Punk: 1995-1999
Punk: 1985-1989

Punk: 1990-1994

Albums from this period are below the fold.

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: Der Letzte macht die Tür zu (1990)

The Accüsed: Grinning Like an Undertaker (1990)

Adrenaline O.D.: Ishtar (1990)

Alice Donut: Mule (1990)

Alice Donut: Revenge fantasies of the impotent (1990)

All: Allroy Saves (1990)

Alternative TV: Dragon Love (1990)

Another Destructive System: Oppression-Rejection (1990)

Anti Cimex: Absolut Country of Sweden (1990)

Antidote [1]: Return 2 Burn (1990)

Antischism: End of Time (1990)

Antiseen: Destructo Blitzkrieg (1990)

Atavistic: Vanishing Point (1990)

Atoxxxico: Tu Tienes La Razon (1990)

Babes in Toyland: Spanking Machine (1990)

Bad Religion: Against the Grain (1990)

Biohazard: Self-titled  (1990)           

Blyth Power: Alnwick and Tyne (1990)

Burn: Self-titled EP (1990)

Cerebral Fix: Tower of Spite (1990)

Charley's War: Think about your Life EP (1990)

Charley's War: Time to Survive (1990)

Citizen Fish: Free Souls in a Trapped Environment (1990)

Citizens Arrest: A Light in the Darkness (1990)

Cobra: Oi! Oi! Oi! (1990)

Cockney Rejects: Lethal (1990)

Cowboy Killers: Press and Run Like Hell (1990)

Cryptic Slaughter: Speak Your Peace (1990)

Daily Terror: Abrechnung (1990)

The Dead Milkmen: Metaphysical Graffiti (1990)

Dead Moon: Defiance (1990)

Death Zone: Power from Obedience (1990)

Decadence Within: Soulwound (1990)

Defiance: Void Terra Firma (1990)

Despair: Decay of Humanity (1990)

Dezerter: Wszyscy przeciwko wszystkim (1990)

D.O.A.: Murder (1990)

Dwarves: Blood Guts & Pussy (1990)

The Ex: Dead Fish EP (1990)

The Exploited: The Massacre (1990)

Eyehategod: In the Name of Suffering (1990)

The Fartz: You, We See You Crawling (1990)

Fastbaks: Very, Very Powerful Motor (1990)

Flag of Democracy: Down With People (1990)

Flower Leperds: The Original Group (1990)

Fugazi: Repeater (1990)

Funeral Dress: Free Beer For The Punx (1990)

G-Anx: Masterpeace EP (1990)

G.B.H.: From Here To Reality (1990)

The Gories: I Know You’re Fine, But How You Doin’ (1990)

GWAR: Scumdogs of the Universe (1990)

HDQ: Soul Finder (1990)

Hard-Ons: Yummy! (1990)

Heiter Bis Wolkig: S.E.K. - Sonder Einsatz Komödie ‎(1990)

Hellbastard: Natural Order (1990)

Hellkrusher: Wasteland (1990)

Heresy: Never Slit Thanks (1990)

HHH: A Por Ellos... Que Son Muchos Y Estan Super Cachas !! (1990)

Hiatus: Self-titled EP (1990)

Hogan’s Heroes: Self-titled (1990)

The Humpers: My Machine (1990)

Impact (1): Tutto Tace (1990)

Inside Out: No Spiritual Surrender (1990)

Insted: What We Believe (1990)

Internal Autonomy: Inquiry (1990)

Jawbox: Self-titled EP (1990)

Jawbreaker: Unfun (1990)

Jesus Lizard: Head (1990)

Johnny Moped Band: The Search for Xerxes (1990)

Juggling Jugulars: Radicals of Today EP (1990)

Jughead’s Revenge: Unstuck in Time (1990)

L7: Smell the Magic (1990)

Lard: I Am Your Clock EP (1990)

Lard: The Last Temptation of Reid (1990)

Lawnmower Deth: Ooh Crikey It's... Lawnmower Deth (1990)

Leatherface: Fill Your Boots (1990)

Lethal: Bienvenidos a Mi Reino (1990)

Long Cold Stare: Third Eyes (1990)

The Lurkers: Powerjive (1990)

Maniacs (2): Thrown to the Dogs (1990)

Metal Duck: Auto Duck Destructo Mundo (1990)

Naked Raygun: Raygun…Naked Raygun (1990)

Nausea: Extinction (1990)

Necros: Live or Else (1990)

Neurosis: The Word as Law (1990)

Nihilistics: Fuck the Human Race (1990)

Nip Drivers: Pretty Face EP (1990)

Nomeansno: The Power of Positive Thinking EP (1990)

No Use for a Name: Incognito (1990)

Paranoid Visions: Immature Recollections (1990)

Parasites: Pair of Sides (1990)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: The $hit Factory (1990)

The Pogues: Hell's Ditch (1990)

Poison Idea: Feel the Darkness (1990)

Pungent Stench: For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh (1990)

Pussy Galore: Historia de la Musica Rock (1990)

The Queers: Grow Up (1990)

Reagan Youth: Volume 2 (1990)

Reason to Believe: When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance (1990)

Rest in Pieces: Under My Skin (1990)

Rorschach: Remain Sedate (1990)

Rövsvett: Lepra Cliff EP (1990)

Sacred Reich: The American Way (1990)

Samhain: Final Descent (1990)

Septic Death: Attention (1990)

Shelter: Perfection of Desire (1990)

Slapshot: Sudden Death Overtime (1990)

S.O.B.: What's the Truth? (1990)

Social Decay: Life’s Not Hard EP (1990)

Social Distortion: Social Distortion (1990)

Sonic Youth: Goo (1990)

Sons Of Ishmael: Mimsy with the Borogoves (1990)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Intoxikazión Etílika (1990)

Straw Dogs: Your Own Worst nightmare (1990)

Suicidal Tendencies: Lights...Camera...Revolution! (1990)

Superchunk: Self-titled (1990)

Thatcher on Acid: Flannel 905 EP (1990)

Toxic Reasons: Fashion for Fascism (1990)

Toxoplasma: Monsters of Bullshit (1990)

Turning Point: It’s Always Darkest…Before the Dawn (1990)

United Mutation: Kyo Ki EP (1990)

Vacant Grave: Life or Death (1990)

Vegan Reich: Hardline (1990)

The Vibrators: Volume (1990)

The Weirdos: Condor (1990)

Youth of Today: Self-titled EP (1990)

Andanada 7: A Mala Hostia (1991)

Antischism: Still Life (1991)

Antiseen: Southern Hostility (1991)

AOS3: Owsley (1991)

Assück: Anticapital (1991)

Attitude Adjustment: Out of Hand (1991)

Babes in Toyland: To Mother EP (1991)

Big Drill Car: Batch (1991)

Bikini Kill: Revolution Girl Style Now! (1991)

Billy Childish: 50 Albums Great (1991)

Blitzkrieg: The Future Must Be Ours (1991)

Blyth Power: The Guns of Castle Cary (1991)

Bone Crusher: Stitched Up (1991)

Buzzov*en: Buttrash (1991)

Cerebral Fix: Bastards (1991)

Chaos UK: Enough to Make You Sick (1991)

Chaos UK: Total Chaos (1991)

China White: Danger Zone EP (1991)

Chisel: Self-titled EP (1991)

Christ on a Crutch: Crime Pays When Pigs Die (1991)

Citizen Fish: Wider than a Postcard (1991)

Coffin Break: Crawl (1991)

Contropotere: Il Seme Della Devianza (1991)

Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust (1991)

Crime: San Francisco’s Doomed (1991)

The Crucified: The Pillars of Humanity (1991)

Crossed Out: Self-titled  (1991)

Dead Horse: Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers (1991)

Dead Moon: Stranded in the Mystery Zone (1991)

Death Side: Bet on the Possibility (1991)

Decadence Within: Pay-Off Time EP (1991)

Deformed Conscience: No Excuse for Suffering (1991)

Destroy!: Total Fucking Chaos EP (1991)

Deviated Instinct: Split with Grave and Devolution (1991)

The Dils: Dils Dils Dils (1991)

Discharge: Massacre Divine (1991)

Disorder: More Noize EP (1991)

Disorder: Senile Punks… (1991)

Disrupt: Refuse Planet EP (1991)

Dog Faced Hermans: Mental Blocks For All Ages (1991)

Down by Law: Self-titled  (1991)

Drive Like Jehu: Self-titled  (1991)

Dwarves: Thank Heaven for Little Girls (1991)

E.B.S.: Cosmetic Society EP (1991)

Eskorbuto: Demasiados enemigos... (1991)

FIREHOSE: Flyin' the Flannel (1991)

The Freeze: Misery Loves Company (1991)

Fugazi: Steady Diet of Nothing (1991)

Heiter Bis Wolkig: Piratentour ‎(1991)

Heroin: All About Heroin (1991)

Hiatus: I Don't Scare Easily But... EP (1991)

Hiatus: Way Of Doom EP (1991)

Infezione: Religione Oppio Dei Popoli (1991)

Johnny Moped: The Search For Xerxes (1991)

Integrity: Those Who Fear Tomorrow (1991)

Internal Autonomy: Lobe & Life EP (1991)

Intruder: Psycho Savant (1991)

Jailcell Recipes: Two Years of Toothache (1991)

Jawbox: Grippe (1991)

Jesus Lizard: Goat (1991)

Judge: There Will Be Quiet…After the Storm (1991)

Juggling Jugulars: Gun in My Heart EP (1991)

Kagada De Perro: Víctimas De Horror (1991)

The Killjoys: Naïve (1991)

Krvavi Protokol: Self-titled (1991)

Leatherface: Mush (1991)

Massappeal: The Mechanic (1991)

M.D.C.: Hey Cop!!! If I Had A Face Like Yours... (1991)

Melvins: Bullhead (1991)

Die Mimmis: Das Ist Meine Welt (1991)

Misery: Children of War EP (1991)

Misery: Production through Destruction (1991)

Mudhoney: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (1991)

Murphy’s Law: The Best of Times (1991)

Nihilistics: Inferno EP (1991)

The Nation of Ulysses: Self-titled EP (1991)

The Nation of Ulysses: 13-Point Program to Destroy America (1991)

Nirvana: Nevermind (1991)

NOFX: Ribbed (1991)

Nomeansno: 0 + 2 = 1 (1991)

Nukey Pikes: Self-titled (1991)

Pennywise: Self-titled (1991)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies:  Cringe (1991)

Pungent Stench: Been Caught Buttering (1991)

Ratos de Porão: Anarkophobia (1991)

Razzia: Spuren (1991)

Repulsion: Rebirth (1991)

Rhythm Collision: Pressure (1991)

Riistetyt: Tuomiopäivä (1991)

Ringworm: Demo (1991)

Rupture: Righteous Fuck EP (1991)

Sham 69: Information Libre (1991)

Sheer Terror: Ugly and Proud (1991)

Skankin' Pickle: Skafunkrastapunk (1991)     

Slap of Reality: Three Lefts Make a Right (1991)

Slaughter and the Dogs: Shocking (1991)

Snapcase: Self-titled EP (1991)

Son of Sam [1]:  The Lemming EP (1991)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Self-titled (1991)          

Splodge: A Nightmare on Rude Street (1991)

Springtoifel: 10 Jahre Satanische Takte (1991)

Stiff Little Fingers: Flags and Emblems (1991)

Straw Dogs: Under the Hammer (1991)

Superchunk: No Pocky for Kitty (1991)

Thatcher on Acid: Frank (1991)

Todos Tus Muertos: Nena de Hiroshima (1991)

Toxoplasma: Ausverkauf (1991)

U.K. Subs: Mad Cow Fever (1991)

The Undead (2):  Live Slayer (1991)

United Mutation: Götterdämmerrung EP (1991)

Unsane: Self-titled (1991)

The Vandals: Fear of a Punk Planet (1991)

Vanilla Muffins: Drei Amigos Drehen Durch! (1991)

Violent Femmes: Why Do Birds Sing? (1991)

Wehrmacht: Shark Attack (1991)

Wide Awake: The End EP (1991)

Zero Boys: Make It Stop (1991)

Active Minds: Capitalism Is a Disease, and Money an Addictive Drug EP (1991)

Agnostic Front: One Voice (1992)

Alice Donut: The Untidy Suicides of your Degenerate Children (1992)

Angelic Upstarts: Bombed Out (1992)

Antidote [1] Viva Los Pendejos (1992)

Atrocity Exhibition: Never Mind The Atrocity Exhibition Here's Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life EP (1992)

Aus-Rotten: We Are Denied…They Deny It (1992)

Babes in Toyland: Fontanelle (1992)

Bastard: Wind of Pain (1992)

Biohazard: Urban Discipline (1992)

Buzzov*en: Hate Box EP (1992)

Buzzov*en: Wound EP (1992)

Capitalist Casualties: Disassembly Line (1992)

The Celibate Rifles: Heaven on a Stick (1992)

Cerebral Fix: Death Erotica (1992)

Charley's War: 1000 Years of Civilization (1992)

Coffin Break: Thirteen (1992)

Cro-Mags: Alpha Omega (1992)

The Crucifucks: Our Will Be Done (1992)

Dag Nasty: Four on the Floor (1992)

Daily Terror: Apocalypse (1992)

The Dead Milkmen: Soul Rotation (1992)

Dead Moon: Strange Pray Tell (1992)

Deafness by Noise: Self-titled  (1992)

Deformed Conscience: Self-titled EP (1992)

Dezerter: Blasfemia (1992)

Disaffect: An Injury to One Is an Injury to All EP (1992)

Disfear: Self-titled  (1992)

D.O.A.: 13 Flavours of Doom (1992)

Down by Law: Blue (1992)

D.R.I.: Definition (1992)

Earth Crisis: All Out War EP (1992)

Empirismo: Esto Es Siempre EP (1992)

Extreme Hatred: Self-titled (1992)**

Face to Face: Don't Turn Away (1992)

Fallen Angel: Self-titled  (1992)

G.B.H.: Church of the Truly Warped (1992)

Girls Against Boys: Tropic of Scorpio (1992)

The Gories: Outta Here (1992)

Gray Matter: Thog (1992)

Grief: Depression EP (1992)

Grief: Dismal (1992)

GWAR: America Must Be Destroyed (1992)

Heiter Bis Wolkig: Musikka Lustikka (1992)

Hellkrusher: Dying for Who? EP (1992)

Hellkrusher: Buildings for the Rich (1992)

Heresy: Voice Your Opinion (1992)

Heresy: Visions Of Fear (1992)

Heroin: Self-titled (1992)

Hogan’s Heroes: 3 Fists and a Mouthful (1992)

Jawbox: Novelty (1992)

Jawbreaker: Bivouac (1992)

Jesus Lizard: Liar (1992)

Judge: No Apologies (1992)

Juggling Jugulars: My Dream EP (1992)

Jughead’s Revenge: It's Lonely at the Bottom (1992)

Killing Time: Happy Hour (1992)

The Killjoys: Naïve (1992)

L7: Bricks Are Heavy (1992)

Lagwagon: Duh (1992)

Lawnmower Deth: Return of the Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns (1992)

M.O.D.: Rhythm of Fear (1992)

Melvins: Lysol (1992)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: More Noise and Other Disturbances (1992)

Mucky Pup: Act of Faith (1992)

Mudhoney: Piece of Cake (1992)

Mustard Plug: Skapocalypse Now! (1992)

The Nation of Ulysses: The Birth of the Ulysses Aesthetic EP (1992)

The Nation of Ulysses: Plays Pretty for Baby (1992)

Ναυτία [Nausea]: Ευρωπαϊκή Αναγέννηση (1992)

Nausea: Lie Cycle EP (1992)

Nihilistics: Fuck Guns & Roses What about the Nihilistics (1992)

Nihilistics: My Dog He Licks Me He Keeps My Body Clean EP (1992)

NOFX: White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean (1992)

No Use for a Name: Don't Miss the Train (1992)

Nukey Pikes: Nukey Free Zone (1992)

The Offspring:  Ignition (1992)

Poison Idea: Blank Blackout Vacant (1992)

Pro-Pain: Foul Taste of Freedom (1992)

Ramones: Mondo Bizarro (1992)

Red Alert: Blood, Sweat 'N' Beers (1992)

Rhythm Collision: Now (1992)

Rollins Band: The End of Silence (1992)

Rupture: Corrupture (1992)

Rupture: Forceps EP (1992)

Schleim-Keim: Abfallprodukte der Gesellschaft (1992)

Schleim-Keim: Schwarz, Rot, Gold - Nie Gewollt EP (1992)

Septic Death: Theme From Ozo Bozo (1992)

Sheer Terror: Thanks Fer Nuthin (1992)

Shelter: Quest For Certainty (1992)

Sick of It All: Just Look Around (1992)

Skankin' Pickle: Skankin' Pickle Fever (1992)

Slime: Viva la Muerte (1992)

Social Distortion: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (1992)

Sonic Youth: Dirty (1992)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Feliz Falsedad EP (1992)

Strife: My Fire Burns On EP (1992)

Strife: Self-titled EP (1992)

Sublime: 40oz. to Freedom (1992)

Suicidal Tendencies: The Art of Rebellion (1992)

The Supersuckers: The Smoke of Hell (1992)

Thatcher on Acid: Chagrin EP (1992)

Toxic Narcotic: Populution EP (1992)

Toxoplasma: Gut & Böse (1992)

Turbonegro: Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives (1992)

Vegan Reich: The Wrath of God (1992)

Uncurbed: The Strike of Mankind (1992)

Wehrmacht: Biermacht (1992)

White Kaps: Salad Daze EP (1992)

Zikney Tzfat: Self-titled (1992)

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: Krieg & Spiele (1993)

Acid Drinkers: Vile Vicious Vision (1993)

Active Minds: Behind the Mask EP (1993)

Andanada 7: Palos Y Mala Vida (1993)

Anti Cimex: Scandinavian Jawbreaker (1993)

Antiseen: Eat More Possum (1993)

Aus-Rotten: Anti-Imperialist EP (1993)

Babes in Toyland: Painkillers EP (1993)

Bad Brains: Rise (1993)

Bad Religion: Recipe for Hate (1993)

Battery: We Won’t Fall (1993)

Bikini Kill: Pussy Whipped (1993)

Bikini Kill: Yeah Yeah Yeah (1993)

Billy Childish: Torments Nest (1993)

Blyth Power: Pastor Skull (1993)

Bold: Looking Back (1993)

Bratmobile: Pottymouth (1993)

The Bruisers: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ (1993)

Buzzov*en: To a Frown (1993)

Buzzcocks: Trade Test Transmissions (1993)

Capitalist Casualties: Raised Ignorant EP (1993)

Χαοτικό Τέλος [Chaotic End]: Μπροστά Στην Παράνοια (1993)

Chelsea: The Alternative (1993)

Citizen Fish: Flinch (1993)

Conflict: Conclusion (1993)

Cowboy Killers: Dai Laughing (1993)

Cro-Mags: Near Death Experience (1993)

Dead Fucking Last: Self-titled EP (1993)

Dead Fucking Last: My Crazy Life (1993)

The Dead Milkmen: Not Richard, But Dick (1993)

Decadence Within: Really Wake-Up Call (1993)

Deformed Conscience: Constant Strife EP (1993)

Disaffect: Home of the Slave EP (1993)

Discharge: Shootin' Up the World (1993)

Disclose: Once the War We Started… EP (1993)

Disfear: A Brutal Sight of War (1993)

D.O.A.: Loggerheads (1993)

Dog Faced Hermans: Hum of Life (1993)

Doom: The Greatest Invention (1993)

Dropdead: Self-titled  (1993)

Dwarves: Sugarfix (1993)

Earth Crisis: Firestorm EP (1993)

Empirismo: Explotados y Burlados EP (1993)

Extinction: The Second Coming (1993)

Extinction Of Mankind: Without Remorse (1993)

Eyehategod: Take as Needed for Pain (1993)

Fastbaks: Zücker (1993)

Fertil Miseria: Reaccíon EP (1993)

FIREHOSE: Mr. Machinery Operator (1993)

Flag of Democracy: Schneller! (1993)

Flipper: American Grafishy (1993)

Frontalni Udar: Junak Našeg Doba (1993)

Fugazi: In on the Kill Taker (1993)

Funeral Oration: Say No To Life (1993)

F.Y.P.: Finish Your Popcorn (1992)

G-Anx: Out of Reach EP (1993)

Garotos Podres: Canções para Ninar (1993)

Girls Against Boys: Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby (1993)

Greg Ginn: Getting Even (1993)

Hard-Ons: Too Far Gone (1993)

Heiter Bis Wolkig: Der 7te Unsinn (1993)

Hiatus: From Resignation... To Revolt (1993)

The Humpers: Positively Sick on 4th Street (1993)

Ill Repute: Big Rusty Balls (1993)

Internal Autonomy: Only You Have the Power EP (1993)

J Church: Quetzalcoatl (1993)

Lawnmower Deth: Billy (1993)

Leatherface: Minx (1993)

Lifetime: Background (1993)

Mankind?: Won't You Join The Army Now So You Can Fight... And You Can Die! EP (1993)

Massappeal: The Zesty Personality Chamber EP (1993)

M.D.C.: Shades of Brown (1993)

Melvins: Houdini (1993)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Don't Know How to Party (1993)

Misery: Your Leaders Were Lying! EP (1993)

Mustard Plug: Big Daddy Multitude (1993)

Nausea: Extinction: The Second Coming (1993)

Negative Stance: Άγγελοι Του Ψεύδους (1993)

Negative Stance: Spectators of Decadence EP (1993)

New Bomb Turks: !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! (1993)

Nirvana: In Utero (1993)

Nomeansno: Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy? (1993)

Nordic Thunder: Born to Hate (1993)**

No Redeeming Social Value: Negative Image EP (1993)

No Use for a Name: The Daily Grind (1993)

OHL: Die Auferstehung (1993)

Parasites: Punch Lines (1993)

Pennywise: Unknown Road (1993)

La Pestilencia: Las Nuevas Aventuras De... (1993)

Pist ‘N’ Broke: Detroit (1993)

The Pogues: Waiting for Herb (1993)

Poison Idea: We Must Burn (1993)

Propagandhi: How to Clean Everything (1993)

Pungent Stench: For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh (1993)

The Queers: Love Songs for the Retarded (1993)

Quicksand: Slip (1993)

RAHOWA: Declaration of War (1993)**

Ramones: Acid Eaters (1993)

Rancid: Self-titled (1993)

Ratos de Porão: Just Another Crime ... In Massacreland (1993)

Raw Power: Too Tough To Burn (1993)

The Real Kids: Grown Up Wrong (1993)

Red Alert: Beyond the Cut (1993)

Rich Kids on LSD: Reactivate (1993)

Ringworm: The Promise (1993)

Rorschach:  Protestant (1993)

Schleim-Keim: Geldschein EP (1993)

Sham 69: Kings & Queens (1993)

Shelter: Attaining The Supreme (1993)

Shyster: Self-titled EP (1993)

Skinned Teen: Bazooka Smooth! (1993)

Skinnerbox: Tales of the Road (1993)

Slapshot: Blast Furnace (1993)

Sloppy Seconds: Knock Yer Block Off (1993)

Smut Peddlers: The Demos (2007) [ recorded from 1993-1994]

Snapcase: Lookinglasself (1993)

SNFU: Something Green and Leafy This Way Comes (1993)

S.O.B.: Gate of Doom (1993)

Split Lip: For the Love of the Wounded (1993)

Straight Faced: Guilty (1993)

Straight Faced: Self Will Run Riot EP (1993)

Suicidal Tendencies: Still Cyco After All These Years (1993)

Superchunk: On the Mouth (1993)

Suppression: If You Don’t Understand Now, You Never Will (1993)

Suppression: Self-titled (1993)

Ten Foot Pole: Swill (1993)

Total Chaos: We Are the Punx, We Are the Future (1993)

Toxic Narcotic: New Ways To Create Waste EP (1993)

Toxic Narcotic: 2Oz. Slab Of Hate EP (1993)

Toxic Reasons: In the House of God (1993)

Turbonegro: Helta Skelta (1993)

U.K. Subs: Normal Service Resumed (1993)

Unbroken: Ritual (1993)

Unhinged: Resisting the Murder of Self EP (1993)

Unhinged: Self-titled (1993)

Unsane: Total Destruction (1993)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Who Is, This Is? (1993)

Warcollapse: Indocrti-Nation EP (1993)

Wargasm: Ugly (1993)

White Kaps: Blown in the U.S.A. (1993)

The Wipers:  Silver Sail (1993)

The Wretched Ones: Self-titled (1993)          

X: Hey Zeus! (1993)

Zero Boys: The Heimlich Maneuver (1993)

30 Foot Fall: Elementary School Love EP (1994)

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht...? (1994)

Acid Bath: When the Kite String Pops (1994)

Active Minds: The Lunatics Have Take Over the Asylum EP (1994)

Anal Cunt: Everyone Should Be Killed (1994)

Antiseen: Hell (1994)

AOS3: God’s Secret Agent (1994)

Alternative TV: My Life as a Child Star (1994)

Avail: Dixie (1994)

Bathory: Requiem (1994)

Battery: Only the Diehard Remain (1994)

Battle of Disarm: Chaos City (1994)

Battle of Disarm: Victim of War (1994)

Bierpatrioten: Randale, Pogo, Alkohol (1994)

Biohazard: State of the World Address (1994)             

The Blaggers ITA: Bad Karma (1994)

Blownapart Bastards: Requestioning Violence EP (1994)

The Bollweevils: Stick Your Neck Out! (1994)

Bratmobile: The Real Janelle EP (1994)

The Business: Keep the Faith (1994)

Buzzov*en: Sore (1994)

Buzzov*en: Unwilling to Explain EP (1994)

Buzzov*en: Paintime Grit EP (1994)

The Celibate Rifles: Spaceman in a Satin Suit (1994)

Chelsea: Traitors Gate (1994)

Chisel: Sunburn EP (1994)

Choking Victim: Crack Rock Steady EP (1994)

Cock Sparrer: Guilty as Charged (1994)

Combat Shock (1): Musik (1994)

Contempt: Still Fighting On (1994)

Converge: Halo in a Haystack (1994)

Cress: Demo (1994)

Dead Moon: Crack in the System (1994)

Death Sentence [3]: Needle Park EP (1994)

Defiance: Self-titled EP (1994)

Dezerter: Ile procent duszy? (1994)

Dirt: Scent of the Kill EP (1994)

Disaffect: Chained to Morality (1994)

Disclose: Tragedy (1994)

Disorder: Pain Headache Depression EP (1994)

Disrupt: Unrest (1994)

Dog Faced Hermans: Those Deep Buds (1994)

Down by Law: Punkrockacademyfightsong (1994)

Driller Killer: Brutalize (1994)

Drive Like Jehu: Yank Crime (1994)

English Dogs: Bow to None (1994)

Eskorbuto: Aki no keda ni dios (1994)

The Exceptions: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Exceptions! (1994)

Excrement Of War: Cathode Ray Coma (1994)

Extinction Of Mankind: Weakness EP (1994)

Fastbaks: Answer the Phone, Dummy (1994)

Fertil Miseria: Cadenas EP (1994)

Flag of Democracy: Hate Rock (1994)

The Forgotten Rebels: Criminal Zero (1994)

The Freeze: Crawling Blind (1994)

Frodus: Molotov Cocktail Party (1994)

Funeral Dress: Songs 'Bout Sex & Beer & Punkrock (1994)

Funeral Oration: Punk Rock Nation (1994)

Garbitch: Self-titled (1994)

Girls Against Boys: Cruise Yourself (1994)

Gloom: Speed Noise Hatdcore Rags EP (1994)

Grief: Come to Grief (1994)

Groovie Ghoulies: Born in the Basement (1994)

GWAR: This Toilet Earth (1994)

Heavens to Betsy: Calculated (1994)

The Humpers: Journey to the Center of Your Wallet (1994)

Ignite: Scarred For Life (1994)

Jawbox: For Your Own Special Sweetheart (1994)

Jawbreaker: 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (1994)

J Church: Prophylaxis (1994)

Jesus Lizard: Down (1994)

Juggling Jugulars: …For Humanity – Early 90s (1994)

Jughead’s Revenge: Elimination (1994)

Kagada De Perro: Polvus Eris Et Polvus Reverteris (1994)

L7: Hungry for Stink (1994)

Lagwagon: Trashed (1994)

LIFE: When the Peace Collapses Demo (1994)

The Lurkers: Non-Stop Nitropop (1994)

Lync: These Are Not Fall Colors (1994)

Madball: Set It Off (1994)

Massappeal: Nommo Anagonno (1994)

Masskontroll: Recycle of Die EP (1994)

Melvins: Stoner Witch (1994)

MG15: Clon (1994)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Question the Answers (1994)

Misery: Who’s the Fool… (1994)

M.O.D.: Devolution (1994)

Moss Icon: Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly (1994)

Moss Icon: It Disappears (1994)

Murphy’s Law: Good for Now EP (1994)

MxPx: Pokinatcha (1994)

The Neighbors: Self-titled (1994)

New Bomb Turks: Information Highway Revisited (1994)

Nobodys: Perfect EP (1994)

NOFX: Punk in Drublic (1994)

No Redeeming Social Value: Hardcore Your Lousy Ass Off EP (1994)

Nukey Pikes: No Point (1994)

The Offspring:  Smash (1994)

OHL: Das 7. Zeichen (1994)

The Oppressed: We Can Do Anything (1994)

Orange 9mm: Self-titled (1994)

Parasites: Pair (1994)

Perkele: Det Växande Hatet (1994)

Pöbel und Gesocks: Schönen Gruß (1994)

Pro-Pain: The Truth Hurts (1994)

Public Toys: Fünf Asse (1994)

Pungent Stench: Club Mondo Bizarre – For Members Only (1994)

The Queers: Rocket to Russia (1994)

The Queers: Beat Off (1994)

Raised Fist: You're Not Like Me EP (1994)

Rancid: Let's Go (1994)

Razzia: Labyrinth (1994)

Reagan Youth: A Collection of Pop Classics (1994)

Refused: This Just Might Be…the Truth (1994)

Rich Kids on LSD: Riches to Rags (1994)

Rollins Band: Weight (1994)

Rövsvett: Den Falske Kakaoinspektören (1994)

Ryker’s: Payback Time (1994)

Ryker’s: Brother Against Brother (1994)

Sheer Terror: Old, New Borrowed, and Blue (1994)

Shyster: Gutwrench EP (1994)

Sick of It All: Scratch the Surface (1994)

Skankin' Pickle: Sing Along With Skankin' Pickle (1994)             

Slapshot: Unconsciousness (1994)

Slime: Schweineherbst (1994)

S.O.B.: Vicious World (1994)

Sonic Youth: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star (1994)

Spazz: Dwarf Jester Rising (1994)

Springtoifel: Sex, Droogs & R'n'R (1994)

Stiff Little Fingers: Get a Life (1994)

Strife: One Truth (1994)

Strung Out: Another Day in Paradise (1994)

Sublime: Robbin' the Hood (1994)

Submission Hold: As We Live Our Lies (Insult to Injury) (1994)

Suicidal Tendencies: Suicidal for Life (1994)

Sunny Day Real Estate: Diary (1994)

Superchunk: Foolish (1994)

The Supersuckers: La Mano Cornuda (1994)

The Templars: The Return of Jacques DeMolay (1994)

Ten Foot Pole: Rev (1994)

Todos Tus Muertos: Dale Aborigen (1994)

Total Chaos: Pledge of Defiance (1994)

Totalitär: Sin Egen Motståndare (1994)

Toxoplasma: Leben Verboten (1994)

Turbonegro: Never Is Forever (1994)

Unbroken: Life. Love. Regret. (1994)

Uncurbed: Mental Disorder (1994)

Undeclinable Ambuscade: Soft Squeaking Ernie On Swing! ‎(1994)

Unholy Grave: Death Comes from Nowhere (1994)

Unwritten Law: Blue Room (1994)

Vanilla Muffins: Sugar Oi Will Win!!! (1994)

The Varukers: Nothing Changed EP (1994)

The Vibrators: Hunting for You (1994)

Viletones: A Taste of Honey (1994)

Violent Femmes: New Times (1994)

Warzone: Old School to New School (1994)

Weezer: Weezer (Blue Album) (1994)

White Kaps: Cannonball Man (1994)

Witchknot: Suck EP (1994)

Youth Brigade [2]: Happy Hour (1994)

Zeke: Super Sound Racing (1994)

The Zeros: Knockin’ Me Dead (1994)

Zikney Tzfat: Self-titled 2 (1994)


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