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Punk: 2010-2014

Albums from this period are below the fold.

2 Minuta Mržnje: Moždana Detonacija (2010)

8°6 Crew: Old Reggae Friends (2010)

The Abominable Iron Sloth: The Id Will Overcome (2010)

Acrostix: Dear Daily Life (2010)

Against Me!: White Crosses (2010)

The Agitators: Скрытая Сила (2010)

Agrimonia: Host of the Winged (2010)

All Out War: Into the Killing Fields (2010)

Alpha & Omega: Life Swallower (2010)

Anal Cunt: Fuckin' A (2010)

A//Political: The Greatest Working Crass Rip-Off (2010)

La Armada: Negaciones EP (2010)

The Arrivals: Volatile Molotov (2010)

Arson Anthem: Insecurity Notoriety (2010)

Attitude Adjustment: The Collection (2010)

Auktion: Spader Ess (2010)

Authority Zero: Stories of Survival (2010)

Balzac: Judgment Day (2010)

Baptists [1]: Self-titled EP (2010)

Baptists [2]: Black Dawn (2010)

Bastard Noise: A Culture of Monsters (2010)

Bhopal: Age of Darkness (2010)

The Bitter End: Guilty as Charged (2010)

Black Breath: Heavy Breathing (2010)

Black Tusk: Taste the Sin (2010)

The Bombpops: …Like I Care EP (2010)

Booze & Glory: Always on the Wrong Side (2010)

The Bristles: Reflections Of The Bourgeois Society ‎(2010)

The Brokedowns: Species Bender (2010)

Bus Station Loonies: Midget Gems (2010)

Buzzov*en: Violence From The Vault (2010)

The Candy Snatchers: Down at Delilah’s (2010)

Cerebral Ballzy: Insufficient Fare (2010)

Ceremony: Rohnert Park (2010)

Chite: Canchosas pero Sabrosas, Vol. 3 (2010)

Cloud Nothings: Turning On (2010)

Cloud Rat: Self-titled  (2010)

Coke Bust: Degradation EP (2010)

Cokehead Hipsters: Free Not Free (2010)

Comeback Kid: Symptoms + Cures (2010)

Common Cause: Statement of Purpose (2010)

Counterparts: Prophets (2010)

Cruel Hand: Lock and Key (2010)

Cülo: Military Trend EP (2010)

Cülo: Nuke Abuse (2010)

Dag Nasty: Dag with Shawn (2010)

Days N’ Daze: Here Goes Nothin’ (2010)

Dead in The Dirt: Void EP (2010)

Deafness by Noise: Aim to Please (2010)

Deal with It: Eyjafjallajökull (2010)

Deathraid: All Life Ends (2010)

The Decline: I’m Not Going to Lie to You (2010)

Dee Cracks: Attention! Deficit Disorder (2010)

Defiance, Ohio: Midwestern Minutes (2010)

Destruction Unit: Eclipse (2010)

Dezerter: Prawo do bycia idiotą (2010)

The Dillinger Escape Plan: Option Paralysis (2010)

Dirty Revolution: Before the Fire (2010)

D.O.A.: Talk-Action = 0 (2010)

Dogsflesh: Revival of Species (2010)

The Donner Party: The Spawning (2010)

Down To Kill: Born to Die (2010)

dragSTER: Here  Comes the Meat Robots (2010)

Drongos For Europe: Cage the Rage (2010)

Early Graves: Goner (2010)

Eight Balls: Oi! The Upper Class (2010)

Electric Funeral (2): D-beat Noise Attack (2010)

Electric Funeral (2): Harvester of Death EP (2010)

Electric Funeral (2): Make a Change (2010)

Electric Funeral (2): Make Noise Not War EP (2010)

Electric Funeral (2): Gröndalen (2010)

Envy: Recitation (2010)

Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels: If Nothing’s Right…Go Left! EP (2010)

Evil Conduct: Rule O.K. (2010)

The Ex: Catch My Shoe (2010)

Faintest Idea: Ignorance Is This (2010)

Far from Finished: Forgettable (2010)

First Blood: Silence Is Betrayal (2010)

Flag of Democracy: Home Lobotomy Kit (2010)

Flatfoot 56: Black Thorn (2010)

The Flatliners: Cavalcade (2010)

From Ashes Rise: Live Hell (2010)

Get the Most: Together (2010)

The Ghost Insider: Returners (2010)

Giftgasattack: 雑音ノ英雄 雑音英雄 (2010)

Gloom: 濁流玉砕雑核音 '91 (2010)

The Goddamn Gallows: Broke Down and Dirty (2010)

Gogol Bordello: Trans-Continental Hustle (2010)

Grave Robber: Exhumed (2010)

Hammer And The Nails: Maxi EP (2010)

Hårda Tider: Gatan Kallar (2010)

Hard-Ons: Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform or Die (2010)

Harley Poe: Wretched. Filthy. Ugly. (2010)

Heaven Shall Burn: Invictus (Iconoclast III) (2010)

Integrity: The Blackest Curse (2010)

Jesus Cröst: 010 (2010)

The Kominas: Escape To Blackout Beach (2010)

Kontatto: Mai Come Voi (2010)

Kotzreiz: Du Machst Die Stadt Kaputt! (2010)

Krömosom: Self-titled EP (2010)

Kvelertak: Self-titled (2010)

Leatherface: The Stormy Petrel (2010)

Lich King: World Gone Dead (2010)

Loma Prieta: Life/Less (2010)

London: Get Out of London (2010)

Madball: Empire (2010)

מחלקת חניקות שוטרים [Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim]: Self-titled  (2010)

Marching Orders: Days Gone By (2010)

Martens Army: Ein Oi! Auf Meinem Herz (2010)

The Men: Immaculada (2010)

Mindtaker: Toxic War (2010)

Misantropic: Insomnia EP (2010)

Murderess: The Last Thing You Will Ever See (2010)

Nasty: Give a Shit (2010)

None More Black: Icons (2010)

No Redeeming Social Value: High in Holland (2010)

Norma Jean: Meridional (2010)

Off!: First Four EPs (2010)

The Oi! Scouts: Boots for the Beatdown (2010)

Okkultokrati: No Light for Mass (2010)

The Pack A.D.: We Kill Computers (2010)

Parasytic: Poison Minds (2010)

Passiv Dödshjälp: Häng Dom (2010)

Paul Baribeau: Unbearable (2010)

Peach Kelli Pop: Peach Kelli Pop I (2010)

Perkele: Forever (2010)

Perkele: Punk Rock Army (2010)

Pierced Arrows: Descending Shadows (2010)

Popperklopper: Was lange gärt, wird endlich Wut! (2010)

Pro-Pain: Absolute Power (2010)

Protestera: 01.05.1886 (2010)

Punch: Push Pull (2010)

Pupilas Dilatadas: Era Moderna (2010)

The Queers: Back to the Basement (2010)

Rai Ko Ris: Nepal Ko Katha Haru (2010)

Rasta Knast: Tertius Decimus (2010)

Raw Power: Resuscitate (2010)

The Rival Mob: Hardcore for Hardcore EP (2010)

The Riverdales: Tarantula (2010)

The Roughneck Riot: Night Train with the Reaper (2010)

The Screaming Brain: Self-titled  EP (2010)

Sham 69: Who Killed Joe Public (2010)

Sick of It All: Based on a True Story (2010)

Skafield: Memories in Melodies (2010)

Skarhead: Kickin’ It Oldschool (2010)

Small Town Riot: Suicidal Lifestyle (2010)

Smoke or Fire: The Speakeasy (2010)

Soilwork: The Panic Broadcast (2010)

Stage Bottles: Power for Revenge (2010)

Stick to Your Guns: The Hope Division (2010)

Stomper 98: ...4 The Die Hards (2010)

Straight Opposition: Fury Stands Unbeaten (2010)

Stray from the Path: Rising Sun (2010)

Street Dogs: Self-titled (2010)

Streetlight Manifesto: 99 Songs of Revolution (2010)

Subhumans [2]: Same Thoughts Different Day (2010)

Suburban Scum: Internal War EP (2010)

Suicidal Tendencies: No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family (2010)

Suppression: Alliance of Concerned Men (2010)

Systematic Death: Systema Seven EP (2010)

Talco: La Cretina Commedia (2010)

Tera Melos: Patagonia Rats (2010)

Terror: Keepers of the Faith (2010)

Thee Oh Sees: Warm Slime (2010)

The Thermals: Personal Life (2010)

This Is Hell: Weight of the World (2010)

Thou: Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For EP  (2010)

Thou: Summit (2010)

Todos Tus Muertos: Crisis Mundial (2010)

Totälickers: El Poder Absoluto Aniquila La Vida (2010)

Trap Them: Filth Relations EP (2010)

Trash Talk: Eyes & Nines (2010)

Ulrikes Dream: Van 9 Tot 5 (2010)

Uncurbed: Turmoil (2010)

Underøath: Ø (Disambiguation) (2010)

Unholy Grave: The Grind Militia (2010)

Unholy Grave: Grind Killers (2010)

Unholy Grave :Immortal Grind Legion (2010)

Urban Waste: Recycled (2010)

Violent Affair: Stand Trial (2010)

White Lung: It’s the Evil (2010)

Witchaven: Black Thrash Assault over Germany EP (2010)

Witchaven: Terrorstorm (2010)

Xibalba: Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias (2010)

Young and in the Way: Amen EP (2010)

Young and in the Way: Cloven Hoof EP (2010)

Your Demise: The Kids We Used to Be... (2010)

Youth Avoiders: Demo (2010)

Active Minds: Bury the Past: Build the Future EP (2011)

Against Me! Total Clarity (2011)

Agnostic Front: My Life My Way (2011)

The Agrestix: Generation without Rules (2011)

Alaric: Self-titled (2011)

Alergia: Alergicore (2011)

All Pigs Must Die: God Is War (2011)

Amebix: Sonic Mass (2011)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead: Tao of the Dead (2011)

Architects (2): The Hear and Now (2011)

Argyle Goolsby: Apparitional (2011)

The Astro Zombies: From Strength to Strength (2011)

Attitude Adjustment: No Way Back (2011)

Bastard Noise: Skulldozer (2011)

Besthöven: Dis Means War (2011)

The Bitter End: Harsh Realities (2011)

Black Hole of Calcutta: Self-titled (2011)

Black Pistol Fire: Self-titled (2011)

Black Tusk: Set the Dial (2011)

The Blaggers ITA: United Colors of Blaggers ITA (2011)

Blitzkid: Apparational (2011)

The Bombpops: Stole the TV EP (2011)

Bonecrusher: We Are the Working Class (2011)

Booze & Glory: Trouble Free (2011)

The Brood: Queen Pest (2011)

Bruce Lee Band: Community Support Group (2011)

Burnt Cross: Break the Law Not the Poor EP (2011)

Burnt Cross: Mankind’s Obituary (2011)

Casey Jones: I Hope We’re Not the Last (2011)

Cerebral Ballzy: Self-titled (2011)

Citizen Fish: Goods (2011)

Cloud Nothings: Self-titled (2011)

The Coathangers: Larceny & Old Lace (2011)

Cobra Skulls: Agitations (2011)

Common Cause: Self-titled EP (2011)

The Copyrights: North Sentinel Island (2011)

Counterparts: The Current Will Carry Us (2011)

Crash of Rinos: Distal (2011)

Cülo: Toxic Vision EP (2011)

Days N’ Daze: Ward of the Vultures (2011)

The Dead Milkmen: The King in Yellow (2011)

Dead to Me: Moscow Penny Ante (2011)

Dead in The Dirt: Fear EP (2011)

The Deathskulls: The Real Deal II (2011)

Defeater: Empty Days & Sleepless Nights (2011)

Destruction Unit: Sonoran (2011)

Devil in Me: The End (2011)

La Dispute: Wildlife (2011)

The Disrupters: Generation Retard (2011)

The Dwarves Are Born Again (2011)

Dwarves: The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll (2014)

Earth Crisis: Neutralize the Threat (2011)

Emscherkurve 77: Dat Soll Punkrock Sein?! (2011)

Executioner: Anthology [compilation] (2011)

Face to Face: Laugh Now, Laugh Later (2011)

Fang: Pissed Off Buddha (2011)

The Fiend: The Brutal Truth (2011)

Firepit Collective: Self-titled (2011)

Flogging Molly: Speed of Darkness (2011)

Fucked Up: David Comes to Life (2011)

Gallhammer: The End (2011)

G.B.H.: Perfume and Piss (2010)

The Generators: Last of the Pariahs (2011)

The Get Up Kids: There Are Rules (2011)

The Goddamn Gallows: 7 Devils (2011)

Grave Robber: You're All Gonna Die! (2011)

Harm’s Way: Isolation (2011)

The Haverchucks: Self-titled EP (2011)

Hoax: Self-titled EP (2011)

ILSA: Tutti Il Colori Del Buio (2011)

Impatience: Self-titled EP (2011)

In Defence: Party Lines and Politics (2011)

Juggling Jugulars: 80 Million Barrels (2011)

Kagada De Perro: Ha Llegado El Holocausto (2011)

KEN Mode: Venerable (2011)

Kickback: Et Le Diable Rit Avec Nous (2011)

King Parrot: The Stench of Hardcore Pub Trash EP (2011)

Kismet HC: Songs of Strife (2011)

The Kominas: Kominas (2011)

Krömosom: 8 Tracks EP (2011)

Krum Bums: Cut the Noose (2011)

Lich King: Super Retro Thrash (2011)

The Living End: The Ending is Just the Beginning Repeating (2011)

Mass Grave: Self-titled (2011)

The Men: Leave Home (2011)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: The Magic of Youth (2011)

Mischief Brew: The Stone Operation (2011)

Moshiach Oi!: This World Is Nothing (2011)

NadimaČ: Po kratkom postupku (2011)

Neighborhood Brats: Self-titled  EP (2011)

Night Birds: The Other Side of Darkness (2011)

No Comply: Self-titled EP (2011)

Not Half Bad: No Thanks EP (2011)

Nothing On Earth: Nothing On Earth Can Stop Me (2011)

No Turning Back: Take Control (2011)

Nuestros Derechos: Adrift (2011)

Oathbreaker: Mælstrøm (2011)

Operation Semtex: Vorstadtanekdoten (2011)

Otoboke Beaver:今夜限りなんて絶対ほんとに言わせないっ! (2011)

Oxymoron: Feed the Breed (2011)

The Pack A.D.: Unpersons (2011)

Πανικός [Panikos]: Awakening from Lethargy (2011)

Passiv Dödshjälp: Fasader (2011)

Pianos Become the Teeth: The Lack Long After (2011)

The Potato Pirates: Tried and True and Black and Blue (2011)

Pour Habit: Got Your Back (2011)

Prins Carl: New Order (2011)

Project46: Doa A Quem Doer (2011)

Pulling Teeth: Funerary (2011)

Punch: Nothing Lasts EP (2011)

Raspberry Bulbs: Nature Tries Again (2011)

Razorblade: Gegen Die Masse (2011)

Ringworm: Scars (2011)

Rise Against: Endgame (2011)

Risk It!: Leave a Mark EP (2011)

Rocket from the Tombs: Barfly (2011)

Roger Miret and the Disasters: Gotta Get Up Now (2011)

Rotten Sound: Cursed (2011)

Rotting Out: Street Prowl (2011)

Rotz & Wasser: 24/7 Rock 'N' Roll (2011)

Sarabante: Remnants (2011)

Saves the Day: Daybreak (2011)

Seahaven: Winter Forever (2011)

Sick of It All: XXV Nonstop (2011)

Skarhead: Dreams Don’t Die!!! (2011)

Sleaford Mods: S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (2011)

Social Decay: Sick Society (2011)

Social Distortion: Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (2011)

Soviet Soviet: Summer, Jesus (2011)

Soziedad Alkoholika:  Cadenas De Odio (2011)

Speedwolf: Ride with Death (2011)

Spider Crew: Still Crazy But Not Insane (2011)

Ss-kaliert: Subzero (2011)

SSS: Problems to the Answer (2011)

Stand Out Riot: The Gentleman Bandits (2011)

Star Fucking Hipsters: From the Dumpster to the Grave (2011)

The Stealers: Sop Box Speakers (2011)

Stray from the Pack: Rising Sun (2011)

Suicide Silence: The Black Crown (2011)

Swingin’ Utters: Here, Under Protest (2011)

Take Offense: Tables Will Turn (2011)

T.C.F.: Where Madness Reigns (2011)

Tenements: Napalm Dream (2011)

Tenements: The Blind Wink (2011)

Thee Oh Sees: Castlemania (2011)

Thee Oh Sees: Carrion Crawler/The Dream (2011)

This Is Hell: Black Mass (2011)

Thrice: Major/Minor (2011)

Thou: To the Chaos Wizard Youth EP (2011)

Thou: The Archer & The Owle EP (2011)

Thursday: No Devolución (2011)

Title Fight: Shed (2011)

Too Late the Hero: Statement of Purpose (2011)

Total Chaos: Battered and Smashed (2011)

Touché Amoré: Parting the Sea between Brightness and Me (2011)

Toxic Holocaust: Conjure and Command (2011)

Trail of Lies: Demo (2011)

Trapped Under Ice: Big Kiss Goodnight (2011)

Trap Them: Darker Handcraft (2011)

Trash Talk: Awake EP (2011)

Turbid North : Orogeny (2011)

Turnstile: Pressure to Succeed EP (2011)

U.K. Subs: Work in Progress (2011)

Unearth:  Darkness in the Light (2011)

Unholy Grave: Raw Grind Massacre (2011)

Unholy Grave: Blast Mayhem (2011)

Unwritten Law: Swan (2011)

Ursut: Dårarnas Paradis (2011)

Vanna: And They Came Baring Bones (2011)

Versus You: Levitate the Listener (2011)

Victims: A Dissident (2011)

Visions of War: Shit Parade (2011)

Volxsturm: Ein Kleines Bisschen Wut (2011)

War On Women: Improvised Weapons EP (2011)

The Warriors: See How You Are (2011)

Weekend Nachos: Worthless (2011)

Whores.: Ruiner. EP (2011)

Witch Cult: Self-titled EP (2011)

Wolf Down: MMXI EP (2011)

Wonk Unit: Trolleys Thank You/Wonk Unit Saved My Life (2011)

The World/Inferno Friendship Society: The Anarchy and the Ecstasy (2011)

Young and in the Way: V. Eternal Depression EP (2011)

Young and in the Way: I Am Not What I Am (2011)

Young Widows: In and Out of Youth and Lightness (2011)

Youth Avoiders: Time Flies EP (2011)

Złodzieje Rowerów: Finał (2011)

Zounds: The Redemption of Zounds (2011)

Acidez: Don’t Ask Permission (2012)

Active Minds: Turn Back the Tide of Bigotry (2012)

AKKA: 5 Songs EP (2012)

Alarmsignal: Alles ist verginglich (2012)

Alert! Alert!: Self-titled EP (2012)

All for Nothing: To Live And Die For (2012)

All Spent: A Stroke of Brilliance (2012)

Amenra: Mass V (2012)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead: Lost Songs (2012)

Angeschissen: Self-titled  (2012)

Antidote [1]: No Peace in Our Times (2012)

Antiseen: New Blood (2012)

Architects (2): Daybreaker (2012)

Argy Bargy: Hopes, Dreams, Lies, & Schemes (2012)

La Armada: Self-titled (2012)

Arms Aloft: Sawdust City (2012)

Backfire!: My Broken World (2012)

Bad Beach: Seasick – Tales from the Deep (2012)

Bent Life: Self-titled  (2012)

Birds In Row: You, Me & the Violence (2012)

Black Breath: Sentenced to Life (2012)

Black Hole of Calcutta: Self-titled (2012)

Black Pistol Fire: Big Beat '59 (2012)

Bloodkrow Butcher: Self-titled (2012)

Blunt Force Trauma: Let Them Eat Lead (2012)

Born from Pain: The New Future (2012)

Bottom: MMXII (2012)

The Bristles: Bigger than Punk (2012)

The Bruiserheads: The Unstoppable Force (2012)

The Casualties: Resistance (2012)

Ceremony: Zoo (2012)

Chite: Vida Canchosa (10 Años) (2012)

Circle Takes the Square: Decompositions: Volume Number One (2012)

Classics of Love: Self-titled (2012)

Cloud Nothings: Attack on Memory (2012)

Cockney Rejects: East End Babylon (2012)

Code Orange: Love is Love/Return to Dust (2012)

Coldburn: The Harsh Fangs of Life (2012)

Cold War: No Omega (2012)

Collision: A Healthy Dose of Death (2012)

Coma Regalia: En Sperata (2012)

Common Enemy: As the World Burns (2012)

Common Rider: Thief in a Sleeping Town (2012)

Converge: All We Love We Leave Behind (2012)

Cross Stitched Eyes: Decomposition (2012)

Crowned Kings: Wise Guy (2012)

Crutches: D-beat Tsunami EP (2012)

Cülo: My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less (2012)

Dangers: Self Titled (2012)

Dawn of Humans: Blurst of the Birdfish EP (2012)

D-clone: Creation and Destroy (2012)

Deviated Instinct: Liberty Crawls...To The Sanctuary Of Slaves EP (2012)

Dirty Wombs: We Rise EP (2012)

Discharger: Desecrated Ground (2012)

D.O.A.: We Come In Peace (2012)

Down To Kill: Betrayal of Humankind (2012)

Early Graves: Red Horse (2012)

Every Time I Die: Ex Lives (2012)

Evil Conduct: Working Class Anthems (2012)

Expire: Pendulum Swings (2012)

Faintest Idea: The Voice of Treason (2012)

Fang: Here Comes the Cops (2012)

Final Prayer: I Am Not Afraid (2012)

Flatfoot 56: Toil (2012)

The Gallows: Gallows (2012)

Gaytheist: Stealth Beats (2012)

Gaza: No Absolutes in Human Suffering (2012)

Generacion Suicida: Live on Life During Wartime (2012)

Get Dead: Tall Cans and Loose Ends (2012)

Get the Shot: Perdition (2012)

The Ghost Inside: Get What You Deserve (2012)

Ghost Mice: All We Got Is Each Other (2012)

Giftgasattack: Deadly Future EP (2012)

Green Beret: Violence Is Their Currency EP (2012)

Gumbles: Generation 21 (2012)

Hammer And The Nails: Rome Is Burning EP (2012)

Hard Resistance: Lawless & Disorder (2012)

Harley Poe: Satan, Sex, and No Regrets (2012)

Harley's War: 2012 (2012)

Harrington Saints: Pride & Tradition (2012)

Hoax: Le Poisson Rouge (2012)

The Holy Mess: Cande Ru Las Degas (2012)

Hot Water Music: Exister (2012)

I Am Revenge: Pit Justice (2012)

ILSA: Intoxicantations (2012)

Impact (2): Self-titled (2012)

Inner Terrestrials: Tales of Terror (2012)

Iron City Hooligans: Self-titled  (2012)

Iron Reagan: Demo (2012)

JFA: Speed of Sound (2012)

King Parrot: Bite Your Head Off (2012)

Knuckledust: Bluffs, Lies & Alibis (2012)

Koffin Kats: Our Way & the Highway (2012)

Kotzreiz: Punk Bleibt Punk (2012)

Krömosom: Paranoid! EP (2012)

Lich King: Born Of The Bomb (2012)

Loma Prieta: I.V. (2012)

London: Reboot (2012)

The Lurkers: Chemical Landslide (2012)

Martens Army: Ein Kleines Bißchen Violence (2012)

Martyrdöd: Paranoia (2012)

Meat Wave: Self-titled (2012)

Melusaaste: Manifesti Kuolevaisille (2012)

The Men: Open Your Heart (2012)

METZ: Self-titled (2012)

mewithoutYou: Ten Stories (2012)

Mindset: Leave No Doubt (2012)

Misery: From Where the Sun Never Shines (2012)

Mission of Burma: Unsound (2012)

Morning Glory: Poets Were My Heroes (2012)

Municipal Waste: The Fatal Feast (2012)

MxPx: Plans Within Plans (2012)

No Choice: Thru It (2012)

NOFX: Self Entitled (2012)

Not Half Bad: Our Time EP (2012)

No Sir I Won't: Self-titled EP (2012)

No Turning Back: No Regrets (2012)

Nuclear Death Terror: Chaos Reigns (2012)

Off!: Self-titled (2012)

The Offspring:  Days Go By (2012)

Okkultokrati: Snakereigns (2012)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Hardcore Addict EP (2012)

Paranoid Visions: Escape from the Austerity Complex (2012)

Passiv Dödshjälp: Skit På Repeat EP (2012)

Patrik Fitzgerald: Subliminal Alienation (2012)

The Patrons: We Shall Not Be Moved (2012)

Peach Kelli Pop: Peach Kelli Pop II (2012)

Pennywise: All or Nothing (2012)

Pestpocken: No Love For A Nation (2012)

Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Piss Ups (2012)

Phobia: Remnants of Filth (2012)

Pig Destroyer: Book Burner (2012)

Pist ‘N’ Broke: 20 Years Strong (2012)

Porno Riviste: Le Funebri Pompe (2012)

Prins Carl: No Mercy (2012)

Product of Waste: Good and Evil EP (2012)

Propagandhi:  Failed States (2012)

Pro-Pain: Straight To The Dome (2012)

The Raging Nathans: Self-titled EP (2012)

Rai Ko Ris: Ungovernable Mountains (2012)

Rasta Knast: Trallblut (2012)

Raw Hate: Fuck Off and Die! (2012)

Razorblade: Days of Glory (2012)

Redska: La Rivolta (2012)

Reduction:  Fuck You Too (2012)

Risk It!: Who’s Fooling Who? (2012)

The Roughneck Riot: This Is Our Day (2012)

Ruckus: Of Malice and Men (2012)

The Screaming Brain: Life Sux (2012)

Senza: Even a Worm Will Turn (2012)

Sleaford Mods: Wank (2012)

Slime: Sich fügen heißt lügen (2012)

Snag [1]: Valley of the Moon (2012)

Sorry and the Sinatras: The Kings Of Shambles Street EP (2012)

Springtoifel: 30 Jahre beste Ware (2012)

State Faults: Desolate Peaks (2012)

Static Thought: Self-titled (2012)

The Stealers: Stealers (2012)

Stick to Your Guns: Diamond (2012)

Stomper 98: ...Bis Hierher! (2012)

Stormcrow: Disposition to Tyranny (2012)

Straphangers: Queens By All Means (2012)

Strife: Witness a Rebirth (2012)

Suburban Scum: Hanging By a Thread EP (2012)

Talco: Gran Gala (2012)

Terrorizer: Hordes of Zombies (2012)

Thee Oh Sees: Putrifiers II (2012)

Title Fight: Floral Green (2012)

Tragedy: Darker Days Ahead (2012)

Trash Talk: 119 (2012)

Turbonegro: Sexual Harassment (2012)

Unsane: Wreck (2012)

Vicious Circle: Don’t Lose It (2012)

Violent Affair: A Call to Arms EP (2012)

Violent Reaction: Self-titled EP (2012)

Vitamin X: About To Crack (2012)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Break the Spell (2012)

The War Goes On: This Shitty Life EP (2012)

Wartorn: Iconic Nightmare (2012)

White Lung: Sorry (2012)

Who Killed Spikey Jacket?: Self-titled EP (2012)

Wisdom in Chains: The Missing Links (2012)

Witchaven: Sacrifical Burnt Offering EP (2012)

Witch Cult: This World Has Left Me with No Faith (2012)

Wolfbrigade: Damned (2012)

Wolfpack [2]: Benefit Release for The Lost Dogs Home EP (2012)

Xibalba: Hasta la Muerte (2012)

You Blew It:  Grow Up, Dude (2012)

Your Demise: The Golden Age (2012)

Zumbis do Espaço: Nós Viemos Em Paz (2012)

Zyanose: Insane Noise Raid (2012)

Zyanose: Isolation EP (2012)

50 Lions: Pray for Nothing EP (2013)

51st State: The Wild Woods (2013)

Accion Mutante: Worse than a Virus (2013)

The Agitators: Оставаться Собой (2013)

Agrimonia: Rites of Separation (2013)

Ajax: Bleach for Breakfast EP (2013)

Alert! Alert!: Zemsta EP (2013)

All Pigs Must Die: Nothing Violates This Nature (2013)

Alpha & Omega: No Rest, No Peace (2013)

American Sharks: Self-titled  (2013)

Arrested Denial: Our Best Record So Far (2013)

Asta Kask: Handen På Hjärtat (2013)

Atrocity Solutions: Lost Remedies (2013)

Authority Zero: The Topping Point (2013)

Autopsya: Thrash Metal Army (2013)

Backfire!: Still Dedicated (2013)

Backfire!: The War Starts Here (2013)

Balzac: Blackout (2013)

The Banner: Born to Run I: Ill Will (2013)

Baptists [1]: Bushcraft (2013)

Be Like Max: Play in the Mud (2013)

Bent Life: Full Skull (2013)

Birth AD: I Blame You (2013)

Bishops Green: Self-titled  (2013)

Blackbird Raum: False Weavers (2013)

Blackout Shoppers: More Abuse (2013)

Blind Pigs: Capitânia (2013)

Bloodkrow Butcher: Nigh Hell (2013)

Bonecrusher: Blvd. of Broken Bones (2013)

The Brood: If Tomorrow Comes EP (2013)

The Brother Moves On: A New Myth (2013)

Burnt Cross: Protest Punk EP (2013)

Calculator: This Will Come to Pass (2013)

Chite: Ladridos Prohibidos (2013)

Cloud Rat: Moksha (2013)

Coke Bust: Confined (2013)

Coldside: We’ve Had Enough (2013)

Condition:Dead: FAMOUS…For Fuck Al (2013)

Conquest for Death: Many Nations, One Underground (2013)

Conveyer: Worn Out (2013)

The Corp: Nail It Shut (2013)

Counterparts: The Difference Between Hell and Home (2013)

Counting Coins: Reach for the Sky EP (2013)

Crash of Rinos: Knots (2013)

Crime: Murder by Guitar (2013)

Crown of Thornz: Train Yard Blues/Mentally Vexed (2013)

Days N’ Daze: The Oogle Deathmachine (2013)

Days N’ Daze: Rogue Taxidermy (2013)

A Day to Remember: Common Courtesy (2013)

Dead in The Dirt: The Blind Hole (2013)

Death Hymn Number 9: 3rd Degree Moon Burns (2013)

Death Wolf: Death Wolf II: Black Armoured Death (2013)

Defeater: Letters Home (2013)

The Defects: Politicophobia (2013)

Destruction Unit: Void (2013)

Die Skeptiker: Aufsteh’n (2013)

The Dillinger Escape Plan: One of Us Is the Killer (2013)

Dirty Kid Discount: Life in Ruins (2013)

Dirty Revolution: The Heat (2013)

The Domestics: The G.D.P. EP (2013)

The Donner Party: Chain Reaction (2013)

Doom: Corrupt Fucking System (2013)

Downpresser: Don’t Need a Reason (2013)

Down to Nothing: Life on the James (2013)

Dreamdecay: NVNVNV (2013)

Drug Church: Paul Walker (2013)

English Dogs: The Thing With Two Heads (2014)

Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels: Abort the System EP (2013)

Evergreen Terrace: Dead Horses (2013)

Face to Face: Three Chords and a Half Truth (2013)

Fidlar: Self-titled  (2013)

The Filaments: Land of Lions (2013)

The Flatliners: Dead Language (2013)

The Flex: Scum on the Run EP (2013)

Framtid: Defeat of Civilization (2013)

Funeral Dress: The Sirens Wail EP (2013)

Gama Bomb: The Terror Tapes (2013)

Gas Rag: Human Rights EP (2013)

Gaytheist: Hold Me…But Not So Tight (2013)

Generacion Suicida: Con La Muerte A Tu Lado (2013)

Get Dead: Bad News (2013)

Gogol Bordello: Pura Vida Conspiracy (2013)

Goldblade: The Terror of Modern Life (2013)

Gouge Away: Still Bored EP (2013)

Gouge Away: Focus on Your Anger EP (2013)

Green Beret: The Cult of State EP (2013)

Hårda Tider: Scandanavian Hardcore Insanity (2013)

Hard Resistance: Euphemism (2013)

Hard Skin: On the Balls (2013)

Hard Skin: Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear (2013)

Harley Poe: Pagan Holiday (2013)

Hatebreed: The Divinity of Purpose (2013)

Have Mercy: The Earth Pushed Back (2013)

HDQ: Lost in Translation (2013)

Heaven Shall Burn: Veto (2013)

HHH: Solidhardcore (2013)

Higher Power [1]: Demo (2013)

Hoax: Self-titled (2013)

Ignorantes: Seguidores De Lo Peor Demo (2013)

Incendiary: Cost of Living (2013)

In Evil Hour: The World Bleeds Out (2013)

Integrity: Suicide Black Snake (2013)

Iron Reagan: Worse than Dead (2013)

Jesus Cröst: Fuck Powerviolence…This Is Groovy Gore Grind EP (2013)

KEN Mode: Entrench (2013)

Kerosin: 2013 (2013)

King Nine: Scared to Death (2013)

Koffin Kats: Born of the Motor (2013)

Krömosom: Nuclear Reich EP (2013)

Kvelertak: Meir (2013)

The Last Resort: This Is My England – Skinhead Anthems III (2013)

LIFE: Violence, Peace, and Peace Research (2013)

Liferuiner: Future Revisionists (2013)

Lucifer Star Machine: Rock ‘N’ Roll Martyrs (2013)

Malevolence: Reign of Suffering (2013)

Marching Orders: Living Proof (2013)

Matt Pless: Tumbleweed (2013)

The Men: New Moon (2013)

Misery Signals: Absent Light (2013)

Modern Life Is War: Fever Hunting (2013)

Mudhoney: Vanishing Point (2013)

MyManMike: Will You Marry Me? (2013)

NadimaČ: Nejebanježivesile (2013)

Namenloss: Armut Macht Den Mensch Zum Tier (2013)

Night Birds: Born to Die in Suburbia (2013)

Norma Jean: Wrongdoers (2013)    

No Sir I Won't: The Door EP (2013)

Not Half Bad: Good People (2013)

Oathbreaker: Eros/Anteros (2013)

Oblivians: Desperation (2013)

OHL: Freier Wille (2013)

Otoboke Beaver:目撃!ラブミ〜•サイン  (2013)

Oxo 86: Auf Die Liebe Und Auf Die Sehnsucht (2013)

Parasit: Välj Din Egen Bödel (2013)

Pasadena Napalm Division: Self-titled (2013)

Passiv Dödshjälp: Kollektiva Mönster (2013)

Perkele: A Way Out (2013)

Pissed Jeans: Honeys (2013)

Popperklopper: Wenn der Wind sich dreht (2013)

Power Trip: Manifest Decimation (2013)

Pro-Pain: The Final Revolution (2013)

PUP: Self-titled (2013)

Radiots: Rebels (2013)

Raspberry Bulbs: Deformed Worship (2013)

The Restarts: A Sickness of the Mind (2013)

Riistetyt: Korppien Paraati (2013)

Ringworm: Bleed EP (2013)

Risk It!: The Only Thing EP (2013)

The Rival Mob: Mob Justice (2013)

Rotting Out: The Wrong Way (2013)

Rotz & Wasser: Nur Für Mich! (2013)

Sarabante: Self-titled EP (2013)

Saves the Day: Self-titled (2013)

Septic Tank: The Slaughter EP (2013)

Shai Hulud: Reach Beyond the Sun (2013)

Sham 69: Their Finest Hour (2013)

Siberian Meat Grinder: Self-titled (2013)

Skulls, Angels, and Sluts: Спой Мне Песню (2013)

Sleaford Mods: Austerity Dogs (2013)           

The Society Killers: Society Killers EP (2013)

SNFU: Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You (2013)

Soilwork: The Living Infinite (2013)

Soviet Soviet: Fate (2013)

SSS: Manipulated Living EP (2013)

Stage Bottles: Fair Enough (2013)

State Faults: Resonate/Desperate (2013)

The Stooges: Ready to Die (2013)

Straight Opposition: 10 Oz. EP (2013)

Stray from the Pack: Anonymous (2013)

Stray from the Path: Anonymous (2013)

Streetlight Manifesto: The Hands That Thieve (2013)

Suicidal Tendencies: 13 (2013)

Svalbard: Gone Tomorrow EP (2013)

Svalbard: Self-titled EP (2013)

Swingin’ Utters: Poorly (2013)

Swordwielder: Grim Visions of Battle (2013)

Take Offense: United States of Mind (2013)

Tera Melos: X’ed Out (2013)

Terror: Live by the Code (2013)

Thee Oh Sees: Floating Coffin (2013)

The Thermals: Desperate Ground (2013)

Totälickers: Cemëntiri (2013)

Touché Amoré: Is Survived By (2013)

Toxic Holocaust: Chemistry of Consciousness (2013)

Toxic Holocaust: From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction (2013)

Toxic Shock: Daily Demons (2013)

Toxoplasma: Köter (2013)

Turnstile: Step 2 Rhythm EP (2013)

U.K. Subs: XXIV (2013)

Unholy Grave: Brain Distortion (2013)

Unholy Grave: Grind Hippies (2013)

Vanna: The Few and the Far Between (2013)

The Vibrators: On the Guest List (2013)

Vicious Circle: Made By Animals – Tested on Animals (2013)

Violent Affair: The Cockroach Theory (2013)

Violent Affair: The Pressure Is Rising EP (2013)

Violent Reaction: City Streets (2013)

Visions of War: King of Swines (2013)

Warhound: Colder than Ever (2013)

Weekend Nachos: Still (2013)

Whores.: Clean. EP (2013)

Wild Billy Chyldish & CMTF: All Our Forts Are With You (2013)

Wild Billy Chyldish & CMTF: Die Hinterstoisser Traverse (2013)

A Wilhelm Scream: Partycrasher (2013)

Wolf Down: Stray from the Path (2013)

Wolfpack [2]: A Benefit Release for the Save a Dog Scheme EP (2013)

Wonk Unit: Muffy (2013)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Mosquito (2013)

Youth Avoiders: Self-titled (2013)

Zero Boys: Pro Dirt EP (2013)

Zyanose: Why They Grieve? (2013)

4 Promille: Vinyl (2014)

7er Jungs: One Pride Fits All (2014)

Acidez: Beer Drinkers Survivors (2014)

Active Minds: The Cracks Start Appearing (2014)

Against Me!: Transgender Dysphoria Blues (2014)

Ajax: Self-titled EP (2014)

All for Nothing: What Lies Within Us (2014)

Alone in the Crowd: Self-titled  (2014)

Amygdala: The Horror Of Never Being Able To Forget EP (2014)

Antichrist Demoncore: Self-titled (2014)

Arms Race: Gotta Get Out EP (2014)

Bane: Don’t Wait Up (2014)

Baptists [1]: Bloodmines (2014)

The Bastard Bearded Irishmen: Rise of the Bastard (2014)

Be Like Max: Just Trying to Fit In (2014)

Better than a Thousand: Value Driven (2014)

Bishops Green: Pressure (2014)

Black Pistol Fire: Hush Or Howl (2014)

Blyth Power: Women and Horses and Power and War (2014)

Booze & Glory: As Bold as Brass (2014)

Born from Pain: Dance With The Devil (2014)

Bottom: Hug Myself…All the Time (2014)

The Boys: Punk Rock Menopause (2014)

The Brokedowns: Life Is a Breeze (2014)

Bruce Lee Band: Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend (2014)

Buzzcocks: The Way (2014)

Calculator: Everything (2014)

Cease 2 Resist: Demo (2014)

Cerebral Ballzy: Jaded & Faded (2014)

Chikwata.263: Chauya (2014)

Cloud Nothings: Here and Nowhere Else (2014)

The Coathangers: Suck My Shirt (2014)

Code Orange: I Am King (2014)

Comeback Kid: Die Knowing (2014)

The Coneheads: Canadian Cone (2014)

The Coneheads: Total Conetrol (2014)

Couch Slut: My Life as a Woman (2014)

Cross Examination: Dawn of the Dude (2014)

Cruel Hands: The Negatives (2014)

Crutches: Lurad (2014)

Cult Leader: Nothing for Us Here EP (2014)

The Dead Milkmen: Pretty Music for Pretty People (2014)

Deathraid: The Year the Earth Struck Back (2014)

Death Valley Girls: Street Venom (2014)

Dee Cracks: Beyond Medication (2014)

The Defectives: Pogo Drunk Attack (2014)

Defiance: When It’s All Said and Done (2014)

Dezerter: Większy zjada mniejszego (2014)

Die Choking: I EP (2014)

Die Choking: II EP (2014)

Dirty Wombs: Opposite Flow (2014)

Disorder: More Noize EP (2014)

La Dispute: Rooms of the House (2014)

The Domestics: Routine and Ritual (2014)

dragSTER: Dead Punk (2014)

Earth Crisis: Salvation of Innocents (2014)

Escape from the Zoo: Self-titled  (2014)

Every Time I Die: From Parts Unknown (2014)

Evil Conduct: Today's Rebellion (2014)

Expire: Pretty Low (2014)

Eyehategod: Self-titled (2014)

Fange: Poisse EP (2014)

Los Fastidos: Let's Do It (2014)

The Fiend: Greed Power Religion War (2014)

The Flex: Wild Stabs in the Dark (2014)

Foreseen: Helsinki Savagery (2014)

Frameworks: Loom (2014)

Frenzied State: Self-titled (2014)

Fucked Up: Glass Boys (2014)

Fury: Kingdom Come (2014)

Gas Rag: Beats Off (2014)

Gas Rag: On the Beach EP (2014)

The Gears: When Things Ger Ugly (2014)

Generacion Suicida: Toda Termina (2014)

Gerard Way: Hesitant Alien (2014)

Get the Shot: No Peace in Hell (2014)

The Ghost Inside: Dear Youth (2014)

Giftgasattack: Moraliskt Förfall (2014)

The Goddamn Gallows: The Maker (2014)

Goldblade: Acoustic Jukebox (2014)

Grade 2: Broken Youth EP (2014)

Grand Collapse: Far from the Callous Crowd (2014)

Groovie Ghoulies: Flying Saucer Rock N Roll (2014)

Happy Campers: Dancing With Demons (2014)

Hard-Ons: Peel Me Like an Egg (2014)

Harm/Shelter: The Evil Within EP (2014)

Have Mercy: A Place of Our Own (2014)

The Holy Mess: Comfort in the Discord (2014)

Hoods: Gato Negro (2014)

Insanity Alert: Self-titled  (2014)

Iron City Hooligans: Armored Saints (2014)

Iron Reagan: Then Tyranny of Will (2014)

Jesus Cröst: 1986 (2014)

K.K.P.A.: ... Och Ut Kröp Svinen (2014)

Knock Off: Same Shit Different City (2014)

Lagwagon: Hang (2014)

The Lawrence Arms: Metropole (2014)

Left Alone: Harbor Area (2014)

LIFE: Proof of Survival EP (2014)

Lost Warning: Never Surrender (2014)

The Loud Ones: Time to Skate (2014)

Madball: Hardcore Lives (2014)

Maid of Ace: Self-titled  (2014)

Martyrdöd: Elddop (2014)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Are We Not Men? We Are Diva! (2014)

The Men: Tomorrow's Hits (2014)

METZ: II (2015)

Microwave: Stovall (2014)

Misery: From the Seeds that We Have Sown (2014)

Morning Glory: War Psalms (2014)

The Murder City Devils:  The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again (2014)

Mustard Plug: Can't Contain It (2014)

MyManMike: I’m Pregnant (2014)

Narcoleptic Youth: One Nation Under Nothing (2014)

Neighborhood Brats: Recovery (2014)

Night Fever: Vendetta (2014)

Noi!se: The Scars We Hide (2014)

No Sir I Won't: Shit EP (2014)

The OBGMs: Self-titled (2014)

Off!: Wasted Years (2014)

Oily Boys: Majesty EP (2014)

Okkultokrati: Night Jerks (2014)

Old Firm Casuals: This Means War (2014)

Only Crime: Pursuance (2014)

The Pack A.D.: Do Not Engage (2014)

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Destroy Future Less System EP (2014)

Parasit: Bag of Enemies EP (2014)

Pat the Bunny: Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything (2014)

Pears: Go to Prison (2014)

Pennywise: Yesterdays (2014)

Pianos Become the Teeth: Keep You (2014)

Pisse: Praktikum In Der Karibik EP (2014)

Piss Piss Piss: Never Heard of Amebix (2014)

Plague Vendor: Free to Eat (2014)

The Potato Pirates: Raised Better than This (2014)

Power Trip: Self-titled (2014)

Procrastinate: Subjugated Herd EP (2014)

Project46: Que Seja Feita A Nossa Vontade (2014)

Punch: They Don't Have to Believe (2014)

The Raging Nathans: Losing It (2014)

Rancid: ...Honor Is All We Know (2014)

Rash: Demo (2014)

Rash: Hunting Humans EP (2014)

Raspberry Bulbs: Privacy (2014)

Ratos de Porão: Século Sinistro (2014)

Raw Power: Tired & furious (2014)

Razorblade: My Name Is Vengeance (2014)

Rebelmatic: Elephant Amnesia (2014)

Recessions: Self-titled (2014)

Ringworm: Hammer of the Witch (2014)

Rise Against: The Black Market (2014)

Rotunda: Spitting Feathers EP (2014)

Rotz & Wasser: Assi & Charmant (2014)

The Roughneck Riot: Out of Anger (2014)

Ryker’s: Hard To The Core (2014)

The Screaming Brain: Brainless EP (2014)

Seahaven: Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only (2014)

Sheer Terror: Standing Up for Falling Down (2014)

Shock Waves: Night of the Music (2014)

Sick of It All: The Last Act of Defiance (2014)

Slapshot: Slapshot (2014)

Sleaford Mods: Divide and Exit (2014)

Sledding with Tigers: Not the Beatles Yet (2014)

Sledding with Tigers: A Necessary Bummer (2014)

Slutever: White Flag (2014)

Smut Peddlers: Going In (2014)

Special Duties: 77 One More Time Vol. 1 (2014)

Special Duties: 77 One More Time Vol. 2 (2014)

Spider Crew: Too Old to Die Young (2014)

S.P.I.T.: Hippie Puncher Demo (2014)

Spunge:  Hang On? (2014)

Spunk Volcano and the Eruptions: Injection (2014)


State of Decay: Portrait of Lies EP (2014)

The Stealers: Breakout (2014)

Step To Freedom: Social Zombies (2014)

Stiff Little Fingers: No Going Back (2014)

Straphangers: Contortionist (2014)

Surfbort: R.I.P. Die Old EP (2014)

Suicide Silence: You Can't Stop Me (2014)

The Supersuckers: Get the Hell (2014)

Swingin’ Utters: Fistful Of Hollow (2014)

Sworn Enemy: Living on Borrowed Time (2014)

Systematic Death: The Moon Watches (2014)

Terrorgruppe: Inzest im Familiengrab (2014)

Thee Oh Sees: Drop (2014)

Thou: Heathen (2014)

Thou: The Sacrifice EP (2014)

Tørsö: Community Psychosis EP (2014)

Trap Them: Blissfucker (2014)

Trash Talk: No Peace (2014)Vanna: Void (2014)

Turnstile: Self-titled (2014)

Unearth: Watchers of Rule (2014)

Unholy Grave: Soul Grind Tornade (2014)

Unholy Grave: Grindcrew Warheads (2014)

Unholy Grave: Thunder Vibration (2014)

Vamachara: Demo EP (2014)

Versus You: Moving On (2014)

The Vibrators: Punk Mania: Return to the Roots (2014)

Violent Reaction: Dead End EP (2014)

Warhound: Next Level (2014)

We The Heathens: Stench of a Thousand Farts EP (2014)

We The Heathens: Self-titled (2014)

White Lung: Deep Fantasy (2014)

Who Killed Spikey Jacket?: Beerstorm Trooper EP (2014)

Who Killed Spikey Jacket?: Gluehead EP (2014)

Widows (2): San Diego Calling Collect… (2014)

Wild Billy Chyldish & CMTF: Acorn Man (2014)

Witchaven: Blood Sacrifice (2014)

Wolfpack [2]: Seen Not Heard (2014)

Wonk Unit: Nervous Racehorse (2014)

The World/Inferno Friendship Society: This Packed Funeral (2014)

You Blew It: Keep Doing What You’re Doing (2014)

Young and in the Way: When Life Comes to Death (2014)

Young Widows: Easy Pain (2014)

Zaunpfahl: In Zeiten leerer Kassen (2014)

Zero Boys: Hollywood EP (2014)

Zero Boys: Monkey (2014)

Zyanose: Putrid Sick Society EP (2014)


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