999)

Four Letter Word: Zero Visibility (Experiments with Truth) (1999)

Framtid: 8 Track EP (1999)

The Freeze: One False Move (1999)

Fuck on the Beach: Power Violence Forever (1999)

Funeral Oration: Discography: 1983-1998 (1999)

F.Y.P.: Dance My Dunce (1999)

Genocide Superstars: We Are Born of Hate (1999)

The Get Up Kids: Something to Write Home About (1999)

A Global Threat: What the Fuck Will Change? (1999)

Gogol Bordello: Voi-La Intruder (1999)

Good Riddance: Operation Phoenix (1999)

Groovie Ghoulies: Fun in the Dark (1999)

Harum-Scarum: Mental Health (1999)

Harum-Scarum: Self-titled (1999)

Hoods: Endless Pain (1999)

Hopesfall: The Frailty of Worlds (1999)

Hot Water Music: No Division (1999)

I Against I: I'm a Fucked Up Dancer but My Moods Are Swinging (1999)

In My Eyes: Noting to Hide (1999)

Inspecter 7: Banished to Bogeyland (1999)

Integrity: Integrity 2000 (1999)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy: The First Conspiracy (1999)

JFA: Only Live Once (1999)

Juggling Jugulars: Skeletons in the Closet EP (1999)

Jughead’s Revenge: Pearly Gates (1999)

June of 44: Anahata (1999)

L7: Slap-Happy (1999)

Lack of Interest: Trapped Inside (1999)

The Lewd: Lew Conduct in a Public Space (1999)

LIFE: The World Lies Across Them (1999)

Link 80: The Struggle Continues… (1999)

Litmus Green: Cockring (1999)

Loikaemie: Wir Sind Die Skins… (1999)

Makeshift 3: Fuel for Life (1999)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Are a Drag (1999)

Merauder: Five Deadly Venoms (1999)

Mike Ness: Cheating at Solitaire (1999)

Mike Ness: Under the Influences (1999)

The Mopes: Accident Waiting to Happen (1999)

Mustard Plug: Pray for Mojo (1999)

No Redeeming Social Value: THC (1999)

No Use for a Name: More Betterness! (1999)

Nuzzle: San Lorenzo’s Blues (1999)

The Oi! Scouts: Boots from the Beatdown (1999)

One Way System:  Waiting for Zero (1999)

Orchid: Chaos Is Me (1999)

Oxymoron: Westworld (1999)

Pennywise: Straight Ahead (1999)

Persiana Jones: Puerto Hurraco (1999)

Pitboss 2000: Everyone’s a Winner (1999)

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Knife in the Marathon EP (1999)

Poison the Well: The Opposite of December (1999)

Popperklopper: Nadel verpflichtet (1999)

Porno Riviste: Fino Alla Fine (1999)

Potshot: Rock ’n’ Roll (1999)

Pro-Pain: Act of God (1999)

Pulley: @#!* (1999)

The Randumbs: In Search of the Abominable Snowman (1999)

Rasta Knast: Die Katze beißt in Draht (1999)

Razzia: Augenzeugenberichte (1999)

The Real Kids: Better Be Good (1999)

Reatards: Grown Up, Fucked Up (1999)

Red Alert: Wearside (1999)

Reversal of Man: This Is Medicine (1999)

Rotten Sound: Drain (1999)

Rupture: Cunt Of God (1999)

Ryker’s: Life's a Gamble...And So Is Death (1999)

Underøath: Act of Depression (1999)

Satanic Surfers: Going Nowhere Fast (1999)

Saves the Day: Through Being Cool (1999)

Showcase Showdown: Permanent Stains (1999)

Sick of It All: Call to Arms (1999)

Sick on the Bus:  Punk Police (1999)

Skitsystem: Grå Värld / Svarta Tankar (1999)

Skruigners: Grazie Di Tutto (1999)

Sleater-Kinney: The Hot Rock (1999)

Smut Peddlers: Tarball 2000 (1999)

S.O.B.: Dub Grind (1999)

S.O.D.: Bigger than the Devil (1999)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Directo (1999)

Spazz: Crush Kill Destroy (1999)

Springtoifel: Weck,Worscht & Oi! (1999)

Spunge:  Pedigree Chump (1999)

Squiggy: Songs About Hate, Anger and the American Way (1999)

Stiff Little Fingers: Hope Street (1999)

Stomper 98: Stomping Harmonists (1999)

Stretch Arm Strong: Rituals of Life (1999)

The Strikes: Shots Hear ‘Round the World (1999)

Suicidal Tendencies: Freedumb (1999)

The Supersuckers: The Evil Powers of Rock 'N' Roll (1999)

Swallowing Shit: Let My Struggling Spirit in Itself Be Free EP (1999)

The Teen Idols: Pucker Up! (1999)

The Templars: Omne Datum Optimum (1999)

Ten Yard Fight: The Only Way (1999)

Thursday: Waiting (1999)

Total Chaos: In God We Kill (1999)

Trial: Are These Our Lives? (1999)

Turmoil: The Process Of (1999)

U.K. Subs: Sub Mission (1999)

Undown: Self-titled  (1999)

The Unseen: So This Is Freedom (1999)

U.S. Bombs: The World (1999)

U.S. Bombs: Put Strength in the Final Blow (1999)

Vanilla Muffins: Gimme Some Sugar Oi! (1999)

Vegan Reich: Jihad (1999)

The Vibrators: Buzzin' (1999)

Walls of Jericho: The Bound Feed the Gagged (1999)

Walls of Jericho: A Day and a Thousand Years EP (1999)

The White Stripes: Self-titled (1999)

The Wipers:  Power in One (1999)

Wolfpack [1]: Allday Hell (1999)

Workin’ Stiffs: Through Thick & Thin (1999)

WTZ: Deutschpunk-Revolte (1999)

Zaunpfahl: Normalböse (1999)

Zeke: True Crime (1999)

Zeke: Pinstriping the Dutchman's Coffin: Von Dutch Tribute (1999)

The Zeros: Right Now! (1999)

Złodzieje Rowerów: Emola (1999)


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