Punk: 2020 and Beyond
Punk: 2010-2014

Punk: 2015-2019

Albums from this period are below the fold.

7er Jungs: Mädchen mögen Skinheads (2015)

Active Minds: New Puppets – Same Old Machine EP (2015)

Agnostic Front: The American Dream Died (2015)

AKKA: Four Beliefs EP (2015)

Alarmsignal: Viva Versus (2015)

All Out War: Dying Gods EP (2015)

Angelic Upstarts: Bullington Bastards (2015)

Ansïa: Deshielo (2015)

Antiphaty: Up the Punk (2015)

AOS3: Far and Few (2015)

Appalachian Terror Unit: We Don’t Need Them (2015)

The Armed: (Untitled) (2015)

The Astro Zombies: Frog Legs (2015)

B Squadron: Saturday’s Soldiers (2015)

Balzac: Bloodsucker (2015)

Barcelona: Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona (2015)

The Bastard Bearded Irishmen: Rebastard (2015)

Be Like Max: Against All Odds (2015)

Bent Life: Cheat death (2015)

Berliner Weisse: High Five (2015)

Bib: Self-titled EP (2015)

Bishops Green: A Chance to Change (2015)

The Bitter End: Illusions of Dominance (2015)

Blackbird Raum: Destroying (2015)

Black Breath: Slaves Beyond Death (2015)

Blacklisted: When People Grow, People Go (2015)

Black Pantera: Project Black Pantera (2015)

Brassick: Self-titled  (2015)

The Briggs: Self-titled EP (2015)

The Bristles: Last Days of Capitalism (2015)

The Brother Moves On: The Golden Wake (2015)

Bummer: Spank (2015)

Burnt Cross: Life Is a Battlefield EP (2015)

Ceremony: The L-Shaped Man (2015)

Chiefland: To Part Means to Die a Little EP (2015)

Cloud Rat: Qliphoth (2015)

Cocaine Piss: The Pool (2015)

Coldburn: Down in the Dumps (2015)

Coldside: Outcasts, Thugs, and Outsiders (2015)

Coma Regalia: Ours Is a Cause Most Noble (2015)

The Coneheads: L.P.1. Aka 14 Year Old High School PC-Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo For The Sake Of Extorting $$$ From Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks (2015)

Conveyer: When Given Time to Grow (2015)

Counterparts: Tragedy Will Find Us (2015)

Counting Coins: Self-titled (2015)

Cousin Boneless: Trash Masquerade (2015)

Crown Court: The English Disease EP (2015)

Crown Court: Ruck and Roll EP (2015)

Crowned Kings: Forked Road (2015)

Crown of Thornz: Nothing but Tragedy (2015)

Crutches: FörlrAD (2015)

Cult Leader: Useless Animal EP (2015)

Cult Leader: Lightless Walk (2015)

Daddy Issues: Can We Still Hang (2015)

Darkbuster: No Revolution (2015)

Dawn of Humans: Slurping at the Cosmos Spine (2015)

Dead Tired: Self-titled (2015)

Deathraid: Eternal Slumber (2015)

Defeater: Abandoned (2015)

The Defects: 45 Minutes (2015)

Destruction Unit: Negative Feedback Resistor (2015)

Deviants: Off State and Religion (2015)

Die Choking: III EP (2015)

Discharger: Until We Die (2015)

Diskobra: A Diskobra visszatér (2015)

D.O.A.: Hard Rain Falling (2015)

Drug Church: Hit Your Head (2015)

Dwarves: Radio Free Dwarves (2015)

Emscherkurve 77: Buch Des Lebens (2015)

English Dogs: We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will (2015)

Envy: Atheist's Cornea (2015)

Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels: Projectives for the People EP (2015)

Escape from the Zoo: The Wasted year EP (2015)

Extinction A.D.: Faithkiller (2015)

Extreme Noise Terror: Self-titled (2015)

Fidlar: Too (2015)

The Fits (2): Offerings at the Alter (2015)

The Flex: Don't Bother With The Outside World EP (2015)

Fog of War: Here Lies Humanity (2015)

Foxtails: This Is Not For You (2015)

Freebase: Darker Days Are Still to Come (2015)

The Gallows: Desolation Sounds (2015)

Gama Bomb: Untouchable Glory (2015)

General of Monrovia: Self-titled EP (2015)

G.L.O.S.S.: Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit (2015)

The Goddamn Gallows: Pullin’ Teeth (2015)

Good Riddance: Peace in Our Time (2015)

Gouge Away: , Dies (2015)

Great American Ghost: Everyone Leaves (2015)

Great Collapse: Holy War (2015)

Halshug: Blodets Bånd (2015)

Harm’s Way: Rust (2015)

Hellbastard: Feral (2015)

Higher Power [2]: Space to Breathe EP (2015)

Hostile Minds: Violent Society (2015)

Hyades: The Wolves Are Getting Hungry (2015)

Ignorantes: Demo Buena Onda (2015)

Ignorantes: Olor A Cuero Rancio, Vino Y Raja (2015)

ILSA: The Felon’s Claw (2015)

In Defence: Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master (2015)

Intentional Overdose: No More Fucken Drummers EP (2015)

Iskra: Ruins (2015)

The Joykiller: Music for Break-Ups (2015)

KEN Mode: Success (2015)

Kerosin: Булавка В Моем Сердце (2015)

King Parrot: Dead Set (2015)

The Kominas: Stereotype (2015)

Lebenden Toten: Stagnation Fragmentation (2015)

Leftöver Crack: Constructs of the State (2015)

Liquids: Brandon’s in Jail EP (2015)

Litmus Green: More than Animals (2015)

Loma Prieta: Self Portrait (2015)

Lost Warning: Self-titled (2015)

MakeWar: Make War (2015)

Malice at the Palace: Self-titled (2015)

Matt Pless: Call It Art (2015)

Meat Wave:  Delusion Moon (2015)

mewithoutYou: Pale Horses (2015)

Millencolin: True Brew (2015)

Mischief Brew: This Is Not For Children (2015)

Moom: First EP (2015)

Moom: Second EP (2015)

NadimaČ: Manifest Protiv Sudbine (2015)

Night Birds: Mutiny at Muscle Beach (2015)

No Turning Back: Never Give Up (2015)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Cover of the Month (2015)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Pukedemonium Hel EP (2015)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Satyagraha (2015)

Paranoid Visions: Cryptic Cross Words (2015)

Passiv Dödshjälp: Lögner EP (2015)

Pat the Bunny: Departures (2015)

Peach Kelli Pop: Peach Kelli Pop III (2015)

Pisse: Mit Schinken Durch Die Menopause (2015)

Pisse: Kohlrübenwinter #1 EP (2016)

Pisse: Kohlrübenwinter #2 EP (2016)

Piss Piss Piss: Rust in Piss (2015)

Pitboss 2000: The Cult of Fuck yeah (2015)

Pizzatramp: War or Nothing (2015)

Plague Vendor: Bloodsweat (2015)

Poison Idea: Confuse & Conquer (2015)

Power Face: Self-titled EP (2015)

Primal Rite: Complex Life of Passion (2015)

Procrastinate: Ideals to Burn EP (2015)

Pro-Pain: Voice Of Rebellion (2015)

The Queers: Beyond the Valley Revisited (2015)

Raised Fist: From the North (2015)

Rats of Reality: The Art of Debilitation EP (2015)

Rats from a Sinking Ship: Rise As One (2015)

Red Death: Permanent Exile (2015)

Reduction:  RDCTN (2015)

Refused: Freedom (2015)

The Rival Mob: If You Listen to Fools… (2015)

Rocket from the Tombs: Black Record (2015)

Rotten Mind: I’m Alone Even with You (2015)

Rövsvett: Ryssen Kommer EP (2015)

Royal Oi!: Bootboys and Hooligans (2015)

Rude Pride: Be True to Yourself (2015)

Ryker’s: Never Meant To Last (2015)

Sanction This: And Still They Fucking Continue (2015)

Seaside Rebels: When Their World Ended, Our Story Began… (2015)

Sham 69:It'll End in Tears (2015)

Shock Waves: Crazy Times (2015)

Sleaford Mods: Key Markets (2015)

Sleater-Kinney: No Cities to Love (2015)

Sledding with Tigers: Come on and Slam (2015)

Slutever: Almost Famous EP (2015)

Smoke or Fire: When the Battery Dies (2015)

Soilwork: The Ride Majestic (2015)

Spanish Love Songs: Giant Sings the Blues (2015)

Stars and Stripes: Planet of t States (2015)

State of Decay:  Justified EP (2015)

Stick to Your Guns: Disobedient (2015)

Stray from the Pack: Subliminal Criminals  (2015)

Stray from the Path: Subliminal Criminals (2015)

Stress SS: Fest EP (2015)

Strung Out: Transmission.Alpha.Delta (2015)

Super Unison: Super Unison EP (2015)

The Supersuckers: Holdin' the Bag (2015)

Suppression: Rats in the Control Room (2015)

Surra: Bica Na Cara EP (2015)

Svalbard: One Day This Will End (2015)

Talco: Silent Town (2015)

Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden: Machtwort (2015)

Tenements: Predatory Headlights (2015)

Terminal Nation: Self-titled EP (2015)

Terror: The 25th Hour (2015)

Thee Oh Sees: Mutilator Defeated at Last (2015)

Thee Dirty Rats: The Fine Art of Poisoning I & 2 EP (2015)

Thee Dirty Rats: Perfect Tragedy (2015)

Tim Steinfort: We Have Angered the Gods (2015)

Tim Steinfort: When the Rain Falls (2015)

Title Fight: Hyperview (2015)

Tørsö: SonoPronta A Morire (2015)

Total Chaos: World of Insanity (2015)

Totalt Jävla Mörker: Helvetespunk EP (2015)

Turbid North Turbid North: Eyes Alive (2015)

Turnstile: Nonstop Feeling (2015)

U.K. Subs: Yellow Leader (2015)

Venom Prison: The Primal Chaos EP (2015)

Vicious Circle: Never Give In (2015)

Vile Creatures: A Steady Descent into the Soul (2015)

Violent Reaction: Marching On (2015)

Volxsturm: Massenuntauglich (2015)

War On Women: Self-titled (2015)

Watchtower: Radiant Moon (2015)

We The Heathens: Regicide (2015)

White Reaper: White Reaper Does It Again (2015)

Wisdom in Chains: The God Rhythm (2015)

Wolf Down: Liberation EP (2015)

Xibalba: Tierra y Libertad (2015)

4 Promille: Reset (2016)

50 Lions: Former Glory EP (2016)

Abuse of Power: Demo (2016)

Acidez: Welcome to 3D Era (2016)

Active Minds: The Storm Before the Calm EP (2016)

Against Me!: Shape Shift with Me (2016)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed: Arc (2016)

Alaric: End of Mirrors (2016)

Amygdala: Population Control (2016)

Andanada 7: Especie En Extinción (2016)

Animals Revenge: Demo (2016)

Anti-Pasti: Rise Up (2016)

Antiseen: We're # One! (2016)

Apes of the State: This City Isn’t Big Enough (2016)

Architects (2): All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016)

Arms Aloft: What a Time to Be Barely Alive (2016)

Arms Race: New Wave of British Hardcore (2016)

Atterkop: Liber Abaci (2016)

Attitude Adjustment: Terrorize EP (2016)

Backfire!: Where We Belong (2016)

Bad Breeding: Self-titled (2016)

Bent Life: Never Asked for Heaven (2016)

Bib: Pop EP (2016)

Big Business: Command Your Weather (2016)

Billyvclub: Generation Time Bomb (2016)

Black Peaks: Statues (2016)

Black Peaks: All That Divides (2016)

Black Pistol Fire: Don't Wake the Riot (2016)

Black Tusk: Pillars of Ash (2016)

The Brood: October Dreams EP (2016)

Buff: Sites, Squats and Towerblocks (2016)

Bull Brigade: Vita Libertà (2016)

Cadenaxo: Belleza Mexicana EP (2016)

Candiria: While They Were Sleeping (2016)

The Casualties: Chaos Sound (2016)

Cease 2 Resist: Living Proof EP (2016)

Cerebral Fix: Disaster of Reality (2016)

Charged GBH: City Baby Attacked by Rats (2016)

The Chats: Self-titled EP (2016)

Cheap Nasties: 53rd & 3rd (2016)

Chepang: Lathi Charge EP (2016)

Chron Gen: This Is the Age (2016)

The Coathangers: Nosebleed Weekend (2016)

Cocaine Piss: The Dancer (2016)

Collision: Satanic Surgery (2016)

Coma Regalia: There’s Still Time (2016)

Combat Shock (3): Cold War II EP (2016)

Crown Court: Capital Offence (2016)

Cruel Hand: Your World Won’t Listen (2016)

Culture Shock ‎(1): Attention Span (2016)

Dangers: The Bend in the Break (2016)

A Day to Remember: Bad Vibrations (2016)

Dead Tired: Vol. One EP (2016)

Deafness by Noise: A Long Way Down (2016)

Death Valley Girls: Glow in the Dark (2016)

Decent Criminal: Self-titled (2016)

Defiance: The First Hour Of… (2016)

Descendents: Hypercaffium Spazzinate (2016)

The Dillinger Escape Plan: Dissociation (2016)

The Dirty Nil: Higher Power (2016)

Dirty Wombs: Wrecked Youth EP (2016)

Discharge: End Of Days (2016)

Disease: Destructive Noise Raid EP (2016)

Disease: Neverending War Crimes EP (2016)

Disease: We Lose Everything EP (2016)

Disorder: Human Cargo (2016)

Dogleg: Self-titled EP (2016)

Dogleg: Remember Alderaan? EP (2016)

Dogsflesh: Critical Response (2016)

Dogs in the Fight: We Want Peace…But We Are Ready for War! (2016)

The Domestics: Brutal Regimes EP (2016)

The Domestics: Format of Control EP (2016)

Drongos For Europe: Who’s Got the Power (2016)

The Ejected: Back From The Dead! (2016)

Eternal Sleep: The Emptiness Of… (2016)

Expire: With Regret (2016)

Every Time I Die: Low Teens (2016)

External Menace: Off the Rails (2016)

Face to Face: Protection (2016)

Faintest Idea: Increasing the Minimum Rage (2016)

Fahnenflucht: Angst und Empathie (2016)

The Fall of Troy: OK (2016)

Fange: Purge (2016)

The Ferrets: Lost My Generation (2016)

Fleischwolf: Mettcore (2016)

Frameworks: Smother (2016)

Geld: Demo (2016)

Generacion Suicida: Sombras (2016)

Get Dead: Honesty Lives Elsewhere (2016)

G.L.O.S.S.: Trans Day of Revenge (2016)

Grade 2: Mainstream View (2016)

Green Beret: Standing at the Mouth of Hell EP (2016)

Gumbles: Schlittenhunde & Kojoten (2016)

Halshug: Sort Sind (2016)

Harley Flanagan: Cro-Mags (2016)

Harm/Shelter: Paycheck (2016)

Hatebreed: The Concrete Confessional (2016)

The Haunting: Bloodbath (2016)

The Haunting: The Butcher EP (2016)

Head Wound City: A New Wave of Violence (2016)

Heaven Shall Burn: Wanderer (2016)

Heck: Instructions (2016)

Hesitation Wounds: Awake for Everything (2016)

Higher Power [2]: LP Promos EP (2016)

holders: sorry, taylor konerman EP (2016)

Ignite: A War Against You (2016)

Incisions: Deep Cuts EP (2016)

Incisions: SCABS EP (2016)

Insanity Alert: Moshburger (2016)

Johnny Moped Band: It’s a Real Cool Baby (2016)

Knocked Loose: Laugh Tracks (2016)

Knock Off: This Is Who We Are. This Is What We Do (2016)

Knuckledust: Songs of Sacrifice (2016)

Knür: Self-titled (2016)

Krang: Baddest Brain (2016)

Krimewatch: Demo (2016)

Kvelertak: Nattesfred (2016)

Leukaemia: 7 Song Demo (2016)

The Lippies: Self-titled  (2016)

Liquids:  “Blindin” Flash EP (2016)

Liquids: Evil EP (2016)

Liquids: Heart Beats True EP (2016)

Liquids: Hot Liqs (2016)

The Living End: Shift (2016)

Lobotomia: Desastre (2016)

Lost Warning: Blod & Eld (2016)

Lowest Creature: Ride Through the Battlefield EP (2016)

The Lurkers: The Future's Calling (2016)

Magrudergrind: II (2016)

Maid of Ace: Maid in England (2016)

Martens Army: Wir Treten Wieder Zu (2016)

Martyrdöd: List (2016)

Mass Grave: The Absurdity of Humanity (2016)

Maxxpower: Self-titled  (2016)

The Men: Devil Music (2016)

Mil-Spec: Demo (2016)

Mischief Brew: Bacchanal 'n' Philadelphia (2016)

Morpheus: Endless Fear EP (2016)

Nasty Bastard: Do One! (2016)

Nobodys: Hussy (2016)

NOFX: First Ditch Effort (2016)

Noi!se: The Real Enemy (2016)

Norma Jean: Polar Similar (2016)    

Oathbreaker: Rheia (2016)

Okkultokrati: Raspberry Dawn (2016)

On Broken Wings: Disintegrator (2016)

Oxo 86: Akustikalbum (2016)

The Pack A.D.: Positive Thinking (2016)

Parasit: A Proud Tradition of Stupidity (2016)

Pears: Green Star (2016)

Pitboss 2000: The Witness of Elsewhere (2016)

Pizzatramp: Blowing Chunks (2016)

Pizzatramp: Late Night at Nettys (2016)

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Prey (2016)

Prins Carl: Bow to No One! (2016)

Pulley: No Change in the Weather (2016)

PUP: The Dream Is Over (2016)

Radiots: Junk Heroes Story (2016)

Rash: Skinner Box EP (2016)

Rats from a Sinking Ship: The Peasant’s Revolt (2016)

Recessions: Keep Reaching for Nothing (2016)

Red Arkade: LIVEWIRE EP (2016)

Ringworm: Snake Church (2016)

Riot Stares: Self-titled EP (2016)

Risk It!: Cross to Bear (2016)

Rotten Sound: Abuse to Suffer (2016)

Sanction This: Wipe Us Out EP (2016)

Sanction This: Subject to No One EP (2016)

Sarabante: Poisonous Legacy (2016)

Shattered Faith: Vol. III (2016)

Sheer Terror: The Bulldog Box (2016)

Short Fuse: So Lon g! EP (2016)

Since We Were Kids: Hard Cement No Regrets (2016)

Slaughter an the Dogs: Vicious (2016)

Slow Mass: Treasure Pains EP (2016)

Street Tombs: Demo (2016)

Soviet Soviet: Endless (2016)

S.P.I.T.: Anti-Music EP (2016)

Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions: Shit Generation (2016)

Stars Hollow: I’m Really Not that Upset about It EP (2016)

Starving Wolves: We Are One EP (2016)

The Stealers: Street Law (2016)

Suburban Scum: Ultimate Annihilation (2016)

Suicidal Tendencies: World Gone Mad (2016)

Superjoint: Caught Up in the Gears of Application (2016)

Super Unison: Auto (2016)

Suppression: Oblivion Riders (2016)

Surgery without Research: Grievance (2016)

Surra: Tamo Na Merda (2016)

Tenements: The Self-titled (2016)

Terrorgruppe: Tiergarten (2016)

Thee Oh Sees: A Weird Exits (2016)

Thee Oh Sees: An Odd Entrances (2016)

The Thermals: We Disappear (2016)

This Is Hell: Bastards Still Remain (2016)

Thee Dirty Rats: Traps and Mass Confusion EP (2016)

Thrice: To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere (2016)

Touché Amoré: Stage Four (2016)

Trail of Lies: Strength through Discipline EP (2016)

Trap Them: Crown Feral (2016)

Troublemakers: Totalradio (2016)

U.K. Subs: Ziezo (2016)

The Undead (2):  The Morgue…The Merrier (2016)

Ursut: Köp Dig Lycklig (2016)

USA Nails: No Pleasure (2016)

Useless Pieces of Shit: Ugly in Public EP (2016)

Vamachara: Lapse EP (2016)

Vanna: All Hell (2016)

The Vapids: Suburban Reptiles (2016)

Venomous Concept: Kick Me Silly VCIII (2016)

Venom Prison: Animus (2016)

Viagra Boys: Consistency of Energy EP (2016)

Victims: Sirens (2016)

Video Filth: Self-titled EP (2016)

Violent Femmes: We Can Do Anything (2016)

Void of Vision: Children of Chrome (2016)

Walls of Jericho: No One Can Save You from Yourself (2016)

The War Goes On: Self-titled (2016)

Weekend Nachos: Apology (2016)

We The Heathens: The Blood Behind the Damn (2016)

White Lung: Paradise (2016)

Whores.: Baby Teeth. EP (2016)

Whores.: Gold. (2016)

Wild Billy Chyldish & CMTF: SQ1 (2016)

Wolf Down: Incite & Conspire (2016)

Wolf King: Into the Infinite EP (2016)

Wolfpack [2]: Benefit Four EP (2016)

Wolfpack [3]: None Above/None Equal (2016)

Wonk Unit: Mt. Splashy (2016)

World Be Free: The Anti-Circle (2016)

Wrong: Self-titled (2016)

You Blew It: Abendrot (2016)

Youth Avoiders: Spare Parts EP (2016)

Zumbis do Espaço: Em Uma Missão de Satanás (2016)

8°6 Crew: Working Class Reggae (2017)

Abuse of Power: When Then Becomes Now EP (2017)

Active Minds: The Age of Mass Distraction (2017)

Alergia: Ratas De Ciudad (2017)

All for Nothing: Minds Awake / Hearts Alive (2017)

All Out War: Give Us Extinction (2017)

All Pigs Must Die: Hostage Animal (2017)

Amenra: Mass VI (2017)

Antiseen: Obstinate (2017)

Armoured Flu Unit: Self-titled EP (2017)

Armoured Flu Unit: This Machine Kills Fascists EP (2017)

Arrested Denial: Frei.Tal (2017)

Asocial: Död Åt Kapitalismen (2017)

At the Drive In: in•ter a•li•a (2017)

Bad Breeding: Divide (2017)

Barcelona: Un Último Ultrasonido Nació Y Murió En Barcelona (2017)

Bastard Squad: Wars of Recognition (2017)

Bib: Moshpit EP (2017)

Black Pistol Fire: Deadbeat Graffiti (2017)

Bloodclot: Up in Arms (2017)

The Bombpops: Fear of Missing Out (2017)

Boots n All: Fill Ya Boots (2017)

Booze & Glory: Chapter IV (2017)

Brassick: Appreciate Your Concern EP (2017)

Brassknuckle: Skinhead 82 (2017)

The Brood: The Truth Behind (2017)

Brutus: Burst (2017)

Burn: Do or Die (2017)

Burning Flag: Self-titled (2017)

Burning Flag: Izabel (2017)

Cable Ties: Self-titled (2017)

Career Suicide: Machine Response (2017)

Cereal Killer: Self-titled  (2017)

Channel 3: Put ‘Em Up (2017)

Χαοτικό Τέλος [Chaotic End]: Υπόσχεση (2017)

The Chats: Get This In Ya!! (2017)

Chepang: Dadhelo (A Tale of Wildfire) (2017)

Close Combat: Spiet vaan Niks (2017)

Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound (2017)

Cock Sparrer: Forever (2017)

Code Orange: Forever (2017)

Coldside: Fuck Your System (2017)

Comeback Kid: Outsider (2017)

Converge: The Dusk in Us (2017)

Conveyer: No Future (2017)

The Corps: In Blackest Night EP (2017)

The Corps: In Brightest Day EP (2017)

Couch Slut: Contempt (2017)

Counterparts: You’re Not You Anymore (2017)

Cousin Boneless: Revel in the Rubble (2017)

Culture Shock ‎(2): Self-titled (2017)

Daddy Issues: Deep Dream (2017)

Days N’ Daze: Crustfall (2017)

Dazey and the Scouts: Maggot (2017)

Dead Tired: Vol. Two  EP (2017)

Deaf Radio: Alarm (2017)

Decent Criminal: Bloom (2017)

The Defects: Feed the Good Dog (2017)

Derozer: Passagio A Nordest (2017)

Destroy Boys: Sorry, Mom (2017)

Direct Hit: Human Movement (2017)

Disavow: Half Empty (2017)

Dödsrit: Self-titled (2017)

Dog Park Dissidents: Queer as in Fuck You (2017)

Dömesticrust: …Aftermath…EP (2017)

The Domestics: Cherry Blossom Life (2017)

The Domestics: Pissing on Perfection EP (2017)

The Donner Party: Pizza Patrol (2017)

Đornata: Disorder EP (2017)

Đornata: Simple, Fast And Good + So What ‎(2017)

Dreamdecay: Yú (2017)

Ecostrike: Voice of Strength (2017)

The Ejected: Game Of Survival! (2017)

Emscherkurve 77: Brandgefärlich (2017)

End It: Self-titled  (2017)

Enemy Mind: No Safe Place (2017)

Escape from the Zoo: Killacopter (2017)

Exploatör: Self-titled EP (2017)

Extinction Of Mankind: Storm of Resentment (2017)

Fang: Rise Up! (2017)

Los Fastidos: The Sound Of Revolution (2017)

The Ferrets: Another Planet (2017)

First Blood: Rules (2017)

Flatfoot 56: Odd Boat (2017)

The Flatliners: Inviting Light (2017)

Flat Worms: Self-titled (2017)

Fleischwolf: Self-titled (2017)

Flogging Molly: Life Is Good (2017)

Florida Man: Self-titled EP (2017)

Foreseen: Grave Danger (2017)

Foxtails: III (2017)

Fuck U Pay Us: Fuck U Pay Us Live at Cielo Gallery for Casa Solidaria del Sur's Melanin Unity Show (2017)

Game: Who Will Play? EP (2017)

Gaytheist: Let’s Jam Again Soon (2017)

G.B.H.: Momentum (2017)

General of Monrovia: Immigrant Punk EP (2017)

Get the Shot: Infinite Punishment (2017)

Glue: Self-titled (2017)

Gogol Bordello: Seekers and Finders (2017)

Goolagoon: Life of Crime (2017)

Grade 2: Break the Routine (2017)

Grand Collapse: Along the Dew (2017)

Great American Ghost: Hatred Stems from the Seed (2017)

Great Collapse: Neither Washington Nor Moscow…Again! (2017)

HardSell: Subculture Criminals (2017)

The Haunting: A Day Late, a Dollar Short, and a Penny Dreadful (2017)

The Haunting: Kill Tonight (2017)

Have Mercy: Make The Best of It (2017)

Haymaker: We Are haymaker EP (2017)

Hazzerd: Misleading Evil (2017)

Heiter Bis Wolkig: Manifest (2017)

Hellkrusher: Human Misery (2017)

Helmut Cool: Schlachtrufe BRD GmbH (2017)

Higher Power [2]: Soul Structure (2017)

holders: family camping in peoria, il EP (2017)

Hostile Minds: Life on File EP (2017)

Hot Water Music: Light It Up (2017)

Idles: Brutalism (2017)

Incendiary: Thousand Mile Stare (2017)

Incisions: Quit Now (2017)

Inepsy: The Lost Tracks (2017)

In Evil Hour: Lights Down (2017)

Infa Riot: Old and Angry (2017)

Integrity: Howling, For the Nightmare Shall Consume (2017)

The Ironies: Que Empiece la Pachanga (2017)

Iron Reagan: Crossover Ministry (2017)

KEN Mode: Fractures in Adults (2017)

King Parrot: Ugly Produce (2017)

Koffin Kats: Party Time in the End of Times (2017)

Kontatto: Fino Alla Fine (2017)

Knock Off: Like A Kick In The Head (2017)

Kürøishi: Poverty.Ignorance.Greed.Slavery EP (2017)

Kürøishi: Slukad Af Slutet EP (2017)

Lebenden Toten: Mind Parasites (2017)

Lebenden Toten: Static! EP (2017)

Lich King: The Omniclasm (2017)

Limp Wrist: Facades (2017)

Liquids: More than a Friend EP (2017)

Meat Wave:  The Incessant (2017)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Rake it In: The Greatestest Hits (2017)

Malevolence: Self Supremacy (2017)

Mass Arrest: Demo: The Savage Season Continues (2017)

Mass Grave: Our Due Descent (2017)

Matilda’s Scoundrels: As the Tide Turns (2017)

Matt Pless: Catch Me If You Can (2017)

Matt Pless: From a Basement on a Couch (2017)

METZ: Strange Peace (2017)

M.O.D.: Busted, Broke & American (2017)

Moshiach Oi!: Rock Rabeinu (2017)

Movements: Feel Something (2017)

Municipal Waste: Slime and Punishment (2017)

Muro: Ataque Hardcore Punk (2017)

Načo Názov: Old School Punk Rock (2017)

NadimaC: Iz Keca U Kec (2017)

NadimaC: Nejbanjezivesile (2017)

Nasty: Realigion (2017)

Negro Terror: The Bootleg EP (2017)

Nerve Saw: Call of the Casket EP (2017)

Nothing Left: Destroy and Rebuild EP (2017)

No Turning Back: No Time to Waste (2017)

No Warning: Torture Culture (2017)

OHL: Der Feind Meines Feindes (2017)

Oh Sees: Orc (2017)

One Step Closer: Self-titled (2017)

The Pack A.D.: Dollhouse (2017)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Praise No Deity EP (2017)

Paranoid Visions: Rebellion (2017)

Passiv Dödshjälp: Tecken På Idioti (2017)

Permission: Contagious Life (2017)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: That Shallot (2017)

Phobia: Lifeless God (2017)

Pissed Jeans: Why Love Now (2017)

Pist Idiots: Self-titled EP (2017)

Popperklopper: Wolle was komme (2017)

Power Trip: Nightmare Logic (2017)

Procrastinate: Self-titled (2017)

Project46: Tr3s ‎(2017)

Propagandhi:  Victory Lap (2017)

Protestera: Pengarna Eller Livet (2017)

Queensway: Swift Minds of Darkness (2017)

Rancid:  Trouble Maker (2017)

Rash: Midnight Crooner EP (2017)

Red Death: Formidable Darkness (2017)

Restraining Order: Demo (2017)

Riot Stares: Let the Phase Speak EP (2017)

Rise Against: Wolves (2017)

Rotten Mind: Self-titled (2017)

Rotunda: Rotten to the Core (2017)

Royal Oi!: There’s Gonna Be a Row (2017)

Rude Pride: Take It As It Comes (2017)

Safe State: S.T. EP (2017)

Sial: Self-titled (2017)

Siberian Meat Grinder: Metal Bear Stomp (2017)

Skulls, Angels, and Sluts: И Одиночество Берет За Горло (2017)

Sleaford Mods: English Tapas (2017)             

Sledding with Tigers: Kenny Jeans (Old Songs That I Wrote) (2017)

Slime: Hier und jetzt (2017)

Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions: Not Wired Up Right (2017)

Spider Crew: Sounds of Hatred (2017)

Stäläg 13: Over the Edge (2017)

Stick to Your Guns: True View (2017)

Straight Opposition: The Fury from the Coast (2017)

Straight Opposition: Pescara Hardcore! EP (2017)

Stray from the Pack: Only Death Is Real (2017)

Stray from the Path: Only Death Is Real (2017)

The Suicide Commandos: Time Bomb (2017)

Suicide Silence: Self-titled (2017)

Suppression: Placebo Reality (2017)

Surgery without Research: Earth Asylum (2017)

Sweet Reaper: Street Sweeper (2017)

Systematic Death: Systema-Ten (2017)

Systemik Viølence: Satanarkist Attack (2017)

Talco: And the Winner Isn’t (2017)

The Templars: Deus Vult (2017)

Ten Foot Pole: Setlist (2017)

Tera Melos: Trash Generator (2017)

Terminal Nation: Absolute Control EP (2017)

Todos Tus Muertos: TBA (2017)

Tortür: Demo (2017)

Tortür: No Surrender, No Survivors EP (2017)

The Tossers: Smash the Windows (2017)

Toxic Shock: Twentylastcentury (2017)

Trapped Under Ice: Heatwave (2017)

Typecast: Demo (2017)

Ulrikes Dream: Anarchie in Leuven (2017)

Unsane: Sterilize (2017)

Uproar: Waiting for the Revolution (2017)

USA Nails: Sell Sell Sell EP (2017)

The Varukers: Damned and Defiant (2017)

Viagra Boys: Call of the Wild EP (2017)

The Vibrators: Restless (Die Laughing Records) (2017)

Vicious Circle: Born to Destroy (2017)

Vile Spirit: Demo (2017)

The Virus: System Failure (2017)

Warvictims: Världsherravälde (2017)

Warwound: Building the Blindfolds of Bigots (2017)

Western Addiction: Tremulous (2017)

White Reaper: The World’s Best American Band (2017)

Who Killed Spikey Jacket?: Sleepytime Punks EP (2017)

Wild Billy Chyldish & CMTF: Brand New Cage (2017)

Wolfbrigade: Run with the Hunted (2017)

Wolfpack [2]: Benefit Five EP (2017)

Wraith: Self-titled EP (2017)

Zaunpfahl: Neue Zaiten (2017)

12 Step Rebels: Love/Death (2018)

51st State: Feat & Release (2018)

Active Minds: The Freedom of the Borough EP (2018)

Aggression: Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash (2018)

Agrimonia: Awaken (2018)

Alarmsignal: Attaque (2018)

Alien Nose Job: Various Fads and Technological Achievements (2018)

American Nightmare: Self-titled (2018)

Angry Youth Elite: Ready, Set, No! (2018)

Antagonize: Demo (2018)

Antiseen: Dying Breed (2018)

Architects (2): Holy Hell (2018)

The Armed: Only Love (2018)

Arms Race: The Beast EP (2018)

awakebutstillinbed: what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you (2018)

La Armada: Anti-colonial Vol. 1 (2018)

Bad Breeding: Abandonment EP (2018)

The Backstreet Abortions: God’s a Pig EP (2018)

Baptists [1]: Beacon of Faith (2018)

The Bastard Bearded Irishmen: Drinkin’ to the Dead (2018)

Bastard Squad: Hate City (2018)

Bonecrusher: Every Generation (2018)

Beach Rats: Wasted Time (2018)

Be Like Max: I Disagree (2018)

Birds In a Row: We Already Lost the World (2018)

Black Tusk: T.C.B.T. (2018)

The Bobby Lees: Beauty Pageant (2018)

Bracewar: Colossal (2018)

The Brokedowns: Sick of Space (2018)

B Squadron: Sons of Tigers (2018)

Bug Central: There’s More of Us EP (2018)

Bummer: Holly Terror (2018)

Burnt Cross: Burnt Fucking Cross (2018)

Burn the Priest: Legion: XX [punk covers] (2018)

Candy: Good to Feel (2018)

Cloud Nothings: Last Building Burning (2018)

Coma Regalia: The Mirror (2018)

Conjurer: Mire (2018)

Convince: Eden (2018)

The Corps: Tales from 2814 (2018)

Cousin Boneless: Possession (2018)

Crisis Actors: Demo (2018)

Crowned Kings: Sea of Misery (2018)

Cruel Words: Blackness in May (2018)

Cult Leader: A Patient Man (2018)

A Culture Of Killing: Self-titled (2018)

Culture Shock ‎(1): The Humanity Show (2018)

Dead Tired: Vol. Three EP (2018)

Deafness by Noise: Roots Baby Roots (2018)

Death Valley Girls: Darkness Rains (2018)

Dee Cracks: Sonic Delusions (2018)

Dekonstrukt: Self-titled EP (2018)

Deseos Primitivos: Existir EP (2018)

Destroy Boys: Make Room (2018)

Destructo Disk: Punk Rock for Kids Who Can’t Skate (2018)

Die Skeptiker: Kein Weg zu weit (2018)

The Dirty Nil: Master Volume (2018)

Dirty Wombs: Accursed to Overcome (2018)

Dödsrit: Spirit Crusher (2018)

Dog Park Dissidents: Sexual and Violent (2018)

Dogs in the Fight: Ever Forward (2018)

Dömesticrust: Another Reality Another Fears (2018)

dragSTER: Anti-Everything (2018)

Dropdead: Arms Race EP (2018)

The Drowns: View from the Bottom (2018)

Drug Church: Cheer (2018)

Dwarves: Take Back The Night (2018)

The Ejected: Come 'n' Get It! (2018)

The Ex: 27 Passports (2018)

Executioner: Bone Collector (2018)

Exhalants: Self-titled (2018)

Extinction A.D.: Decimation Treaty (2018)

Extreme Attack: In the Name of Thrash Metal (2018)

Fatal Blow: Hope Not Hate (2018)

The Filaments: Look to the Skies (2018)

Flag of Democracy: No School, No Core (2018)

Frail Body: A Brief Memoriam (2018)

Fucked & Bound: Suffrage (2018)

Giver: Where the Cycle Breaks (2018)

Give Today: Everything That’s Left (2018)

Gama Bomb: Speed Between the Lines (2018)

Geld: Soft Power EP (2018)

Geld: Perfect Texture (2018)

Gerbenok: Wie Tollwütige Hunde (2018)

Gouge Away: Burnt Sugar (2018)

Grave Robber: Escaping the Grave! (2018)

GRLwood: Daddy (2018)

GRLwood: I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I Was 12 (2018)

Gulch: Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath EP (2018)

Harley Flanagan: Hard Core Dr. Know EP (2018)

Harm’s Way: Posthuman (2018)

The Haunting: Decay and Rot (2018)

Haymaker: We Apologize to Nobody (2018)

Hellkrusher: Wasteland Unreleased (2018)

High Command: The Primordial Void EP (2018)

Hopesfall: Arbiter (2018)

Hot Snakes: Jericho Sirens (2018)

I Against I: Small Waves (2018)

I Am Revenge: Violencer (2018)

Idles: Joy as an Act of Resistance (2018)

ILSA: Corpse Fortress (2018)

Incisions: Self-titled (2018)

Iron Reagan: Dark Days Ahead EP (2018)

Joukkohauta: Täyttä Helvettiä (2018)

KEN Mode: Loved (2018)

King Nine: Death Rattle (2018)

K.K.P.A.: När andan faller på ‎(2018)

Kobra: Self-titled EP (2018)

Krang: Singalong (2018)

Krimewatch: Self-titled EP (2018)

Lazy Class: Interesting Times (2018)

LIFE: The Only One Earth EP (2018)

Lifeless Dark: Who Will Be the Victims? (2018)

Liquids: Hot Liqs Revenge (2018)

The Living End: Wunderbar (2018)

Low End: Steadfast EP (2018)

Lowest Creature: Misery Unfolds EP (2018)

Madball: For the Cause (2018)

Marduk: Viktoria (2018)

Mary Wander: Long Time Gone (2018)

The Men: Drift (2018)

mewithoutYou: [Untitled] (2018)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: While We're at It (2018)

Mil-Spec: Changes EP (2018)

Mindforce: Excalibur (2018)

Moom: Third EP (2018)

Mudhoney: Digital Garbage (2018)

MxPx: Self-titled (2018)

Neighborhood Brats: Claw Marks (2018)

Night Birds: Roll Credits (2018)

Nocturnal Scum: Danger and Hell (2018)

No Saving Grace: Pitfalls (2018)

Oh Sees: Smote Reverser (2018)

Oxo 86: Rien Ne Va Plus (2018)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Heavy Metal Fuck-Up! (2018)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Jikangire EP (2018)

The Patrons: Paranoid Nation (2018)

Pennywise: Never Gonna Die (2018)

Permission: Drawing Breath through a Hole in the Ground (2018)

Personality Cult: Self-titled (2018)

Pianos Become the Teeth: Wait for Love (2018)

Pig Destroyer: Head Cage (2018)

Pisse: Hornhaut Ist Der Beste Handschuh EP (2018)

Pist Idiots: Princes EP (2018)

Portrayal of Guilt: Let Pain Be Your Guide (2018)

Portrayal of Guilt: Self-titled EP (2018)

Pressure Cracks: Self-titled EP (2018)

Primal Rite: Dirge of Escapism (2018)

Public Acid: Easy Weapons (2018)

The Queers: Punk Rock Confidential Revisited (2018)

Racetraitor: 2042 (2018)

The Raging Nathans: Cheap Fame (2018)

Rats from a Sinking Ship: Fight the Future (2018)

Red Arkade: WE DON’T SING TOO PRETTY EP (2018)

Redbait: Red Tape (2018)

Regulate: In the Promise of Another Tomorrow (2018)

Restraining Order: Self-titled EP (2018)

Rotten Mind: Fading into Oblivion (2018)

Rövsvett: Bly, Skrot & Hagel EP (2018)

Sanction This: We Are Abandoned (2018)

Satanic Surfers: Back from Hell (2018)

Saves the Day: 9 (2018)

Scarecrow: Self-titled (2018)

Schleim-Keim: Alles in Rot EP (2018)

School Drugs: Relative Suffering EP (2018)

Septic Tank: Rotting Civilization (2018)

Shook Ones: Body Feel (2018)

Sial: Binasa EP (2018)

Sick of It All: Wake the Sleeping Dragon! (2018)

Signal Crimes: Perfidious Albion (2018)

Slapshot: Make America Hate Again (2018)

Slow Mass: On Watch (2018)

Smut Peddlers: High Anxiety Stress Fear (2018)

Spanish Love Songs: Schmaltz (2018)

Stars Hollow: Happy Again (2018)

Step To Freedom: Cemetery for the Humankind (2018)

Stomper 98: Althergebracht (2018)

Street Dogs: Stand for Something or Die for Nothing (2018)

Street Tombs: Demo (2018)

Subdued: 4 Track EP (2018)

Suicidal Tendencies: Still Cyco Punk After All These Years (2018)

Super Unison: Stella (2018)

The Supersuckers: Suck It (2018)

Surfbort: Friendship Music (2018)

Svalbard: It’s Hard to Have Hope (2018)

Sweet Reaper: Sidekick (2018)

Swingin’ Utters: Peace and (2018)

Systematic Death: Systema Eleven EP (2018)

Systemik Viølence: Anarquia-Violência EP (2018)

Terror: Total Retaliation (2018)

Terrorizer: Caustic Attack (2018)

Thrice: Palms (2018)

Thou: The House Primordial EP (2018)

Thou: Inconsolable EP (2018)

Thou: Rhea Sylvia EP (2018)

Thou: Magus (2018)

Tightwire: Six Feet Deep (2018)

Tortür: Death Looms Graves Fill EP (2018)

Tragedy: Fury (2018)

Trail of Lies: W.A.R. (2018)

Turnstile: Move Thru Me EP (2018)

Turnstile: Time & Space (2018)

The Txlips: Queens of the New Age EP (2018)

Typecast: Creature of Habit EP (2018)

U.K. Subs: Subversions (2018)

Underøath: Erase Me (2018)

Unearth: Extinction(s) (2018)

U.S. Bombs: Road Case (2018)

Vamachara: Despondent (2018)

Verkrust: Dance Between the Bombs (2018)

Viagra Boys: Street Worms (2018)

Vile Creatures: Cast of Static and Smoke (2018)

Violent Force: Forced Outta Pocompton EP (2018)

Vitamin X: Age Of Paranoia (2018)

War On Women: Capture the Flag (2018)

Wisdom in Chains: Nothing In Nature Respects Weakness (2018)

Wolf King: Loyal to the Soil (2018)

Wolfpack [2]: Benefit Six EP (2018)

Wolfpack [3]: Loathe (2018)

Wonk Unit: Terror (2018)

Wraith: Heed the Warning (2018)

Wrong: Feel Great (2018)

Youth Avoiders: Relentless (2018)

Zeke: Hellbender ( 2018)

7er Jungs: Semper Fidelis (2019)

8°6 Crew: Green and White Ska (2019)

51st State: Self-titled (2019)

The 1865: Don’t Tread on We! (2019)

Abuse of Power: What on Earth Can We Do? (2019)

All Out War: Crawl Among the Filth (2019)

Ambalat: Thrash Metal 48 (2019)

American Nightmare: Life Support (2019)

American Sharks: 11:11 (2019)

Amygdala: Our Voices Will Soar Forever (2019)

Amyl and the Sniffers: Self-titled  (2019)

Animals Revenge: Temporada de Homínidos EP (2019)

Antagonize: Slip Death (2019)

Apes of State: Pipe Dream (2019)

Armoured Flu Unit: Crusading Nations (2019)

Asocial: Föralltid Underground (2019)

Autopsya: Beer Maniacs (2019)

Bad Breeding: Exiled (2019)

Balzac: Hyrbrid Black (2019)

Bastard Squad: Bastard Luck (2019)

B.B. Bomb: 1st Full Length Album (2019)

Be Like Max: Save Us All (2019)

Big Business: The Beast You Are (2019)

Black Pantera: Agressão (2019)

Blitzkrieg: Blind Faith (2019)

The Blue Carpet: Rock and Roll Carpet (Relaid) (2019)

Bombardment: Self-titled (2019)

Boots n All: A Country to the Dogs (2019)

Born from Pain: True Love (2019)

The Briefs: Platinum Rats (2019)

The Brood: Democratic Warfare (2019)

Bruce Lee Band: Rental! Eviction! (2019)

Brutus: Nest (2019)

Buried Dreams: 9 Reasons Not to Live (2019)

The Candy Snatchers: Moronic Pleasures (2019)

Carnivorous Bells: Big Bronze Allegory (2019)

Cement Shoes: Too (2019)

Cereal Killer: Beginning and End of Cereal Killer! (2019)

Ceremony: In the Spirit World Now (2019)

Chamber: Ripping/Pulling/Tearing (2019)

Channel 3: The Bellwether (2019)

Chiefland: Wildflowers (2019)

Chronosphere: All In (2019)

Chubby the Gang: Speed Kills (2019)

Close Combat: 2019 (2019)

Close Shave: We Are Pariah (2019)

Cloud Rat: Pollinator (2019)

The Coathangers: The devil You Know (2019)

Cocaine Piss: Passionate and Tragic (2019)

Coma Regalia: Vau Faelgoh (2019)

Control Top: Covert Contracts (2019)

Counterparts: Nothing Left to Love (2019)

Crüel Night: Kegyetlen Éjszaka Demo (2019)

Crutches: Såld (2019)

Cult of Misery: Together in Hell (2019)

A Culture Of Killing: The Feast of Vultures, the Cry of the Dove (2019)

Dead Tired: Full Vol. (2019)

Death Wolf: IV: Come the Dark (2019)

Decent Criminal: Bliss (2019)

Defeater: Self-titled (2019)

Dezerter: Nienawiść 100% (2019)

Die Choking: IV (2019)

Disavow: Self-titled (2019)

Diskobra: Agónia (2019)

Disidents: Generation Waste EP (2019)

La Dispute: Panorama (2019)

Division of Mind: Self-titled  (2019)

Dogs in the Fight: Ever Forward (2019)

Dogs in the Fight: We Want Peace…But Are Ready for War!! (2019)

Downpresser: The Long Goodbye (2019)

Dropdead: Demo (2019)

Drunken Marksman: Decline of Mankind (2019)

Dumange: Entre ratas (2019)

Enforced: At the Walls (2019)

Fange: Punir (2019)

Los Fastidos: Joy Joy Joy (2019)

Fatal Blow: Victimized (2019)

The Ferrets: Sick Sad World (2019)

Fidlar: Almost Free (2019)

Fleischwolf: Von Uns Für Euch! (2019)

Florida Man: Tropical Depression (2019)

Fontains D.C.: Dogrel (2019)

Foxtails: Querida Hija (2019)

Frame of Mind: Irieshun (2019)

The Freeze: Calling All Creatures (2019)

The Funeral: Discography 2001-2004 (2019)

Fury: Failed Entertainment (2019)

Fusion Bomb: Concrete Jungle (2019)

Game: No One Wins (2019)

Generacion Suicida: Reflejos (2019)

Genöme: The Sound of Loud Ringing in the Ear (2019)

The Get Up Kids: Problems (2019)

Good Riddance: Thoughts and Prayers (2019)

Grade 2: Graveyard Island (2019)

Grave Robber: Dry Bones (2019)

GREENMACHiNE: Mountains of Madness (2019)

Gutter Knife: Boots on the Ground (2019)

Halshug: Drøm (2019)

Hands of God: Blueprint for Self Destruction (2019)

Hard-Ons: So I Could Have Them Destroyed (2019)

Harley Poe: Have a Great Life (2019)

Harrington Saints: 1,000 Pounds of Oi! (2019)

The Haunting: Friday the 13th EP (2019)

Have Mercy: The Love Life (2019)

Heavy Discipline: Demo (2019)

Helmut Cool: Verbesserte Rezeptur (2019)

Hesitation Wounds: Chicanery (2019)

High Command: Beyond the Wall of Desolation (2019)

Iconoclast: Domination or Destruction EP (2019)

Ignorantes: Con La Camiseta Puesta (2019)

Inclination: When Fear Turns to Confidence EP (2019)

Inclination: Midwest Straight Edge EP (2019)

Insanity Alert: 666 Pack (2019)

Jeromes Dream: LP (2019)

Johnny Moped Band: Lurrigate Your Mind (2019)

Judiciary: Surface Noise (2019)

Juggling Jugulars: Insurrection (2019)

Kaaos: Ei Enää Kipua Ei Tuskaa (2019)

Knocked Loose: A Different Shade of Blue (2019)

Knock Off: You Get One Life (2019)

Kürøishi: Sound the Alarm (2019)

L7: Scatter the Rats (2019)

Ladrona: Self-titled (2019)

Lagwagon: Railer (2019)

Lakka: Demo 2018 (2019)

Link Lärm: Troppo Presto... ...O Troppo Tardi? (2020)

Löckheed: 4 Track Demo (2019)

Loose Nukes: Behind the Screen EP (2019)

Loose Nukes: It’s Loose Nukes EP (2019)

Low End: Summer Blues EP (2019)

Lowest Creature: Sacrilegious Pain (2019)

Magnitude: To Whatever Fateful End (2019)

Martyrdöd: Hexhammaren (2019)

Mass Arrest: Power (2019)

Maxxpower: #2 (2019)

Meth.: Mother of Red Light (2019)

Millencolin: SOS (2019)

Mindforce: Live on Axe to Grind (2019)

Municipal Waste: The Last Rager (2019)

No Option: Make It Count (2019)

Norma Jean: All Hail (2019)

Nothing Left: Disconnected (2019)

No Turning Back: Destroy (2019)

Nuvolascura: Self-titled (2019)

Oh Sees: Face Stabber (2019)

Old Firm Causals: Holger Danske (2019)

One Step Closer: From Me to You (2019)

One Way System: Car Bombs in Babylon (2019)

Otoboke Beaver: Self-titled (2019)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Kind of Noise EP (2019)

Paranoid Visions: Adverse Reality (2019)

Perkele: Leaders Of Tomorrow (2019)

Pisscharge: Edën (2019)

Pist Idiots: Ticker EP (2019)

Pizzatramp: Grand Relapse (2019)

Plague Vendor: By Night (2019)

Popperklopper: Alles wird Wut (2019)

The Potato Pirates: Hymns for the Wayward (2019)

Portrayal of Guilt: Suffering Is a Gift EP (2019)

Power Face: Face the Power (2019)

The Proletariat: Move (2019)

Public Acid: 152 Seconds of Public Acid EP (2019)

PUP: Morbid Stuff (2019)

Queensway: The Real Fear EP (2019)

The Raging Nathans: Sleep Hits: Sordid Youth Vol. 1 (2019)

Raised Fist: Anthems (2019)

Razzia: Am Rande Von Berlin (2019)

Redbait: Cages (2019)

Red Death: Sickness Divine (2019)

Refused: War Music (2019)

The Restarts: Uprising (2019)

Restraining Order: This World Is Too Much (2019)

Ringworm: Death Becomes My Voice (2019)

Risk It!: Era of Decay EP (2019)

Ryker’s: The Beginning...Doesn‘t Know the End (2019)

Sanction: Broken in Refraction (2019)

Sanction This: Self-titled (2019)

Sanity Control: Demo (2019)

School Drugs: Modern Medicine (2019)

SeeYouSpaceCowboy: The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds (2019)

Senza: Even a Worm Will Turn (2019)

Shin Guard: 2020 (2019)

Sleaford Mods: Eton Alive (2019)

Snag [2]: Self-titled (2019)

Soilwork: Verkligheten (2019)

The Specials:  Encore (2019)

Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions: Double Bastards (2019)

Staredown: Choose Life (2019)

State Faults: Clairvoyant (2019)

Stormcrow: Face the Giant (2019)

Stray from the Pack: Internal Atomics (2019)

Stray from the Path: Internal Atomics (2019)

Strung Out: Songs of Armor and Devotion (2019)

Subhumans [1]: Crisis Point (2019)

Surgery without Research: Clusterfuck (2019)

Surra: Escorrendo Pelo Ralo (2019)

Swordwielder: System Overlord (2019)

Sworn Enemy: Gamechanger (2019)

Take Offense: Keep and Eye Out (2019)

Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden: Zwischenwelt (2019)

Tciyf: CUMYLF (2019)

Ten Foot Pole: Escalating Quickly (2019)

Tørsö: Build and Break EP (2019)

Touché Amoré: Dead Horse X (2019)

Toxic Holocaust: Primal Future (2019)

Trail of Lies: Fearless EP (2019)

U.K. Subs: Subversions II (2019)

Vamachara: Hereafter EP (2019)

The Vandals: Oi to the World (2019)

Vatican: Sole Impulse (2019)

Venom Prison: Samsara (2019)

Verkrust: Slaughter (2019)

Versus You: Worn and Loved (2019)

Victims: The Horse and Sparrow Theory (2019)

Video Filth: Hypnosis EP (2019)

Vile Spirit: Promo (2019)

Violent Femmes: Hotel Last Resort (2019)

Void of Vision: Hyperdaze (2019)

WACKO: demoRalization (2019)

Warcollapse: Deserts of Ash EP (2019)

Warish: Down in Flames (2019)

Warish: Self-titled EP (2019)

The Warriors: Monomyth (2019)

We The Heathens: Approaching Thunder (2019)

White Reaper: You Deserve Love (2019)

Wild Billy Chyldish & CMTF: Last Punk Standing... (2019)

Wolfbrigade: The Enemy: Reality (2019)

Wraith: Absolute Power (2019)

Zombie Apocalypse: Life Without Pain Is a Fucking Fantasy (2019)

Zumbis do Espaço: Monstros Dominantes (2019)

Zyanose: Total End of Existence (2019)


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