Punk: 1990-1994
Punk: 1980-1984

Punk: 1985-1989

Albums from this period are below the fold.

7 Seconds: Walk Together, Rock Together (1985)

Abandoned: Killed by Faith (1985)

The Accüsed: Martha Splatterhead (1985)

The Adicts: Smart Alex (1985)

Agression: Self-titled (1985)

Amebix: Arise! (1985)

Angst: Lite Life (1985)

Antisect: Out from the Void (1985)

Anthrax (2): Spreading the Disease (1985)

Antiseen: The Drastic EP (1985)

The Apostles: Punk Obituary (1985)

A.P.P.L.E.: Rather Dull! (1985)

Asta Kask: Asta Kask: Med Is I Magen (1985)

A.T.Det: Last Child Has Now Power EP (1985)

Attitude Adjustment: Dead Serious EP (1985)

Batmobile: Slef-titled  (1985)

Beafeater: Plays for Lovers (1985)

Bérurier Noir: Concerto pour détraqués (1985)

Big Black: Atomizer (1985)

The Big Boys: No Matter How Long The Line Is At The Cafeteria, There’s Always A Seat! (1985)

Black Flag: In My Head (1985)

Black Flag: Loose Nut (1985)

Black Flag: The Process of Weeding Out EP (1985)

The Boneless Ones: Skate for the Devil (1985)

Broken Bones: Self-titled (1985)

The Business: Saturday’s Heroes (1985)

Carnivore: Self-titled  (1985)

Celtic Frost: To Mega Therion (1985)

Channel 3: Last Time I Drank… (1985)

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers: Furious Party EP (1985)

Chelsea: Original Sinners (1985)

Christ on Parade: Sounds of Nature (1985)

Circle Jerks: Wonderful (1985)

The Clash: Cut the Crap (1985)

Cobra: Stand the Pressure (1985)

Cólera: Tente Mudar o Amanhã (1985)

Concrete Sox: Your Turn Next (1985)

Corrosion of Conformity: Animosity (1985)

Cretins: Man Between the Walls EP (1985)

The Crucifucks: Self-titled  (1985)

Crude S.S.: Who’ll Survive EP (1985)

Dead Kennedys: Frankenchrist (1985)

Deadless Muss: I will EP (1985)

The Dead Milkmen: Big Lizard in My Backyard (1985)

Death Sentence [3]: Ryan – Thanks for the Support EP [1985]

Decry: Japanese (1985)

Depraved: Come on Down (1985)

Descendents: I Don't Want to Grow Up (1985)

Détente: Recognize Not Authority (1986)

Deviated Instinct: The Last Time Demo (1985)

Dicks: These People (1985)

Dirt: Just an Error (1985)

Disorder: Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din (1985)

The Disrupters: Alive in the Electric Chair EP (1985)

D.O.A.: Let's Wreck The Party (1985)

Doggy Style: Side By Side (1985)

D.R.I.: Dealing with It! (1985)

Drunk Injuns: Crimes Against Humanity (1985)

Dwarves: A Hard Day's Nightmare (1985)

The Effigies: Fly on a Wire (1985)

English Dogs: Forward into Battle (1985)

Eskorbuto: Eskizofrenia (1985)

The Ex: Pokkeherrie (1985)

Excessive Force: In Your Blood (1985)

The Execute: Blunt Sleazy EP (1985)

Exit-Stance: While Backs Are Turned (1985)

The Exploited: Horror Epics (1985)

The Faction: Dark Room EP (1985)

Fang: Spun Helga (1985)

Fear: More Beer (1985)

Fetchin Bones: Cabin Flounder (1985)

The Fiend: Stand Alone EP (1985)

The Fits (2): Fact or Fiction EP (1985)

The Freeze: Rabid Reaction (1985)

Funeral Oration: Communion (1985)

Garotos Podres: Mais Podres do que Nunca (1985)

Government Issue: Give Us Stabb or Give Us Death (1985)

Government Issue: The Fun Just Never Ends (1985)

Gray Matter: Food for Thought (1985)

Guana Batz: Held Down on Vinyl…At Last (1985)

Green River: Come on Down EP (1985)

Hagar the Womb: Funnery in a Nunnery EP (1985)

HDQ: Hung, Drawn, and Quartered (1985)

Heresy: 1985-87 (2006) [recorded from 1985-1987]

HHH: Sin Identidad!!! (1985)

Hirax: Raging Violence (1985)

H.R.: It’s About Luv (1985)

Hüsker Dü: Flip Your Wig (1985)

Hüsker Dü: New Day Rising (1985)

Iconoclast: The Iconoclast (1985)

Impact (1): Solo Odio (1985)

Ivy Green: All On the Beat (1985)

Johnny Thunders: Que Sera Sera (1985)

Killdozer: Snakeboy (1985)

Kronstadt Uprising: Self-titled EP (1985)

Lazy Cowgirls: Self-titled (1985)

Liberty: Our Voice Is Tomorrow’s Hope EP (1985)

Ludichrist: The 1985 Demos (1985)

Major Accident: ...Crazy!    (1985)

Marginal Man: Double Image (1985)

Mau Maus: Fear No Evil (1985)

Mau Maus: Nowhere to Run EP (1985)

Meat Puppets: Up on the Sun (1985)

Mellakka: Itsenäisyyspäivä (1985)

The Meteors: Monkey’s Breath (1985)

Mentors: You Axed for It! (1985)

M.I.A.: Notes from the Underground (1985)

Die Mimmis: Nur Für Dich (1985)

Minor Threat: Salad Days EP (1985)

Minutemen: 3-Way Tie (For Last) (1985)

Mission of Burma: The Horrible Truth about Burma (1985)

Mobs: Projection of Astral Body EP (1985)

Mobs: Resurrection (1985)

Naked Raygun: All Rise (1985)

Negative FX: Self-titled (1985)

Nip Drivers: Oh Blessed Freak Show (1985)

Nomeansno: You Kill Me EP (1985)

Offenders: Endless Struggle (1985)

Oi Polloi: Destroi the System (1985)

The Oppressed: 1981/84 – Fatal Blow (1985)

Perdition (1): How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk (1985)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: The Loud Blaring Punk Rock (1985)

The Pogues: Rum Sodomy & the Lash (1985)

Pohjasakka: Maailma Täynnä Vihaa EP (1985)

Poison Girls: Songs of Praise (1985)

The Proletariat: Indifference (1985)

Raped: Finally…The Raped Philes ‘n’ Smiles (1985)

Raw Power: Screams from the Gutter (1985)

Raw Power: Wop Hour EP (1985)

Razzia: Los Islas Limonados (1985)

The Replacements: Tim (1985)

Repulsion: Violent Death (1985)

Rest in Pieces: Self-titled EP (1985)

Revulsion: Ever Get the Feeling of Utter…Revulsion EP (1985)

Rich Kids on LSD: Keep Laughing (1985)

Rites of Spring: Self-titled (1985)

Rövsvett: Jesus Var En Tomte EP (1985)

Sacrilege: Demo II (1985)

Sacrilege: Behind the Realms of Madness (1985)

Samhain: Unholy Passion EP (1985)

The Scientists: You Get What You Deserve! (1985)

Scream: This Side Up (1985)

The Sexual: The Last Days (1985)

Shattered Faith: Volume II EP (1985)

SNFU: ...And No One Else Wanted to Play (1985)

Social Unrest: SU-2000 (1985)

S.O.D.: Speak English or Die (1985)

Solunski Front: Demo Činč (1985)

Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising (1985)

Son of Sam [1]: Fuck It to Death (1985)

Sons Of Ishmael: Hayseed Hardcore EP (1985)

Springtoifel: Tanz der Teufel (1985)

SSD: Break It Up (1985)

The Stupids: Peruvian Vacation (1985)

The Stupids: Violent Nun EP (1985)

Subhumans [1]: Worlds Apart (1985)

Thee Mighty Caesars: Self-titled (1985)

Thee Mighty Caesars: Beware the Ides of the March (1985)

The Swankys: More Fuck (1985)

The Swankys: The Very Best of Hero (1985)

Toxic Reasons: Within These Walls (1985)

The Toy Dolls: A Far out Disc (1985)

Trouble: The Skull (1985)

U.K. Subs: Huntington Beach (1985)

U-Men: Stop Spinning EP (1985)

United Mutation: Rainbow Person EP (1985)

Upright Citizens: Facts and Views EP (1985)

Upright Citizens: Open Eyes, Open Ears, Brains To Think & A Mouth To Speak (1985)

Uproar: Never Forgive (1985)

The Uptones: K.U.S.A. EP (1985)

The Varukers: One Struggle One Fight (1985)

Vellocet: Here Is the Warning EP (1985)

The Vibrators: Fifth Amendment (1985)

Vice Squad: Shot Away (1985)

Vicious Circle: The Price of Progress (1985)

Warumpi Band: Big Name, No Blankets (1985)

Würm: Feast (1985)

Youth of Today: Can’t Close My Eyes (1985)

X: Ain't Love Grand! (1985)

Xpozez: Forcefed The Truth Drug EP (1985)

YDI: Black Dust (1985)

7 Seconds: New Wind (1986)

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: Das kriegen wir schon hin (1986)

The Accüsed: The Return of Martha Splatterhead (1986)

The Adicts: Fifth Overture (1986)

Adrenaline O.D.: HumungousFungusAmongus (1986)

Agent Orange: This Is the Voice (1986)

Agnostic Front: Cause for Alarm (1986)

Alternative: How Dare You (1986)

Alternative: Get Away from it with the Army (1986)

Angelic Upstarts: Power of the Press (1986)

Angst: Mending Wall (1986)

Anti Cimex: Self-titled EP (1986)

Antiseen: Royalty EP (1986)

The Apostles: The Acts of the Apostles in the Theatre Of Fear (1986)

The Apostles: The Lives & Times of the Apostles (1986)

The Apostles: How Much Longer? (1986)

The Apostles: No Faith No Fear EP (1986)

A.P.P.L.E.: Neither Victims Nor Executioners (1986)

Asocial: Religion Sucks EP (1986)

Asta Kask: Aldrig En (1986)

Asta Kask: Än Finns Det Hopp EP (1986)

Atavistic: From Within (1986)

Attitude Adjustment: American Paranoia (1986)

Bad Brains: I Against I (1986)

Beefeater: Need a Job (1986)

Beowülf: Self-titled  (1986)

B.G.K.: Nothing Can Go Wrong (1986)

BL’AST: The Power of Expression (1986)

Brutal Attack: Stronger than Before (1986)**

The Celibate Rifles: The Turgid Miasma of Existence (1986)

Chaotic Dischord: Goat Fukcin Virgin Killerz from Hell! (1986)

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers: Into the Void (1986)

Chelsea: Rocks Off (1986)

Chumbawamba: Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records (1986)

Civilised Society?: Scrap Metal (1986)

Cólera: Dê o Fora EP (1986)

Cólera: Pela Paz Em Todo o Mundo (1986)

Conflict: From Protest to Resistance (1986)

Conflict: The Ungovernable Force (1986)

Contempt: Familiarity Breeds Contempt EP (1986)

Contropotere: È Arrivato Ah Pook (1986)

The Cramps: A Date with Elvis (1986)

Crass: Ten Notes on a Summer Day (1986)

The Cro-Mags: The Age of Quarrel (1986)

Crumbsuckers: Life of Dreams (1986)

Cryptic Slaughter: Convicted (1986)

Culture Shock ‎(1): Reality Stop No. 44 (1986)

Culture Shock ‎(1): Go Wild (1986)

Culture Shock ‎(1): Living History (1986)

The Cynics: Blue Train Station (1986)

Dag Nasty: Can I say (1986)

Daily Terror: Burchbruch (1986)

Dan: Can you Dig It? EP (1986)

Dayglow Abortions: Feed Us a Fetus (1986)

Dead Kennedys: Bedtime for Democracy (1986)

The Dead Milkmen: Eat Your Paisley! (1986)

Death Sentence [3]: If Pain Mends My Mind EP (1986)

Decadence Within: Speed Hippy EP (1986)

Demented Are Go: In Sickness & Health (1986)

Depraved: Stupidity Maketh the Man (1986)

Descendents: Enjoy! (1986)

Deviated Instinct: Tip of the Iceberg Demo (1986)

Discharge: Grave New World (1986)

Disarm: Dömd EP (1986)

Doggy Style: II (1986)

Dogmatics: Everybody Does It (1986)

Dr. Know: This Island Earth (1986)

Dwarves: Horror Stories (1986)

The Effigies: Ink (1986)

Egg Hunt: Self-titled EP (1986)

Eskorbuto: Anti Todo (1986)

The Ex: 1936, The Spanish Revolution EP (1986)

The Ex: Everything…We Never Wanted (1986)

The Execute: An Omen of Fear EP (1986)

The Faction: Epitaph (1986)

False Prophets: Self-titled (1986)

Fang: Spun Helga (1986)

Feederz: Teachers in Space (1986)

Fetchin Bones: Bad Pumpkin (1986)

FIREHOSE: Ragin', Full On (1986)

Fishbone: In Your Face (1986)

Flag of Democracy: Shatter Your Day LP (1986)

Flux of Pink Indians: Uncarved Block (1986)

The Forgotten Rebels: The Pride and the Disgrace (1986)

Gang Green: Another Wasted Night (1986)

Gash: G.A.S.H. (1986)

Gash: God Is Dead EP (1986)

G.B.H.: Midnight Madness and Beyond (1986)

Government Issue: Government Issue (1986)

Gray Matter: Take It Back EP (1986)

Guana Batz: Loan Sharks (1986)

Hard-Ons: Smell My Finger (1986)

Hellbastard: Ripper Crust (1986) [demo cassette]

Heresy: Never Healed EP (1986)

HHH: Intellectual Punks EP (1986)

Hirax: Hate, Fear, and Power (1986)

Hüsker Dü: Candy Apple Grey (1986)

Infezione: Oppressione Quotidiana (1986)

Die Kruezen: October File (1986)

KUKL: Holidays in Europe (The Naughty Nought) (1986)

Kuro: Fire EP (1986)

Liberty: People Who Care Are Angry (1986)

Lobotomia: Self-titled  (1986)

Ludichrist: Immaculate Deception (1986)

Malinheads: Medical Fame EP (1986)

Maniacs (2): The White Rose of Resistance (1986)

Massappeal: Nobody Likes a Thinker (1986)

Massappeal: Young Dumb and Naïve Demo (1986)

M.D.C.: Smoke Signals (1986)

Melvins: Self-titled EP (1986)

Mentors: Up the Dose (1986)

The Meteors: Sewertime Blues (1986)

The Mob (2): We Come to Crush (1986)

Murphy’s Law: Self-titled (1986)

Negazione: ...Lo Spirito Continua... (1986)

No Allegiance: Mad (1986)

Nomeansno: Sex Mad (1986)

Nuclear Assault: Game Over (1986)

OHL: Jenseits Von Gut Und Böse (1986)

One Last Wish: 1986 (1999) [ recorded in 1986]

Out Of Order (2): Paradise Lost (1986)

The Pandoras: Stop Pretending (1986)

Patrik Fitzgerald: Tunisian Twist (1986)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Soberphobia (1986)

Pohjasakka: Kidutusta Ja Pelkoa EP (1986)

Poison Idea: Kings of Punk (1986)

Public Image Ltd.: Album (1986)

Ramones: Animal Boy (1986)

Ratos de Porão: Descanse em Paz (1986)

The Redskins: Neither Washington Nor Moscow (1986)

Raw Power: After Your Brain (1986)

Razzia: Ausflug Mit Franziska (1986)

Repulsion: WFBE (1986)

Repulsion: Slaughter of the Innocent (1986)

Ripcord: The Damage Is Done EP (1986)

Rövsvett: Ett Psykiskt Drama I 7 Akter EP (1986)

The Saints: All Fools Day (1986)

Samhain: Samhain III: November-Coming-Fire (1986)

The Scientists: Weird Love (1986)

Scratch Acid: Just Keep Eating (1986)

Septic Death: Now That I Have The Attention, What Do I Do With It? (1986)

SNFU: She's Not on the Menu EP (1986)

SNFU: If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish (1986)

Social Unrest: Before the Fall (1986)

Sonic Youth: EVOL (1986)

Springtoifel: Lässige Hunde (1986)

Straw Dogs: Self-titled EP (1986)

Straw Dogs: We Are Not Amused (1986)

Stray Cats:  Rock Therapy (1986)

The Stupids: Retard Picnic (1986)

Subhumans [1]: 29:29 Split Vision (1986)

Systematic Death: Flash Back EP (1986)

Teenage Head: Trouble in the Jungle (1986)

Thatcher on Acid: Moondance EP (1986)

Thee Mighty Caesars: Thee Caesars of Trash (1986)

Thee Mighty Caesars: Acropolis Now (1986)

Totalitär: 1986-1989 (2018) [recorded from 1986-1989]

Toxic Reasons: Bullets for You (1986)

The Toy Dolls: Idle Gossip (1986)

Tožibabe: Dežuje EP (1986)

T.S.O.L.: Reenge (1986)

U.K. Subs: In Action (1986)

Uniform Choice: Screaming for Change (1986)

The Uprising: Screaming from the Inside EP (1986)

The Varukers: Prepare for the Attack (1986)

Vicious Circle: Reflections (1986)

Violent Femmes: The Blind Leading the Naked (1986)

Wasted Youth: Get Out of My Yard! EP (1986)

The Wipers: Land of the Lost (1986)

Youth Brigade [2]: The Dividing Line (1986) [as The Brigade]

Youth of Today: Break Down the Walls (1986)

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: We Break Together!!! (1987)

The Accüsed: More Fun than an Open Casket Funeral (1987)

Active Minds: You Can’t Close Your Eyes to the Horrors of Reality… EP (1987)

Adolescents: Brats in Battalions (1987)

Agnostic Front: Liberty and Justice For... (1987)

Alternative TV: Peep Show (1987)

Amebix: Monolith (1987)

Angelic Upstarts: Blood on the Terraces (1987)

Angst: Mystery Spot (1987)

Another Destructive System: Get Active (1987)

Anthrax (2): Among the Living (1987)

Anti-Dogmatikss: Nooooo (1987)

Anti-Heros: That’s Right! (1987)

The Anti-Nowhere League: The Perfect Crime (1987)

The Apostles: Equinox Screams (1987)

A.P.P.L.E.: A Sensitive Fascist Is Very Rare E (1987)

Articles of Faith: In This Life (1987)

Atavistic: Equilibrium EP (1987)

Atavistic: Life During Wartime EP (1987)

Bad Beach: Cornucopia (1987)

Bad Dress Sense: Cynical Smile EP (1987)

Bad Dress Sense: Goodbye…It Was Fun (1987)

Batmobile: Bambooland (1987)

Beefeater: House Burning Down (1987)

Bérurier Noir: Abracadaboum (1987)

Big Black: Songs About Fucking (1987)

Billy Childish: I've Got Everything Indeed (1987)

Black Flag: Annihilate This Week EP (1987)

BL’AST: It’s in My Blood (1987)

Blessed Death: Destined for Extinction (1987)

Blyth Power: Wicked Women, Wicked Men and Wicket Keepers (1987)

Broken Bones: F.O.A.D. (1987)

Broken Bones: Trader in Death EP (1987)

Carnivore: Retaliation (1987)

The Celibate Rifles: Roman Beach Party (1987)

Chaotic Subversion: Law and Order EP (1987)

Christ on Parade: A Mind Is a Terrible Thing (1987)

Chumbawamba: Never Mind the Ballots (1987)

Circle Jerks: IV (1987)

Civilised Society?: Self-titled (1987)

Civilised Society?: Violence Sucks! (1987)

Combat 84: Death or Glory (1987)

Concrete Sox: Whoops Sorry Vicar! (1987)

Corrosion of Conformity: Technocracy (1987)

Cosmic Psychos: Self-titled  (1987)

Crimpshrine: 9 Song Demo (1987)

The Crucifucks: Wisconsin (1987)

Cryptic Slaughter: Money Talks (1987)

Dag Nasty: Wig Out at Denko’s (1987)

Dan: Where Have All the Children Gone? (1987)

Dan: An Attitude Hits (1987)

Dan: Here’s the Story of the Future Adventures of…Dan (1987)

Dayglo Abortions: Here Today Guana Tomorrow (1987)

Deadless Muss: 860 Seconds Cooking EP (1987)

The Dead Milkmen: Bucky Fellini (1987)

Descendents: All (1987)

Deviated Instinct: In Crust We Trust (Live) (1987)

Dezerter: Underground Out of Poland (1987)

Dezerter: Kolaboracja (1987)

D.O.A.: True (North) Strong And Free (1987)

D.R.I.: Crossover (1987)

Drunk Injuns: Frontside Grind (1987)

Embrace: Self-titled  (1987)

English Dogs: Where Legend Began (1987)

Eskorbuto: Los demenciales chicos acelerados (1987)

The Ex: Too Many Cowboys (1987)

The Ex: Throw Well, Throw Shell! (1987)

Excel: Split Image (1987)

The Exploited: Death Before Dishonour (1987)

False Prophets: Implosion (1987)

Fang: A Mi Ga Sfafas (1987)

Fastbaks: And His Orchestra (1987)

Fetchin Bones: Galaxy 500 (1987)

FIREHOSE: If'n (1987)

Frantic Flintstones: Nightmare on Nervous (1987)

Funeral Oration: Self-titled (1987)

Gai: Total Control (1987)

Gang Green: You Got It (1987)

Gash: The Lesson EP (1986)

Gash: Positive Change (1987)

G.B.H.: No Need To Panic (1987)

Government Issue: You (1987)

HDQ: You Suck! (1987)

H.R.: Human Rights (1987)

Hüsker Dü: Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987)

Indestroy: Self-titled  (1987)

Inocentes: Adeus Carne (1987)

Intruder: Live to Die (1987)

Iron Cross: Church and State (1987)

Ivy Green: Moon Raised (1987)

Karma Sutra: The Daydreams of a Production Line Worker (1987)

Killdozer: Little Baby Buntin’ (1987)

The Lemonheads: Hate Your Friends (1987)

Lime Spiders: The Cave Comes Alive! (1987)

Massappeal: The Bar of Life… EP (1987)

M.D.C.: This Blood's for You (1987)

Meat Puppets: Mirage (1987)

Meat Puppets: Huevos (1987)

Melvins: Gluey Porch Treatments (1987)

Metallica: Garage Days Re-revisited [punk covers] (1987)

The Meteors: Don’t Touch the Bang Bang Fruit (1987)

M.I.A.: After the Fact (1987)

M.O.D.: U.S.A. for M.O.D. (1987)

Mutilator: Immortal Force (1987)

Napalm Death: Scum (1987)

Necros: Tangled Up (1987)

Neurosis: Pain of Mind (1987)

The Nips: Bops, Babes, Booze and Bovver (1987)

No Allegiance: No Cash Value (1987)

No Mercy: Widespread Bloodshed/Love Runs Red (1987)

No Security: Eskilstuna Hardcore (1987)

Oi Polloi: Unite and Win (1987)

Outo: 正直者は馬鹿を見るEP (1987): Demo (1987)

Paranoid Visions: Schizophrenia (1987)

Personal Conflict: R.I.P. (1987)

Poison Idea: War All the Time (1987)

Public Image Ltd.: Happy? (1987)

Pussy Galore: Right Now! (1987)

Pyhäkoulu: Self-titled  (1987)

Pyhäkoulu: Sankari EP (1987)

Ramones: Halfway to Sanity (1987)

Ratos de Porão: Cada Dia Mais Sujo e Agressivo (1987)

Rattus: Stolen Life (1987)

Rest in Pieces: My Rage (1987)

Restos de Nada: Self-titled (1987)

Rich Kids on LSD: Rock n Roll Nightmare (1987)

Ripcord: Defiance of Power (1987)

Rites of Spring: All Through Life EP (1987)

Rollins Band: Life Time (1987)

Sacred Reich: Ignorance (1987)

The Scientists: The Human Jukebox (1987)

Scratch Acid: Berserker EP (1987)

Sick of It All: Self-titled EP  (1987)

Skullhead: White Warrior (1987)**

S.O.B.: Don't Be Swindle (1987)

Social Decay: Sick Society EP (1987)

Social Unrest: Mental Breakdown (1987)

Sonic Youth: Sister (1987)

Son of Sam [1]: Childhood Games EP (1987)

Soulside: Less Deep Inside Keeps (1987)

The Stupids: Mail Order Only EP (1987)

The Stupids: Van Stupid (1987)

Suicidal Tendencies: Join the Army (1987)

Systematic Death: Final Insider – Lucky Time! (1987)

Systematic Death: Stimulate (1987)

Thatcher on Acid: Curdled (1987)

Thee Mighty Caesars: Wiseblood (1987)

Totalitär: Multinationella Mördare EP (1987)

Twisted Roots: Self-titled (1987)

U.K. Subs: Japan Today (1987)

Unseen Terror: Diminished Responsibility (1987)

Unseen Terror: Human Error (1987)

Useless Pieces of Shit: Fuck Shit Up! EP (1987)

Vellocet: Captive of Reality (1987)

Vicious Circle: Rhyme with Reason (1987)

Warumpi Band: Go Bush (1987)

Warzone: Don’t Forget the Struggle/Don’t Forget the Streets (1987)

Warzone: Lower East Side Crew (1987)

Wide Awake: Hold Strong Demo EP (1987)

The Wipers: Follow Blind (1987)

X: See How We Are (1987)

Χαμένα Ιδανικά: Demo (1987)

7 Seconds: Ourselves (1988)

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: Entschuldigen Sie bitte (1988)

The Accüsed: Martha Splatterhead’s Maddest Stories Ever Told (1988)

Acrophet: Corrupt Minds (1988)

Active Minds: Welcome To The Slaughterhouse (1988)

Adrenaline O.D.: Cruising With Elvis in Bigfoot's UFO (1988)

Alice Donut: Donut Comes Alive (1988)

All: Allroy for Prez… (1988)

Angry Samoans: SATP not LSD (1988)

Angst: Cry for Happy (1988)

Anihilated: Created in Hate (1988)

Anthrax (2): State of Euphoria (1988)

Anti-Heros: Don’t Tread on Me (1988)

Antischism: All Their Money Stinks of Death EP (1988)

Antiseen: Honour Among Thieves (1988)

The Apostles: Hymn To Pan (1988)

A.P.P.L.E.: Plutocracy = Tyranny + Exploitation (1988)

Atoxxxico: Punks De Mierda EP (1988)

Atoxxxico: T.V. Demo (1988)

At War: Retaliatory Strike (1988)

Axegrinder: Rise of the Serpent Men (1988)

Bad Beach: Cut It Off (1988)

Bad Religion: Suffer (1988)

Battalion of Saints: Rock in Peace (1988)

Big Drill Car: Small Black (1988)

Billy Childish: "i remember..." (1988)

Blyth Power: The Barman and Other Stories (1988)

Bold: Speak Out (1988)

The Business: Welcome to the Real World (1988)

Capitalist Casualties: Demo (1988)

Cerebral Fix: Life Sucks and then You Die (1988)

Chaotic Dischord: Very Fuckin’ Bad (1988)

Christ on a Crutch: Spread Your Filth (1988)

Conflict: Final Conflict (1988)

Contropotere: Nessuna Speranza Nessuna Paura (1988)

Crimpshrine: Sleep, What’s That? EP (1988)

Crumbsuckers: Beast on My Back (1988)

Cryptic Slaughter: Stream of Consciousness (1988)

Culture Shock ‎(1): Onwards and Upwards (1988)

The Cynics: Twelve Flights Up (1988)

Dag Nasty: Field Day (1988)

Dan: Mother with Child and Bunny! (1988)

Deadless Muss: 5 Years Imprisonment (1988)

The Dead Milkmen: Beelzebubba (1988)

Dead Moon: In the Graveyard (1988)

Demented Are Go: Kicked Out of Hell (1988)

Despair: History of Hate (1988)

Deviated Instinct: Rock 'n' Roll Conformity (1988)

Dezerter: Kolaboracja II (1988)

Disrupt: Millions Die for Moneymaking (1988)

Doctor and the Crippens: Fired from the Circus (1988)

Dog Faced Hermans: Humans Fly ep (1988)

Doggy Style: Don’t Hit Me Up (1988)

Doom: War Crimes (Inhuman Beings) (1988)

D.R.I.: 4 of a Kind (1988)

Dr. Know: Wreckage in Flesh (1988)

Dwarves: Toolin' For A Warm Teabag (1988)

Electro Hippies: The Only Good Punk…Is a Dead One (1988)

Eskorbuto: Las más macabras de las vidas (1988)

The Ex: Aural Guerilla (1988)

The Execute: The Antagonistic Shadow (1988)

Final Conflict: Ashes to Ashes (1988)

Flag of Democracy: 23 (1988)

Flower Leperds: Dirges in the Dark (1988)

The Forgotten Rebels: Surfin’ on Heroin (1988)

Frantic Flintstones: A Nightmare of Nervous (1988)

Fugazi: First Demo (2014) [recorded in 1988]

Fugazi: Self-titled EP (1988)

Gang Green: I81B4U (EP) (1988)

Gang Green: Can't Live Without It (1988)

Garotos Podres: Pior que Antes (1988)

Gorilla Biscuits: Self-titled  (1988)

Gothic Slam: Killer Instinct (1988)

Government Issue: Crash (1988)

Green River: Rehab Doll (1988)

Guana Batz: Rough Edges (1988)

Hard Stance: End the Hate (1988)

HDQ: Life Is… (1988)

Hellbastard: Heading for Internal Darkness (1988)

Heresy: Face Up To It (1988)

Hogan’s Heroes: Built to Last (1988)

Holy Terror: Mind Wars (1988)

Ignition: Machination (1988)

Infest: Slave (1988)

Inocentes: Miséria E Fome (1988)

Insted: Bonds of Friendship (1988)

Intense Degree: War in My Head (1988)

Internal Autonomy: The Cause of Liberty (1988)

Internal Autonomy: Capitalism on Sulphate: The Empire Strikes Back (1988)

JFA: Nowhere Blossoms (1988)

Johnny Thunders: Copy Cats (1988)

Judge: New York Crew EP (1988)

L7: Self-titled (1988)

The Lemonheads: Creator (1988)

Ludachrist: Powertrip (1988)

The Lurkers: Wild Times Again (1988)

Marginal Man: Self-titled (1988)

The Meteors: The Mutant Monkey and the Surfers from Zorch (1988)

MG15: Hold Earth EP (1988)

Mission of Burma: Self-titled (1988)

Mission of Burma: Forget (1988)

M.O.D.: Surfin' M.O.D. EP (1988)

Mucky Pup: Can’t You Take a Joke? (1988)

Mudhoney: Superfuzz Bigmuff (1988)

Mutilator: Into the Strange (1988)

MX Machine: Manic Panic (1988)

Naked Raygun: Jettison (1988)

No For an Answer: You Laugh EP (1988)

No For an Answer: A Thought Crusade (1988)

NOFX: Liberal Animation (1988)

Nomeansno: The Day Everything Became Nothing EP (1988)

Nomeansno: Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed (1988)

No Remorse: This Time the World (1988)**

No Security: 40-Talisterna EP (1988)

Nuclear Assault: Survive (1988)

Operation Ivy: Hectic EP (1988)

Outo: No Way Out EP (1988)

The Pandoras: Rock Hard (1988)

Paranoid Visions: City of Screams (1988)

Pariapunk: Self-titled EP (1988)

Pyhäkoulu: Post Mortem (1988)

The Pogues: If I Should Fall from Grace with God (1988)

Poison Idea: Filthkick EP (1988)

Reason to Believe: The Next Door EP (1988)

Ripcord: Harvest Hardcore EP (1988)

Ripcord: Poetic Justice (1988)

Rudimentary Peni: Cacophony (1988)

The Saints: Prodigal Son (1988)

Scared Straight: You Drink: You Drive: You Die (1988)

Sick of It All: Blood, Sweat, and No Tears (1989)

Slapshot: Step On It (1988)

SNFU: Better Than a Stick in the Eye (1988)

S.O.B.: No Control (1988)

Social Distortion: Prison Bound (1988)

Social Unrest: Now and Forever (1988)

Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation (1988)

Sore Throat: Unhindered by Talent (1988)

Soulside: Trigger (1988)

Springtoifel: Schwere Jungs (1988)

Stikky: Cuddle EP (1988)

Stikky: I & I and the Guy Over There EP (1988)

Stikky: Where’s My Lunchpail? (1988)

The Stupids: Jesus Meets The Stupids (1988)

Suicidal Tendencies: How Can I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today? (1988)

Systematic Death: Step EP (1988)

Terrorain: Demo (2000) [ recorded in 1988]

Thatcher on Acid: Self-titled (1988)

Todos Tus Muertos: Self-titled (1988)

U.K. Subs: Killing Time (1988)

U-Men: Step on a Bug (1988)

Uncle Sam: Say Uncle (1988)

Uniform Choice: Staring Into the Sun (1988)

Uppercut (1): Self-titled (1988)

Upright Citizens: Farewell EP (1988)

The Vandals: Slippery When III (1988)

Vengeance: Forward Into War (1988)**

Vellocet: Welcome to Dimension Four (1988)

The Vibrators: Recharged (1988)

The Vibrators: Meltdown (1988)

Vicious Circle: Into the Void (1988)

Vicious Circle: Still Born (1988)

Visions of Change: Self-titled (1988)

Wargasm: Why Play Around? (1988)

Warzone: Open Your Eyes (1988)

Wasted Youth: Black Daze (1988)

Wide Awake: CT. Hardcore EP (1988)

The Wipers: The Circle (1988)

Wrecking Crew: Self-titled EP (1988)

Youth of Today: We’re Not in This Alone (1988)

Zounds: Self-titled (1988)

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: Im Zeichen des Blöden (1989)

Acid Reign: The Fear (1989)

Acrophet: Faded Glory (1989)

Alergias: Ratas de Ciudad EP (1989)

Alice Donut: Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life (1989)

All: Alroy’s Revenge (1989)

Andanada 7: Esperando A La Muerte ‎(1989)

Antischism: End of Time EP (1989)

Antiseen: Noise For The Sake Of Noise (1989)

The Avengers: Died for Your Sins (1989)

Axegrinder: Rise of the Serpent Men (1989)

Bad Brains: Quickness (1989)

Bastard: Controlled in the Frame EP (1989)

Bastard Squad: Hardcore Revolution (1989)

Bérurier Noir: Souvent fauché, toujours marteau (1989)

Big Drill Car: CD Type Thing (1989)

Black Flag: I Can See You EP (1989)

The Blaggers: On Yer Toez (1989)

BL’AST: Take the Manic Ride (1989)

Blitz: The Killing Dream (1989)

Broken Bones: Losing Control (1989)

The Celibate Rifles: Blind Ear (1989)

Chain of Strength: True Till Death EP (1989)

Channel 3: Rejected (1989)

Chaos UK: Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes (1989)

Chelsea: Underwraps (1989)

Coffin Break: Psychosis (1989)

Coffin Break: Rupture (1989)

Cólera: Verde, Não Devaste! (1989)

Confessor: Uncontrolled (1989)

Conflict: Against All Odds (1989)

Cosmic Psychos: Go the Hack (1989)

Cowboy Killers: Koyaanisqatsi (1989)

The Crack: In Search of the Crack (1989)

Crimpshrine: Lame Gig Contest (1989)

Cro-Mags: Best Wishes (1989)

The Crucified: Self-titled  (1989)

Culture Shock ‎(1): All the Time (1989)

Dead Horse: Horsecore (1989)

Dead Moon: Unknown Passage (1989)

Death Side: Wasted Dream (1989)

Decadence Within: This Lunacy (1989)

Dee Dee King [Ramone]: Standing in the Spotlight (1989)

Defiance: Product of Society (1989)

Deviated Instinct: Guttural Breath (1989)

Disorder: Violent World (1989)

Doctor and the Crippens: Rhaphanadosis (1989)

Dog Faced Hermans: Everyday Timebomb (1989)

D.R.I.: Thrash Zone (1989)

The Ex: Joggers and Smoggers (1989)

Excel: The Joke’s On You (1989)

Extreme Noise Terror: A Holocaust in Your Head (1989)

Fetchin Bones: Monster (1989)

FIREHOSE: Fromohio (1989)

Flower Leperds: Heaven’s Closed (1989)

Frantic Flintstones: Not Christmas Album (1989)

Fugazi: Margin Walker EP (1989)

Gammacide: Victims of Silence (1989)

G-Anx: Far Out EP (1989)

Gang Green: Older... Budweiser (1989)

G.B.H.: A Fridge Too Far (1989)

The Gories: Houserockin’ (1989)

Gorilla Biscuits: Start Today (1989)

Gothic Slam: Just a Face in the Crowd (1989)

Groovie Ghoulies: Appetite for Adrenochrome (1989)              

Hard-Ons: Dickcheese (1989)

Hard-Ons: Love Is a Battlefield of Wounded Hearts (1989)

Hass: Zurück In Die Zukunft (1989)

HDQ: Sinking (1989)

Heresy: 13 Rocking Anthems (1989)

Ignition: The Orafying Mysticle Of… (1989)

Ill Repute: Transition (1989)

Infezione: Chiediti Il Perché (1989)

Inocentes: Self-titled (1989)

Internal Autonomy: 4th Demo (1989)

Intruder: A Higher Form of Killing (1989)

Jailcell Recipes: Energy in an Empty Tank World (1989)

Jerry’s Kids: Kill Kill Kill (1989)

Judge: Chung King Can Suck It (1989)

Judge: Bringin’ It Down (1989)

Killing Time: Brightside (1989)

Lard: The Power of Lard EP (1989)

Lazy Cowgirls: Radio Cowgirl (1989)

Leatherface: Cherry Knowle (1989)

The Lemonheads: Lick (1989)

The Lurkers: King of the Mountain (1989)

Massappeal: Jazz (1989)

M.D.C.: Metal Devil Cokes (1989)

Melvins: Ozma (1989)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Devil's Night Out (1989)

Die Mimmis: Alles Zuscheissen (1989)

Misery: Blindead EP (1989)

Misery: Born, Fed…Slaughtered EP (1989)

M.O.D.: Gross Misconduct (1989)

Mucky Pup: A Boy in a Man’s World (1989)

Mudhoney: Self-titled (1989)

Murphy’s Law: Back with a Bong (1989)

Naked Raygun: Understand? (1989)

Nihilistics: Bad…Dirty…Hate… (1989)

Nirvana: Bleach (1989)

NOFX: S&M Airlines (1989)

Nomeansno: Wrong (1989)

Nuclear Assault: Handle with Care (1989)

Nukey Pikes: Take the Funny Way (1989)

La Pestilencia: La Muerte... Un Compromiso De Todos (1989)

The Pogues: Peace and Love (1989)

Offenders: Fight Back EP (1989)

The Offspring: Self-titled (1989)

Ohlo Seco: Olho Por Olho (1989)

Operation IVY: Energy (1989)

Outburst: Miles to Go (1989)

Pissed Happy Children: Pissed Playground (1989)

Pungent Stench: Extreme Deformity EP (1989)

Pussy Galore: Dial M for Motherfucker (aka Make Them All Eat Shit Slowly, aka New Album By Pussy Galore) (1989)

Ramones: Brain Drain (1989)

Ratos de Porão: Brasil (1989)

Raw Power: Mine to Kill (1989)

Razzia: Menschen Zu Wasser (1989)

Reagan Youth: Volume 1 (1989)

Rollins Band: Hard Volume (1989)

Sheer Terror: Just Can't Hate Enough (1989)

Sloppy Secods: Destroyed (1989)

Social Decay: Hate (1989)

Sons Of Ishmael: Sing Generic Crap EP (1989)

Soothsayer: Have a Good Time (1989)

Sore Throat: Disgrace to the Corpse of Side (1989)

Sore Throat: Never Mind the Napalm Here’s the Sore Throat (1989)

Sore Throat: Inde$troy (1989)

Soulside: Hot Bodi-Gram (1989)

Stars and Stripes: Shaved for Battle (1989)

Straw Dogs: Man in the High Tower EP (1989)

Suicidal Tendencies: Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Déjà Vu (1989)

Terrorizer: World Downfall (1989)

Thee Mighty Caesars: John Lennon’s Corpse Revisited (1989)

Three: Dark Days Coming (1989)

Toxic Reasons: Anything for Money (1989)

Turning Point: Self-titled EP (1989)

The Undead (2): Act Your Rage! (1989)

Unseen Terror: Hardcore Holocaust (1989)

Unseen Terror: Hardcore Holocaust II (1989)

Uppercut (1): Four Walls EP (1989)

The Uptones: Burning Sky EP (1989)

Vengeance: 1986 (1989)**

The Vibrators: Vicious Circle (1989)

Violent Femmes: 3 (1989)

Visions of Change: My Minds Eye (1989)

Warzone: Self-titled (1989)

Wrecking Crew: Balance of Terror (1989)


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