Punk: 1985-1989
Proto-Punk, Post-Punk, & 1st Wave Punk: 1975-1979

Punk: 1980-1984

Albums from this period are below the fold.

45 Grave: A Devil’s Possessions Demos (2008) [recorded from 1980-1983]

999: The Biggest Prize in Sport (1980)

Abwärts: Amok Koma (1980)

The Accüsed: Self-titled EP (1980)

Angelic Upstarts: We Gotta Get Out of this Place (1980)

Angry Samoans: Inside My Brain EP (1980)

Anti-establishment: 1980's/Mechanical Man (single) (1980)

Bauhaus: In the Flat Field (1980)

Big Balls & The Great White Idiot: 1980 Art/ 1 Die Würde Des Menschen Ist Unantastbar (1980)

The Big Boys: Frat Car EP (1980)

Black Flag: Jealous Again EP (1980)

The Boys: Boys Only (1980)

The Boys Next Door: The Birthday Party (1980)

The Brommers: Defekt EP (1980)

Bush Tetra: Too Many Creeps EP (1980)

The Buttocks: Vom Derbsten EP (1980)

Chaos: Demo (1980)

The Cheifs: Self-titled EP (1980)

The Cheifs: Hollywest Crisis (1997) [recorded from 1980-1982]

The Cigarettes: Can’t Sleep at Night (1980)

Circle Jerks: Group Sex (1980)

The Clash: Sandinista! (1980)

Cockney Rejects: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 (1980)

Cockney Rejects: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (1980)

The Cramps: Songs the Lord Taught Us (1980)

The Cravats: In Toytown (1980)

Cretins: Self-titled EP (1980)

Crisis: Hymns of Faith (1980)

Damned: The Black Album (1980)

Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (1980)

Devo: Freedom of Choice (1980)

Diamond Head: Lightning to the Nations (1980)

Discharge: Realities of War EP (1980)

Discharge: Fight Back EP (1980)

Discharge: Decontrol EP (1980)

D.O.A.: Something Better Change (1980)

The Epileptics: 1970s’s EP (1980)

The Ex: All Corpses Smell the Same EP (1980)

The Ex: Disturbing Domestic Peace (1980)

The Ex: New Horizons in Retailing EP (1980)

Executives: Jet Set EP (1980)

The Fall: Grotesque (1980)

The Flesh Eaters: No Questions Asked (1980)

The Forgotten Rebels: In Love with the System (1980)

The Freshies: Rough and Ready (1980)

Friction: Atsureki (1980)

The Gears: Rockin’ at Ground Zero (1980)

Hollywood Brats: Self-titled  (1980)

Ian Dury and the Blockheads: Laughter (1980)

The Jam: Sound Affects (1980)

Joy Division: Closer (1980)

Kaos: Product of a Sick Mind EP (1980)

KSMB: Aktion (1980)

The Mad: Fried Egg EP (1980)

Magazine: The Correct Use of Soap (1980)

The Mekons: The Mekons aka Devils Rats and Piggies a Special Message from Godzilla (1980)

Middle Class: Scavenged Luxury EP (1980)

Minutemen: Paranoid Time EP (1980)

The Mob (1): Crying Again/Youth (single) (1980)

The Mob (1): Witch Hunt/Shuffling Souls (single) (1980)

Mötorhead: Ace of Spades (1980)

Nervous Eaters: Self-titled (1980)

The Nips: Only the End of the Beginning (1980)

Notsensibles: I Thought You Were Dead EP (1980)

The Nuns: Self-titled  (1980)

The Only Ones: Baby's Got a Gun (1980)

Pere Ubu: The Art of Walking (1980)

Plasmatics: New Hope for the Wretched (1980)

Poison Girls: Chappaquiddick Bridge (1980)

The Pretenders: Self-titled  (1980)

Ramones: End of the Century (1980)

Red Alert: Third and Final EP (1980)

Red Kross: Red Cross EP (1980)

The Rondos: Red Attack (1980)

The Ruts: Grin & Bear It (1980)

The Samples: Vendetta EP (1980)

The Scientists: Self-titled EP (1980)

The Selecter: Too Much Pressure (1980)

Sham 69: The Game (1980)

Sham 69: Volunteer (1980)

The Shapes: Airline Disaster/Blast Off (single) (1980)

Skids: The Absolute Game (1980)

Siouxsie and the Banshees: Kaleidoscope (1980)

Slaughter and the Dogs: Bite Back as Slaughter (1980)

Slime: Wir Wollen Keine Bullenschweine EP (1980)

S.O.A.: First Demo (2014) [ recorded in 1980]

The Soft Boys: Underwater Moonlight (1980)

The Specials:  More Specials (1980)

The Squats: Self-titled (1980)

Steel Pulse: Caught You (1980)

Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody's Heroes (1980)

Stiv Bators: Disconnected (1980)

The Styrenes: Girl Crazy (1980)

Subhumans [2]: Incorrect Thoughts (1980)

The Suburbs: In Combo (1980)

Subway Sect (with Vic Godard): What's The Matter Boy? (1980)

Swell Maps: In “Jane From Occupied Europe” (1980)

Teenage Head: Frantic City (1980)

The Teen Idles: Minor Disturbance EP (1980)

The Teen Idles: Anniversary Demos (1996) [ recorded in 1980]

U.K. Subs: Brand New Age (1980)

The Undertones: Hypnotised (1980)

The Weirdos: Action-Design EP (1980)

Widows (1): Fun? (1980)

The Wipers: Alien Boy EP (1980)

The Wipers: Is This Real? (1980)

X: Los Angeles (1980)

Zero Boys: Livin’ in the 80s EP (1980)

Zounds: Can’t Cheat Karma EP (1980)

The 101ers: Elgin Avenue Breakdown (1981)

Abrasive Wheels: The Army Song EP (1981)

Abrasive Wheels: Vicious Circle EP (1981)

The Adicts: Songs of Praise (1981)

Adolescents: Self-titled  (1981)

Agent Orange: Living in Darkness (1981)

The Alley Cats: Nightmare City (1981)

Alternative: 1st Demo (1981)

Alternative: 2nd Demo (1981)

Alternative TV: Strange Kicks (1981)

Angelic Upstarts: 2,000,000 Voices (1981)

Anti-Pasti: The Last Call (1981)

Antisocial: New Punks (1981)

A.P.F. Brigade: Anarchist Antidote (1981)

The B-52’s: Wild Planet (1981)

Bauhaus: Mask (1981)

The Big Boys: Where’s My Towel/Industry Standard (1981)

The Birthday Party: Prayers on Fire (1981)

Black Flag: Damaged (1981)

The Boomtown Rats: Mondo Bongo (1981)

Chaos UK: Demo (1981)

Clapham South Escalators: Leave Me Alone EP (1981)

Cockney Rejects: The Power and the Glory (1981)

The Cramps: Psychedelic Jungle (1981)

Crass: Penis Envy (1981)

Crucifix: Self-entitled  EP (1981)

Daily Terror: BS-Punx EP (1981)

Dayglow Abortions: Out of the Womb (1981)

Dead Man's Shadow: Neighbors EP (1981)

The Defects: Dance (Until You Drop) EP (1981)

Demob: Anti-Police EP (1981)

Demob: No Room for You EP (1981)

Dirt: Object Refuse Reject Abuse EP (1981)

Discharge: Why? EP (1981)

Disorder: Disortion to Deafness EP (1981)

Disorder: Complete Disorder EP (1981)

D.O.A.: Hardcore '81 (1981)

Drongos For Europe: Adverse Chorus EP (1981)

The Epileptics: Last Bus to Debden (1981)

The Ex: War Is Over (Weapons For El Salvador) EP (1981)

The Exploited: Punks Not Dead (1981)

The Fartz: Because This World Fucking Stinks EP (1981)

The Fits (2): You Said We’d Never Make It EP (1981)

The Flesh Eaters: A Minute to Pray, a Second To Die (1981)

Flux of Pink Indians: Neu Smell EP (1981)

The Freshies: London Plays (1981)

Funeral (1): Self-titled EP (1981)

Funeral (1): Waiting for the Bomb Blast EP (1981)

Gen X: Kiss Me Deadly (1981)

Geza X: You Goddamn Kids (1981)

The Gun Club: Fire of Love (1981)

Hass: ...Allein Genügt Nicht Mehr (1981)      

Headcleaners: Disinfection EP (1981)

The Insane: Politics EP (1981)

The Instigators: Not Really Bad/In Line (single) (1981)

JFA: Blatant Localism EP (1981)

KSMB: Rika Barn Leka Bäst (1981)

Mad Society: Self-titled EP (1981)

The Meteors: In Heaven (1981)

Minor Threat: First Demo Tape (2003) [recording in 1981]

Minor Threat: In My Eyes EP (1981)

Minor Threat: Self-titled  EP (1981)

Minutemen: The Punch Line (1981)

Mission of Burma: Signals, Calls, and Marches EP (1981)

The Mob (1): Ching (1981)

The Mob (1): No Doves Fly Here/I Hear You Laughing (single) (1981)

The Mutants: Fun Terminal (1981)

National Wake: Self-titled  (1981)

Nervous Gender: Music from Hell (1981)

Nomeansno: Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred EP (1981)

Normahl: Verarschung Total (1981)

OHL: Self-titled EP (1981)

OHL: Heimatfront (1981)

Out Of Order (1): Open Prison (1981)

Out Of Order (1): Self-titled EP (1981)

Plasmatics: Beyond the Valley of 1984 (1981)

Plasmatics: Metal Priestess (1981)

Public Image Ltd.: The Flowers of Romance (1981)

Radio Birdman: Living Eyes (1981)

Ramones: Pleasant Dreams (1981)

The Replacements: Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash (1981)

Riot/Clone: Crime Pays (1981)

Rudimentary Peni: Self-titled EP (1981)

Saccharine Trust: Paganicons EP (1981)

The Saints: The Monkey Puzzle (1981)

The Scientists: Self-titled (1981)

The Selecter: Celebrate the Bullet (1981)

Shattered Faith: 6 Song EP (1981)

Skids: Joy (1981)

Slime: Slime I (1981)

The Slits: Return of the Giant Slits (1981)

S.O.A.: No Policy EP (1981)

Splodgenessabounds: Self-titled (1981)

The Squats: Noise-Overdose EP (1981)

State of Alert: No Policy EP (1981)

The Stepmothers: You Were Never My Age (1981)

Stiff Little Fingers: Go for It (1981)

Stray Cats: Self-titled (1981)

Stray Cats:  Gonna Ball (1981)

Subhumans [1]: Demolition War EP (1981)

Suburban Lawns: Self-titled (1981)

Swell Maps: Whatever Happens Next (1981)

Toxoplasma: Demos ’81 (1995) [ recorded in 1981]

Toxoplasma: Toxo-Plasma (1981)

Troublemakers: Göteborg (1981)

T.S.O.L.: Dance with Me (1981)

U.K. Subs: Diminished Responsibility (1981)

The Undertones: Positive Touch (1981)

The Varukers: Protest and Survive EP (1981)

Venom: Welcome to Hell (1981)

Vice Squad: No Cause for Concern (1981)

Void: Sessions (2011) [ recorded from 1981-1983]

Wasted Youth: Reagan’s In (1981)

The Wipers: Youth of America (1981)

X: Wild Gift (1981)

Xpozez: Demo (1981)

Xpozez: Systems Kill EP (1981)

Youth Brigade [1]: First Demo (2015) [ recorded in 1981]

Youth Brigade [1]: Possible EP (1981)

Zero Boys: Vicious Circle (1981)

Zounds: The Curse of Zounds (1981)

The 4 Skins: The Good, the Bad, and the 4 Skins (1982)

Abrasive Wheels: When the Punks Go Marching In (1982)

!Action Pact!: Suicide Bag EP (1982)

Abwärts: Der Western ist einsam (1982)

Acid Attack: Sulphuric (1982)

The Adicts: Sound of Music (1982)

The Alley Cats: Escape From The Planet Earth (1982)

Alternative: Anti Christ Demo (1982)

Alternative: Isolation From Ones Self - Is Alienation From Another (1982)

Anarka & Poppy: All That Is Shattered....Reborn (2016) [ recorded in 1982]

Angelic Upstarts: Still from the Heart (1982)

Angry Samoans: Back from Samoa (1982)

Anthrax (1): Capitalism is Cannibalism (1982)

Anti Cimex: Anarkist Attack EP (1982)

Anti-establishment: Future Girl (single) (1982)

Anti-Nowhere League: We Are…The League (1982)

Anti-Pasti: Caution in the Wind (1982)

Antisocial: Made in England EP (1982)

A.P.F. Brigade: Sick Society (1982)

A.P.F. Brigade: Jon’s Poems: The Earth Soaked It UP (1982)

The Apostles: Blow It Up, Burn It Down, Kick It Till It Breaks! EP (1982)

Articles of Faith: What We Want Is Free EP (1982)

Au Pairs: Sense and Sensuality (1982)

Avskum: Demo 1982 (1982)

Bad Brains: Self-titled  (1982)

Bad Religion: How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (1982)

Bastards: Studio82 (2008) [ recorded in 1982]

Bastards: Turvallista Huomista (1982)

Beastie Boys: Polly Wog Stew EP (1982)

Big Balls and the Great White Idiot: Creepy Shades (1982)

The Big Boys: Fun, Fun, Fun EP (1982)

The Birthday Party: Self-titled (1982)

Blitz: Voice of a Generation (1982)

Blitzkrieg: Lest We Forget EP (1982)

The Boomtown Rats: V Deep (1982)

Cadaverous Clan: Demos 82-83 (1983) [ recorded from 1982-1983]

Cause for Alarm: Self-titled EP (1982)

The Celibate Rifles: But Jacques, the Fish? EP (1982)

Channel 3: Fear of Life (1982)

Chaos UK: Burning Britain EP (1982)

Chaotic Dischord: Fuck the World EP (1982)

[Charged] GBH: City Baby Attacked by Rats (1982)

Chelsea: Evacuate (1982)

Christian Death: Only Theatre of Pain (1982)

Chron Gen: Chronic Generation (1982)

Circle Jerks: Wild in the Streets (1982)

The Clash: Combat Rock (1982)

Cockney Rejects: The Wild Ones (1982)

Cock Sparrer: Shock Troops (1982)

Conflict: The House than Man Built EP (1982)

Court Martial: Gotta Get Out EP (1982)

Court Martial: No Solution EP (1982)

Court Martial: Your War EP (2009) [ recorded in 1982]

Crass: Christ—The Album (1982)

Crucifix: Nineteen Eighty-Four EP (1982)

Crux: Keep on Running EP (2018) [recorded in 1982]

Daily Terror: Klartext EP (1982)

Daily Terror: Schmutzige Zeiten (1982)

Damned: Strawberries (1982)

The Dark: The Living End (1982)

The Dark: Chemical Warfare (1982)

Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982)

Dead Man's Shadow: Bomb Scare EP (1982)

Dead Wretched: No Hope for Anyone EP (1982)

Death Sentence [1]: Death and Pure Distruction EP (1982)

Descendents: Milo Goes to College (1982)

The Defects: Defective Breakdown (1982)

Dirt: Never Mind the Dirt – Here’s the Bollocks (1982)

Discharge: Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (1982)

Disorder: Perdition EP (1982)

D.O.A.: War on 45 (1982)

Electric Deads: Anti-Sex EP (1982)

Electric Deads: Self-titled EP (1982)

Even Worse: You’ve Ruined Everything (2002) [recorded in 1982]

The Ex: History Is What’s Happening (1982)

The Expelled: Government Policy EP (1982)

The Expelled: No Life No Future EP (1982)

The Exploited: Troops of Tomorrow (1982)

External Menace: Youth of Today EP (1982)

The Faith/Void Split (1982)

The Fall: Hex Enduction Hour (1982)

Fang: Landshark! (1982)

The Fartz: World Full of Hate (1982)

Fear: The Record (1982)

The Fits (2): The Last Laugh EP (1982)

The Fits (2): Think for Yourself EP (1982)

The Fits (2): You Named Us (1982)

The Fits (2): You’re Nothing, You’re Nowhere (1982)

The Flesh Eaters: Forever Came Today (1982)

Flipper: Album – Generic Flipper (1982)

The Forgotten Rebels: This Ain’t Hollywood (1982)

Friction: Skin Deep (1982)

F Troop: We’re the Young EP (2018) [recorded in 1982]

The Fucks Ups: FU82 EP (1982)

The F.U.’s: Kill For Christ (1982)

[Charged] G.B.H.: City Baby Attacked by Rats (1982)

The Gun Club: Miami (1982)

Harley Flanagan: Cro-Mags Demos (2018) [recorded 1982-1983]

Hated: 4 Song EP (1982)

Icon A.D.: Don't Feed Us Shit EP (1982)

Icon A.D.: Let The Vultures Fly... EP (1982)

Icons of Filth: Not On Her Majesty's Service (1982)

Ill Repute: The 1982 Demos (2015) [recorded in 1982]

Infa Riot: Still Out of Order (1982)

The Insane: Why Die! EP (1982)

Iron Cross: Skinhead Glory EP (1982)

The Jam: The Gift (1982)

Jesus And The Gospelfuckers: Demo (1982)

Kaaos: Totaalinen Kaaos EP (1982)

Kraut: An Adjustment to Society (1982)

The Last Resort: A Way of Life – Skinhead Anthems (1982)

The Lewd: American Wino (1982)

LiLiPUT [Kleenex]: Self-titled  (1982)

Lixomania: Violência & Sobrevivência EP (1982)

The Lords of the New Church: Self-titled  (1982)

Lunatic Fringe: At Last (1982)

Lunatic Fringe: Who’s in Control? EP (1982)

Major Accident: Massacred Melodies (1982)

Mau Maus: No Concern EP (1982)

Mau Maus: Society’s Rejects EP (1982)

Mayhem: Gentle Murder EP (1982)

M.D.C.: Self-titled  (1982)

Meat Puppets: Self-titled  (1982)

The Mekons: The Mekons Story (1982)

Middle Class: Homeland (1982)

Minutemen: Bean-Spill EP (1982)

The Misfits: Walk Among Us (1982)

Mission of Burma: Vs. (1982)

The Mob (2): Upset the System EP (1982)

Mötorhead: Iron Fist (1982)

Mutants (2): Fun Terminal (1982)

Negative Approach: Self-titled EP (1982)

Negative FX: Government War Plans EP (2003) [ recorded in 1982]

Neos: End All Discrimination EP (1982)

Neos: Hassibah Gets the Martian Brain Freeze EP (1982)

Nihilistics: Self-titled EP (1982)

No Crisis: She’s Into the Scene EP (1982)

Nomeansno: Mama (1982)

Normahl: Ein Volk Steht Hinter Uns (1982)

OHL: 1000 Kreuze (1982)

Omega Tribe: Angry Songs EP (1982)

Patrik Fitzgerald: Gifts and Telegrams (1982)

Pere Ubu: Song of the Bailing Man (1982)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Pissed and Proud (1982)

Plasmatics: Coup d'etat (1982)

Poison Girls: Where's the Pleasure? (1982)

The Proletariat: Distortion EP (1982)

The Queers: Love Me EP (1982)

Ratos de Porão: Demo (1982)

Rattus: WC räjähtää (1982)

The Real Kids: Outta Place (1982)

Red Alert: In Britain EP (1982)

Red Alert: Take No Prisoners EP (1982)

Red Kross: Born Innocent (1982)

The Replacements: Stink EP (1982)

Resistance 77: Nowhere to Play EP (1982)

Richard Hell and the Voidoids: Destiny Street (1982)

Riistetyt: Laki ja järjestys (1982)

Riot/Clone: There's no Government like No Government EP (1982)

Riot/Clone: Destroy the Myth of Musical Destruction EP (1982)

Rudimentary Peni: Farce EP (1982)

The Saints: I Thought This Was Love, But This Ain't Casablanca (1982)

The Samples: Dead Hero EP (1982)

Screaming Sneakers: Marching Orders EP (1982)

Serious Drinking: Love on the Terraces EP (1982)

Shattered Faith: Live! (1982)

The Shitlickers: Self-titled  (1982)

Sin 34: Die Laughing EP (1982)

The Skeptix: Routine Machine EP (1982)

Skitslickers: GBG EP (1982)

Slime: Yankees raus (1982)

Social Disease: Utter Nutter (1982)

Sonic Youth: Self-titled (1982)

Special Duties: ’77 in ’82 (1982)

Special Duties: Police State EP (1982)

Splodge: In Search of the Seven Golden Gussetts (1982)

SSD: The Kids Will Have Their Say (1982)

Stiff Little Fingers: Now Then... (1982)

The Stimulators: Loud, Fast Rules! (1982)

Stray Cats:  Built for Speed (1982)

Subhumans [1]: Reasons for Existence EP (1982)

Subhumans [1]: Religious Wars EP (1982)

Subway Sects: Songs For Sale (1982)

The System: The Warfare EP (1982)

Tappi Tíkarass: Bítið Fast Í Vítið (1982)

Teenage Head: Some Kinda Fun (1982)

Theatre of Hate: Westworld (1982)

Threats: Politicians and Ministers EP (1982)

Toxic Reasons: Independence (1982)

Toxoplasma: Demos ‘82 (1994) [ recorded in 1982]

T.S.O.L.: Beneath the Shadows (1982)

U.K. Subs: Endangered Species (1982)

Underage: Afri Cani EP (1982)

Upright Citizens: Bombs of Peace EP (1982)

Uproar: Die for Me EP (1982)

Uproar: Rebel Youth EP (1982)

Urban Waste: Self-titled EP (1982)

The Vandals: Peace thru Vandalism EP (1982)

The Varukers: I Don't Wanna Be a Victim EP (1982)

Venom: Black Metal (1982)

The Vibrators: Guilty (1982)

Vice Squad: Stand Strong Stand Proud (1982)

Waste (1): History Repeats EP (1982)

X: Under the Big Black Sun (1982)

Xutos & Pontápes: 78/82 (1982)

The Young and the Useless: Real Men Don’t Floss EP (1982)

Youth Brigade [2]: Sound & Fury (1982)

The 4 Skins: A Fistful of Skins (1983)

7 Seconds: The Crew (1983)

45 Grave: Slep in Safety (1983)

!Action Pact! Mercury Theatre – On the Air! (1983)

Adrenaline O.D.: Let's Barbeque EP (Buy Our Records, 1983)

Actives: Kick It Down (1983)

Actives: Riot EP (1983)

Agression: Don’t Be Mistaken (1983)

Agnostic Front: United Front (1983)

Alternative: War…The Inheritance of Hate (1983)

Angelic Upstarts: Reason Why? (1983)

Anthrax (1): They’ve Got It All Wrong EP (1983)

Anti Cimex: Raped Ass EP (1983)

Antidote [1]: Thou Shall Not Kill (1983)

Antisect: In Darkness There Is No Choice (1983)

Antisocial: Official Hooligan EP (1983)

A.P.F. Brigade: God the Tape (1983)

The Apostles: Rising From The Ashes EP (1983)

The Apostles: The Curse of the Creature EP (1983)

Articles of Faith: Wait EP (1983)

Attak: Zombies (1983)

The Avengers: Self-titled  (1983)

Avskum: 5 Songs Demo (1983)

Bad Brains: Rock for Light (1983)

Bastards: Järjetön Maailma (1983)

Big Black: Bulldozer (1983)

The Big Boys: Lullabies Help the Brain Grow (1983)

Black Flag: Everything Went Black (1983)

Black Flag: My War (1983)

Black Market Baby: Senseless Offerings (1983)

Blitz: Second Empire Justice (1983)

The Blood: False Gestures for a Devious Public (1983)

Blood Robots: You Fuel the Fire (1983)

The Bristles: Ban the Punkshops (1983)

The Bristles: Don’t Give Up EP (1983)

The Business: Suburban Rebels (1983)

Canal Terror: Zu Spät (1983)

The Celibate Rifles: Sideroxylon (1983)

Channel 3: After the Lights Go Out (1983)

Chaos UK: Self-titled (1983)

Chaotic Dischord: Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You! (1983)

Chaotic Dischord: Never Trust a Friend EP (1983)

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers: We Are the Juvenile Delinquency Class (1983)

Criminal Justice: Demo (1983)

Criminal Justice: Hierarchy of Hell EP (1983)

Criminal Justice: The System Is… EP  (1983)

Circle Jerks: Golden Shower of Hits (1983)

Conflict: It’s Time to See Who’s Who (1983)

The Cravats: The Colossal Tunes Out (1983)

Crass: Yes Sire, I Will (1983)

Crucifix: Dehumanization (1983)

Crumbsuckers: The Demos (1983)

Dead Man's Shadow: The 4P’s (1983)

Death Zone: Somethings Wrong (1983)

Deep Wound: Self-titled EP (1983)

The Defects: Defective Breakdown (1983)

The Defects: Suspicious Minds EP (1983)

The Dickies: Stukas over Disneyland (1983)

Dicks: Kill from the Heart (1983)

Disorder: Mental Disorder EP (1983)

The Disrupters: Unrehearsed Wrongs (1983)

D.R.I.: Dirty Rotten EP (1983)

Drunk Injuns: My Bad Dutch (1983)

The Ejected: A Touch of Class (1983)

Electric Deads: Mind Bomb EP (1983)

Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels: Doomsday Troops EP (2013) [released  in 1983]

The Ex: Dignity of Labour (1983)

The Ex: Gonna Rob The Spermbank EP (1983)

The Ex: Tumult (1983)

The Execute: Self-titled EP (1983)

The Execute: Hard Core Temptation EP (1983)

The Exploited: Let's Start a War... (Said Maggie One Day) (1983)

External Menace: No Views EP (1983)

The Faction: No Hidden Messages (1983)

The Faction: Yesterday Is Gone EP (1983)

Faith: Subject to Change EP (1983)

Fang: Where The Wild Things Are (1983)

Feederz: Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? (1983)

Fetchin Bones: Self-titled  (1983)

The Fits (2): Tears of a Nation EP (1983)

The Flesh Eaters: A Hard Road to Follow (1983)

The Fleshtones: Hexbreaker! (1983)

Flux of Pink Indians: Strive to Survive Causing the Least Suffering Possible (1983)

The Freeze: Land of the Lost (1983)

The F.U.’s: My America (1983)

Gai: Damaging Noise Tape (1983)

G.B.H.: City Babys Revenge (1983)

G.I.S.M.: Detestation (1983)

Government Issue: Boycott Stabb (1983)

Headcleaners: The Infection Grows EP (1983)

Hüsker Dü: Everything Falls Apart (1983)

Hüsker Dü: Metal Circus (1983)

Ill Repute: Oxnard – Land of No Toilets (1983)

Iconoclast: Self-titled (1983)

Iron Cross: Hated and Proud EP (1983)

Jerry’s Kids: Is This My World? (1983)

JFA: Valley of the Yakes (1983)

Johnny Thunders: In Cold Blood (1983)

Johnny Thunders: Diary of a Lover (1983)

Johnny Thunders: Hurt Me (1983)

King Kurt: Ooh Wallah Wallah (1983)

Kronstadt Uprising: The Unknown Revolution EP (1983)

Kulturkampf: The Corpse of Bureaucracy Demo (1983)

LiLiPUT: Some Songs (1983)

Lime Spiders: 25th Hour EP (1983)

The Lurkers: This Dirty Town (1983)

Malinheads: Probegepogt Aus Spandau EP (1983)

Maniacs (2): Attack (1983)

Maniacs (2): German Tanks (1983)

Manifest Destiny: Self-titled  (1983)

Mau Maus: Facts of War EO No Concern EP (1983)

Mayhem: Pulling Puppets Strings EP (1983)

The Meteors: Wreckin’ Crew (1983)

Minor Threat: Out of Step (1983)

Minutemen: What Makes a Man Start Fires? (1983)

The Misfits: Earth A.D./Die, Die My Darling (1983)

The Mob (2): Step Forward EP (1983)

The Mob (1): Let the Tribe Increase (1983)

Mobs: Diabolism EP (1983)

Murphy’s Law: Bong Blast (1983)

Naked Raygun: Basement Screams (1983)

Namenloss: 1983-1989 (2007) [ recorded from 1983-1989]

Necros: Conquest for Death (1983)

Negative Approach: Tied Down (1983)

The Negativz: Demo (1983)

Newton Neurotics: Beggars Can Be Choosers (1983)

Nihilistics: Self-titled (1983)

Nisses Nötter: Knäckta Nötter (1983)

No Choice: Sadist Dream EP (1983)

Offenders: We Must Rebel (1983)

OHL: Verbrannte Erde (1983)

OHL: Oktoberrevolution (1983)

Omega Tribe: No Love Lost (1983)

One Way System: Writing on the Wall (1983)

One Way System:  All Systems Go (1983)

The Oppressed: Anti Fascist Oi! EP (1983)

The Outcasts: Blood and Thunder (1983)

Paranoid Visions: Destroy the Myths of Musical Progression (1983)

The Partisans: Self-titled (1983)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Mating Sounds of South American Frogs (1983)

Poison Idea: Pick Your King EP (1983)

The Proletariat: Soma Holiday (1983)

Ramones: Subterranean Jungle (1983)

Raw Power: Self-titled demo (1983)

Raw Power: You Are The Victim (1983)

Razzia: Tag Ohne Schatten (1983)

The Real Kids: Hit You Hard (1983)

Red Alert: City Invasion EP (1983)

Red Alert: There’s a Guitar Burning EP (1983)

Red Alert: We’ve Got the Power (1983)

The Replacements: Hootenanny (1983)

Riistetyt: Valtion vankina (1983)

Riistetyt: Skitsofrenia (1983)

Riot/Clone: Blood on Your Hands EP (1983)

Rolands Gosskör: Pigs Part One EP (1983)

Rudimentary Peni: Death Church (1983)

Secret Hate: Vegetables Dancing (1983)

Scream: Still Screaming (1983)

Serious Drinking: Hangover EP (1983)

Serious Drinking: The Revolution Starts at Closing Time (1983)

Sin 34: Do You Feel Safe? (1983)

The Skeptix: …So the Youth (1983)

Slime: Alle gegen Alle (1983)

Snobb Slakt: Anti Disco (1983)

Social Disease: Today EP (1983)

Social Distortion: Mommy's Little Monster (1983)

Sonic Youth: Confusion Is Sex (1983)

SSD: Get IT Away EP (1983)

The Stains: Self-titled  (1983)

Stray Cats:  Rant n’ Rave with the Stray Cats (1983)

Subhumans [1]: The Day the Country Died (1983)

Subhumans [1]: Evolution EP (1983)

Subhumans [1]: From the Cradle to the Grave (1983)

Subhumans [2]: No Wishes, No Prayers (1983)

Subhumans [1]: Time Flies... but Aeroplanes Crash EP (1983)

Suicidal Tendencies: Self-titled  (1983)

Swankers PMS: ’77 EP (1983)

Swans: Filth (1983)

The System: The System is Murder EP (1983)

Tampere SS: Kuollut & Kuopattu EP (1983)

Tampere SS: Sotaa EP (1983)

Tappi Tíkarass: Miranda (1983)

Total Armsvett: Deodorant Räcker Inte (1983)

Total Armsvett: Self-titled (1983)

A Touch Of Hysteria: Self-titled EP (1983)

Toxoplasma: Self-titled (1983)

The Toy Dolls: Dig That Groove Baby (1983)

U.K. Subs: Flood of Lies (1983)

Ultra-Violent: Crime…for…Revenge EP (1983)

Underage: Afri Cani EP (1983)

The Underdogs: East of Dachau EP (1983)

The Undertones: The Sin of Pride (1983)

United Mutation: Demo (1983)

United Mutation: Fugitive Family EP (1983)

Upright Citizens: Make the Future Mind and Yours (1983)

Uproar: And the Lord Said “Let There Be!” (1983)

The Varukers: Blood Suckers (1983)

Viletones: Saturday Night Sunday Morning (1983)

Violators: Die with Dignity EP (1983)

Violent Femmes: Self-titled (1983)

Vorkriegsjugend: Heute Spaß, Morgen Tod EP (1983)

Warwound: A Huge Black Cloud: The Demos (2015) [recorded in 1983]

The Wipers: Over the Edge (1983)

X: More Fun in the New World (1983)

YDI: A Place in the Sun EP (1983)

IV Reich: Primera Maqueta EP (1984)

Abrasive Wheels: Black Leather Girl (1984)

Abstürzenden Brieftauben: Ein Blödmann kommt selten allein (1984)

!Action Pact!: Survival of the Fattest (1984)

Actives: Wait and See! EP (1984)

Adrenaline O.D.: The Wacky Hi-Jinks of Adrenalin O.D. (1984)

Agnostic Front: Victim in Pain (1984)

Alternative: Eat the Rich (1984)

Alternative: If They Treat You Like Shit – Act Like Manure (1984)

Angelic Upstarts: Last Tango in Moscow (1984)

Anti Cimex: Victims of Bomb Raid EP (1984)

Anti-Dogmatikss: Rompan Filas!!! (1984)

The Apostles: The Giving Of Love Costs Nothing EP (1984)

The Apostles: Smash The Spectacle EP (1984)

Articles of Faith: Give Thanks (1984)

Asocial: Asocial Attack (1984)

Asocial: Det Bittra Slutet EP (1984)

Asta Kask: En Tyst Minut... EP (1984)

Asta Kask: Plikten Framför Allt EP (1984)

Avskum: Crucified By The System EP (1984)

Bastards: Siberian Hardcore (1984)

Battalion of Saints: Second Coming (1984)

Bérurier Noir: Macadam massacre (1984)

B.G.K.: Jonestown Aloha! (1984)

Big Black: Racer-X (1984)

Black Flag: Family Man (1984)

Black Flag: Slip It In (1984)

Blood Robots: One Step Ahead (1984)

Blyth Power: A Little Touch of Harry in the Night (1984)

The Boomtown Rats: In the Long Grass (1984)

The Bristles: Boys Will Be Boys (1984)

Broken Bones: Dem Bones (1984)

Butthole Surfers: Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sac (1984)

The Celibate Rifles: The Celibate Rifles (aka 5 Languages) (1984)

Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales EP (1984)

Chaos: Tribal Warfare EP (1984)

Chaotic Dischord: Don’t Throw It All Away EP (1984)

Chaotic Dischord: Fuck Off You Cunt! What a Load of Bollocks!!! (1984)

Chron Gen: Nowhere to Run (1984)

Cockney Rejects: Quiet Storm (1984)

Cock Sparrer: Running Riot in ’84 (1984)

Combat 84: Send in the Marines (1984)

Condemned To Death: Self-titled EP (1984)

Condemned To Death: A Diary of a Love Monster (1984)

Conflict: Increase the Pressure (1984)

Corrosion of Conformity: Eye for an Eye (1984)

Daily Terror: Aufrecht (1984)

Deadless Muss: Rise Against (1984)

Dead Man's Shadow: To Muhammed a Mountain (1984)

Death Sentence [2]: Not a Pretty Sight (1984)

Decry: Falling (1984)

Dirge: Protect Not Disect (1984)

Discharge: Never Again (1984)

Disorder: Under the Scalpel Blade (1984)

The Disrupters: Playing with Fire (1984)

Dogsflesh: Bloody Road to Death EP (1984)

Dr. Know: Plug-in Jesus (1984)

The Effigies: For Ever Grounded (1984)

The Ejected: The Spirit of Rebellion (1984)

Endstufe: Gruß an Deutschland (1984)**

English Dogs: Invasion of the Porky Men (1984)

Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels: Doomsday Troops - 5-Spårs E.P. (1984)

The Ex: Blueprints for a Blackout (1984)

The Execute: Criminal Flowers EP (1984)

The Execute: Live in Hell (1984)

Exit-Stance: Crimes Against Humanity EP (1984)

The Faction: Corpse in Disguise EP (1984)

The Fits (2): Action EP (1984)

Flipper: Gone Fishin’ (1984)

Flux of Pink Indians: The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks (1984)

The F.U.’s: Do We Really Want to Hurt You (1984)

Gai: Damnation (1984)

Gai: Extermination EP (1984)

Government Issue: Joyride (1984)

Green River: Demos (2016) [recorded in 1984]

Hagar the Womb: The Word of the Womb EP (1984)

The Heartbreakers: L.A.M.F. Revisited (1984)

Hellhammer: Apocalyptic Raids EP (1984)

The High and the Mighty: Crunch on Demo (2013) [recorded in 1984]

Icons of Filth: Onward Christian Soldiers (1984)

Ill Repute: What Happens Next (1984)

Ivy Green: The Quest (1984)

JFA: Mad Garden EP (1984)

JFA: Untitled (1984)

Kaaos: Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos (1984)

Kalashnikov: Schlüters Kabinet EP (1984)

The KGB: The KGB (2014) [lost recording from 1984]

Killdozer: Intellectuals Are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite (1984)

Kraut: Whetting the Scythe (1984)

Die Kruezen: Self-titled  (1984)

KUKL: The Eye (1984)

Kuro: Who the Helpless EP (1984)

Leukaemia: 7 Song EP (2016) [recording in 1984]

Lime Spiders: Slave Girl EP (1984)

Link Lärm: Troppo Tardi? (1984)

Lunatic Fringe: Cringe with the Fringe EP (1984)

Major Accident: A Clockwork Legion (1984) 

Maniacs (2): Salute the Survivors EP (1984)

Manifest Destiny: We Love Our Country, It’s the Government We Can’t Stand (1984)

Marginal Man: Identity (1984)

Mau Maus: Tear Down the Walls EP (1984)

Meat Puppets: Meat Puppets II (1984)

Mellakka: Ei... EP (1984)

The Meteors: Stampede! (1984)

MG 15: Derecho a la Vida EP (1984)

M.I.A.: Murder in a Foreign Place (1984)

Die Mimmis: Was’n Hier Los? (1984)

Minutemen: Double Nickels on the Dime (1984)

Mob 47: Kärnvapen Attack (1984)

Mob 47: Sjuk Värld (1984)

Moderat Likvidation: Moderat Likvidation EP (1984)

Naked Raygun: Throb Throb (1984)

Negative Approach: Friends of No One EP (2010) [ recorded in 1984]

Nip Drivers: Destroy Whitey EP (1984)

Normahl: Der Adler Ist Gelandet (1984)

Olho Seco: Self-titled EP (1984)

Omega Tribe: It’s a Hard Life EP (1984)

The Oppressed: Oi! Oi! Music (1984)

The Outcasts: Seven Deadly Sins (1984)

The Pandoras: It's About Time (1984)

Paranoid Visions: From the Womb to the Bucket (1984)

The Partisans: Time Was Right (1984)

Patrik Fitzgerald: Drifting Towards Violence (1984)

Perdition (1): The Intoxicated EP (1984)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Journey to the Centre of Johnny Clarke's Head (1984)

The Pogues: Red Roses for Me (1984)

Poison Idea: Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes EP (1984)

Public Image Ltd.: This Is What You Want…This Is What You Get (1984)

The Queers:  Kicked Out of the Webelos EP (1984)

Ramones: Too Tough to Die (1984)

Ratos de Porão: Crucificados pelo Sistema (1984)

Rattus: Uskonto on vaara (1984)

Reagan Youth: Youth Anthems for the New Order (1984)

Red Kross: Teen Babes from Monsanto EP (1984)

The Replacements: Let It Be (1984)

Repulsion: Stench of Burning Death (1984)

Resistance 77: Thoroughbred Men (1984)

Rich Kids on LSD: It’s a Beautiful Feeling! EP (1984)

Riistetyt: Raiskattu tulevaisuus (1984)

Rolands Gosskör: Genom Barriären EP (1984)

Rövsvett: Hunden Beskyddar Människan, Men Vem Beskyddar Hunden ?? EP (1984)

Saccharine Trust: Surviving You, Always (1984)

Sacrilege: Demo I (1984)

The Saints: A Little Madness to Be Free (1984)

Samhain: Initium (1984)

Schleim-Keim: Nichts gewonnen, nichts verloren (2000) [ recorded from 1984-1987]

The Scientists: This Heart Doesn't Run on Blood, This Heart Doesn't Run on Love (1984)

Scratch Acid: Self-titled EP (1984)

Septic Death: Need So Much Attention... Acceptance Of Whom EP (1984)

Serious Drinking: There May Be Drinkers, Robin, but They’re Also Human Beings (1984)

The Sexual: Suicide EP (1984)

Siege: Drop Dead (2006) [recorded in 1984]

Skrewdriver: Hail the New Dawn (1984)**

Snobb Slakt: Self-titled EP (1984)

Social Decay: Self-titled EP (1984)

The Specials:  In the Studio (1984)

SS: The Original SS Ep (1984)

SSD: How We Rock (1984)

Stäläg 13: In Control EP (1984)

Subhumans [1]: Rats EP (1984)

Svart Framtid: 1984 EP (1984)

Svart Framtid: Live Blitz (1984)

Systematic Death: Systema EP (1984)

Tales of Terror: Self-titled (1984)

Toxic Reasons: Kill By Remote Control (1984)

Trouble: Psalm 9 (1984)

T.S.O.L.: Change Today? (1984)

U.K. Subs: Gross Out USA (1984)

U-Men: Self-titled EP (1984)

The Undead (1): The Killing of Reality (1984)

Uniform Choice: Demo EP (1984)

Uproar: Nothing Can Stop You EP (1984)

The Vandals: When in Rome Do as the Vandals (1984)

The Varukers: Another Religion, Another War EP (1984)

The Varukers: Led to the Slaughter EP (1984)

The Varukers: Massacred Millions EP (1984)

Venom: At ar with Satan (1984)

The Vibrators: Alaska 127 (1984)

Vicious Circle: Foolish Ideas (1984)

Violent Femmes: Hallowed Ground (1984)

Vorkriegsjugend: Self-titled (1984)

Wretched: Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire (1984)

Xpozez: Burout Youth (1984)

Zyklome A: Made in Belgium (1984)


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