Punk from 1939 through the 2020s
Punk: 2015-2019

Punk: 2020 and Beyond

Albums from this period are below the fold.

Absurd SS: Self-titled (2020)

Actives: Deactivated (2020)

Alien Nose Job: Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud (2020)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead: X: The Godless Void and Other Stories (2020)

The Annihilated: Demo (2020)

Antichrist Demoncore: Satan Is King (2020)

Anti-Flag: 20/20 Division (2020)

La Armada: Songs of the Exiled I (Chicago) EP (2020)

Armamento Fatal: Self-titled Double EP (2020)

The Astro Zombies: Final Assault (2020)

The Backstreet Abortions: Self-titled (2020)

Barcelona: Residuos Del Ultrasonido EP (2020)

Better than a Thousand: Demand Independence (2020)

Be Well: The Weight and the Cost (2020)

Bib: Delux (2020)

Bloodtrust: In Blood We Trust (2020)

Bob Mould: Metal Hearts (2020)

Bob Vylan: We Live Here (2020)

Bombardment: EP (2020)

The Bombpops: Death in Venice Beach (2020)

Brassick: 2.0 (2020)

Buried Alive: Death Will Find You EP (2020)

Cable Ties: Far Enough (2020)

Cadenaxo: Lenguas Podridas (2020)

Caged: Striken by Continuance EP (2020)

Carnivorous Bells: The Upturned Stone (2020)

Carradine Choke: Planet Fatigue (2020)

Carroña: Lucha Necia (2020)

Cement Shoes: A Love Story of Drugs & Rock & Roll & Drugs EP (2020)

Chain of Dissent: Parasitic Demise (2020)

The Chats: High Risk Behavior (2020)

Chepang: Chatta (2020)

The Chisel: Deconstructive Surgery EP (2020)

Chola: Teatro de Mascaras (2020)

Chubby and The Gang: Speed Kills (2020)

Clock of Time: Persistent Planet (2020)

Cloud Nothings: The Black Hole Understands (2020)

Code Orange: Underneath (2020)

Collapsed: Self-titled (2020)

Colonial Wound: Untitled EP (2020)

Constant Elevation: Freedom Beach EP (2020)

Convince: Russian Jawbreaker (2020)

Coriky: Self-titled (2020)

Counterattack: Self-titled EP (2020)

Couch Slut: Take a Chance on Rock ‘n’ Roll (2020)

Cro-Mags: In the Beginning (2020)

Cruel Words: Bad Listener (2020)

Days N’ Daze: Show Me the Blueprints (2020)

Dead End America: Crush the Machine EP (2020)

Death Protest: On the Brink of Death EP (2020)

DECLARATION: What Is the Reason for Tomorrow? (2020)

The Defects: The Death of the Imagination (2020)

Deseos Primitivos: Self-titled (2020)

Destruct: Echoes of Life (2020)

Destructo Disk: Demo (2020)

The Dirty Nil: Fuck Art (2020)

Disease: Death Is Inevitable (2020)

Dogleg: Melee (2020)

Dogma: Self-titled (2020)

Dömesticrust: Apparatus Burning in Hell EP (2020)

The Domestics: A Gift to Your Masters EP (2020)

The Drowns: Under Tension (2020)

End It: One Way Track (2020)

Envy: The Fallen Crimson (2020)

Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels: A Momentary Relapse for No Reason (2020)

Exhalants: Atonement (2020)

Exploatör: Avgrundens Brant (2020)

The Fall of Troy: Mukiltearth (2020)

Fange: Pudeur (2020)

Fatal Blow: Generals & Soldiers (2020)

Fear City: True Breed (2020)

Flat Worms: Antarctica (2020)

Fontains D.C.: A Hero’s Death (2020)

Gaytheist: How Long Have I Been on Fire? (2020)

Geld: Beyond the Floor (2020)

Genöme: Young, Beautiful & Free (2020)

The Ghost Inside: Self-titled (2020)

Giver: Sculpture of Violence (2020)

Great American Ghost: Power Through Terror (2020)

Gulch: Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress (2020)

Hazzerd: Delirium (2020)

Heaven Shall Burn: Of Truth and Sacrifice (2020)

Heavy Discipline: Self-titled (2020)

Higher Power [2]:27 Miles Underwater (2020)

Homomilitia: Self-titled (2020)

Humant Blod: Flykten Från Verkligheten EP (2020)

Idles: Ultra Mono (2020)

ILSA: Preyer (2020)

Intentional Overdose: The Quarantine Session EP (2020)

Joukkohauta: Self-titled EP (2020)

Kerosin: Self-titled (2020)

King Parrot: Holed Up in the Lair EP (2020)

Knür: Sapere Aude (2020)

Kobra: Confusione (2020)

Kotzreiz: Nüchtern Unerträglich (2020)

Kvelertak: Splid (2020)

Lái 来: Pontianak (2020)

The Lawrence Arms: Skeleton Coast (2020)

Leap Day: Buddy System (A Good Idea of How Aggressively Awkward and Cherished Memories Will Sound) (2020)

Lebenden Toten: Synaptic Noise Dissociation (2020)

Left Hand Black: Self-titled  (2020)

LIFE: Ossification of Coral (2020)

Löckheed: Conflict Delirium EP (2020)

London: The Hell for Leather Mob (2020)

Loss Prevention: Shoot to Kill (2020)

Loud Night: Mindnumbing Pleasure (2020)

Lucifer Star Machine: The Devil’s Breath (2020)

Maxxpower: Path of Leased Resistance EP (2020)

The Men: Mercy (2020)

METZ: Atlas Vending (2020)

Mil-Spec: World House (2020)

Misantropic: Catharsis (2020)

Misery Signals: Ultraviolent (2020)

M.S.W.: Obliviosus (2020)

The Mud City Manglers: Gimme the Hammer (2020)

Muro: Pacificar (2020)

Mutant Strain: Self-titled (2020)

Nasty Bastard: Crash, Bang, Wallop! EP (2020)

Nasty Bastard: The Real Deal (2020)

Nerve Saw: Peril (2020)

Nightmare Fuel: Absolute Infuriate EP (2020)

Nightmare Fuel: The Social Plague Demos: Part One (2020)

Nightmare Fuel: A Vaccination for the Social Plague (2020)

No Tongues for Quiet People: Joint Fortune (2020)

The OBGMs: The Ends (2020)

OHL: Das Salz In Deiner Wunde (2020)

Oily Boys: Cro Memory Grin (2020)

Okkultokrati: La Ilden Lyse (2020)

Omega Tribe: Out of My System EP (2020)

One Step Closer: Promo 2020 (2020)

Oolong: About Your Imaginary Friend (2020)

The Pack A.D.: It Was Fun While It Lasted (2020)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Out Raising Hell (2020)

Paranoid Visions: Corona-Verse Reality (2020)

Parasit: Samhällets Paria (2020)

Pears: Self-titled (2020)

Permission: Organised People Suffer (2020)

Persecutor: Demonstration (2020)

Personality Cult: New Arrows (2020)

Pestpocken: Another World Is Possible (2020)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Fuctifano (2020)

Phantom Hymn: Catatonic Bliss EP (2020)

Phantom Hymn: The Future as Nightmare (2020)

Pisse: Self-titled (2020)

Power Face: Door Slammed Shut EP (2020)

Pressure Cracks: This Is Called Survival EP (2020)

Public Acid: Condemnation EP (2020)

The Raging Nathans: Oppositional Defiance (2020)

Rash: Hivemind (2020)

Raspberry Bulbs: Before the Age of Mirrors (2020)

Rats from a Sinking Ship: Nothing Ever Happens EP (2020)

Rebelmatic: Ghost in the Shadows (2020)

Rolex: Self-titled EP (2020)

Rotten Mind: Rat City Dog Boy (2020)

Rotting Out: Ronin (2020)

Rövsvett: Jesus Var En Tomte (2020)

Safe State: What’s the Need for the Rush? (2020)

Samsara: The Emptiness (2020)

Sanity Control: War on Life (2020)

Scarecrow: Revenge EP (2020)

Scheme: Self-titled (2020)

Second Wind: Testament of Pain (2020)

Sial: Tari Pemusnah Kuasa (2020)

Sidestep: Demo (2020)

Sirkka: Kuluttava Kone EP (2020)

Sleaford Mods: All That Glue (2020)

Slime: Wem gehört die Angst (2020)

Spanish Love Songs: Brave Faces Everyone (2020)

Spy: Service Weapon EP (2020)

Starving Wolves: True Fire (2020)

Straw Man Army: Age of Axile (2020)

Subdued: Over the Hills and Far Away (2020)

Suburban Resistance: Self-titled (2020)

The Suicide Machines:  Revolution Spring (2020)

Suicide Silence: Become the Hunter (2020)

The Supersuckers: Play That Rock N' Roll (2020)

Svalbard: When I Die, Will This Get Better? (2020)

Svartankar: Raw Demo (2020)

Sweet Reaper: Closer Still (2020)

The Targets: Demo (2020)

Terminal Nation: Holocene Extinction (2020)

Thou: Blessings of the Highest Order (Nirvana covers) (2020)

Thou: A Primer of Holy Worlds (2020)

Thought Control:  Shock The System EP  (2020)

Thee Dirty Rats: Humans Out (2020)

Thee Dirty Rats: Roaches Will Be in Charge EP (2020)

Tortür: Never Ending Grief (2020)

Totälickers: Ansietät (2020)

Touché Amoré: Lament (2020)

Tručas: Outsold (2020)

Typecast: Between Life (2020)

UXB: Westworld Crisis (2020)

USA Nails: Character Stop (2020)

The Vapids: Teenage Heads (2020)

Venom Prison: Primeval (2020)

Viagra Boys: Common Sense EP (2020)

Vile Creatures: Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! (2020)

Vile Spirit: Scorched Earth (2020)

Violent Christians: No Speed No Punk! EP (2020)

Violent Force: Corp Rat Culture EP (2020)

VUAL: To End All Life (A Conspiracy Against Mankind in Six Parts) (2020)

The War Goes On: Assisted Armageddon (2020)

War On Women: Wonderful Hell (2020)

Warwound: WWIII (2020)

Waste (2): We Broke Up: The Hits (2020)

Western Addiction: Frail Bray (2020)

Wolfpack [3]: A.D. EP (2020)

The World/Inferno Friendship Society: All Borders Are Porous to Cats (2020)

X: Alphabetland (2020)

Xibalba: Años en Infierno (2020)

Year of the Knife: Internal Incarceration (2020)


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