Punk: 2005-2009
Punk: 1995-1999

Punk: 2000-2004

Albums from this period are below the fold.

7 Angels 7 Plagues: Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Fall (2000)

Active Minds: Recipe for Disaster EP (2000)

Adhesive: We Got the Beat (2000)

Against All Authority: 24 Hour Roadside Resistance (2000)

American Nightmare: 4 Song Demo (2000)

Antidote [2]: Go Pogo! (2000)

A.P.P.L.E.: All Punks Please Leave Earth (2000)

The Arrivals: Goodbye New World (2000)

As Friends Rust: The Fist of Time (2000)

At the Drive In: Relationship of Command (2000)

Avail: One Wrench (2000)

Awkward Thought: Mayday (2000)

Balzac: Zennou-Naru Musuu-No Me Ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu (2000)

Belvedere: Angels Live in My Town (2000)

Bierpatrioten: Geh mit Got (2000)

Big Wig: Self-titled (2000)

Billyclub: FUVM (2000)

Blind Pigs: The Punks Are Alright (2000)

The Blood Brothers: This Adultery Is Ripe (2000)

Blyth Power: The Bricklayer's Arms (2000)

Bombshell Rocks: Underground Radio (2000)

Boulder: Ravage and Savage (2000)

Bratmobile: Ladies, Women, and Girls (2000)

The Briefs: Hit after Hit (2000)

Bug Central: The Meek Will Inherit Nothing (2000)

Bug Central: Money and Riots EP (2000)

Captain Everything!: Learning to Play With… (2000)

The Casualties: Stay out of Order (2000)

Chaos UK: Kanpai (2000)

Citizen Fish: Third Psychological Breakdown

Report (2000)

Civil Disorder: Goddamn City (2000)

Cockney Rejects: Out of the Gutter (2000)

Combat 84: Orders of the Day (2000)

Combat Shock (2): Hospital Food EP (2000)

Common Enemy: Self-titled EP (2000)

Common Rider: Last Wave Rockers (2000)

Contravene: Times of War, Times of Peace EP (2000)

Cro-Mags: Revenge (2000)

Deadguy: I Know Your Tragedy (2000)

Death Threat: Peace & Security (2000)

Defiance: Nothing Lasts Forever (2000)

Derozer: Mondo Perfetto (2000)

Destroy Everything EP (2000)

Devotchkas: Live Fast…Die Young (2000)

Dezerter: Decydujące starcie (2000)

Dillinger Four: Versus God (2000)

The Distillers: Self-titled (2000)

Dogshit Sandwich: Gary Glitter, You Filthy Cunt EP (2000)

Dogwood: Building a Better Me (2000)

Driller Killer: And The Winner Is… (2000)

Dwarves: The Dwarves Come Clean (2000)

Earth Crisis: Slither (2000)

Electric Frankenstein: Annie's Grave (2000)

Elektroduendes: Tras La Alambrada EP (2000)

Ensign: Three Years Two Months Eleven Days (2000)

Envy: The Eyes of Single Eared Prophet EP (2000)

Evil Conduct: Sorry... No! (2000)

Ex-Cathedra: Forced Knowledge (2000)

Eyehategod: Confederacy of Ruined Lives (2000)

Face to Face: Reactionary (2000)

Fahnenflucht: Beissreflex (2000)

Fear: American Beer (2000)

Figure Four: No Weapons Formed Against Us (2000)

Flag of Democracy: FOD World (2000)

Flogging Molly: Swagger (2000)

The Forgotten Rebels: Nobody’s Hero (2000)

Freebase: Nothing to Regret (2000)

From Ashes Rise: Concrete & Steel (2000)

From Ashes Rise: Silence (2000)

Funeral Dress: Party Political Bullshit (2000)

Fury of Five: This Time It’s Personal (2000)

F.Y.P.: Toys That Kill (2000)

The GC5: Kisses From Hanoi (2000)

A Global Threat: Until We Die (2000)

Gloom: Mentally Achronistic 2000 EP (2000)

Grief: …And Man Will Become the Hunted (2000)

Groovie Ghoulies: Travels With My Amp (2000)          

Happy Campers: S'Morecore (2000)

Hard-Ons: This Terrible Place (2000)

Heaven Shall Burn: Asunder (2000)

The Hope Conspiracy: Cold Blue (2000)

Hot Snakes: Automatic Midnight (2000)

Ignite: A Place Called Home (2000)

I Hate Myself: 2 Songs EP (2000)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Survival Sickness (2000)

J Church: One Mississippi (2000)

Jeromes Dream: Seeing Means More than Safety (2000)

Juggling Jugulars: Propaganda Immunity (2000)

Kickback: Les 150 Passions Meurtrières (2000)

Kid Dynamite: Shorter, Faster, Louder (2000)

Kill Your Idols: No Gimmicks Needed (2000)

K.K.P.A.: För Jävelen (2000)

Knuckledust: Time Won't Heal This (2000)

The Lawrence Arms: A Guided Tour of Chicago (2000)

Leatherface: Horsebox (2000)

Leftöver Crack: Rock the 40 Oz. EP (2000)

Leftöver Crack: Shoot the Kids at School EP (2000)

Limp Wrist: Don’t Knock It Till You Try It (2000)

The Living End: Roll On (2000)

Lower Class Brats: The Plot Sickens (2000)

Madball: Hold It Down (2000)

Majority Rule: Four Song Demo EP (2000)

Maroon: Captive in the Room of the Conspirator (2000)

McClusky: My Pain and Sadness is More Sad and Painful Than Yours (2000)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Pay Attention (2000)

Millencolin: Pennybridge Pioneers (2000)

Monuments to Ruins: Self-titled  EP (2000)

The Mud City Manglers: Heart Full of Hate (2000)

The Murder City Devils: In Name and Blood (2000)

MxPx: The Ever Passing Moment (2000)

Nailed Down: Victory (2000)

The Nation of Ulysses: The Embassy Tapes (2000)

The Nerve Agents: Days Of The White Owl (2000)

New Bomb Turks: Nightmare Scenario (2000)

Nihilistics: Truth EP (2000)

Nihilistics: Vaginosis (2000)

Nobodys: I’ve Been Everywhere (2000)

NOFX: Pump Up the Valuum (2000)

Nomeansno: One (2000)

No Turning Back: The Beautiful Lies (2000)

Numb: Platinumb (2000)

The Offspring:  Conspiracy of One (2000)

One Man Army: Last Spoken Word (2000)

Orchid: Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! (2000)

Oxo 86: Heut' Trinken Wir... (2000)

The Pinkerton Thugs: End of an Era (2000)

Popperklopper: Alles wird gut (2000)

Porno Riviste: Sogni, Incubi E... La Cosa Inutile (2000)

Potshot: Til’ I Die (2000)

Pro-Pain: Round 6 (2000)

Protestera: Kampen Går Vidare (2000)

The Queers: Beyond The Valley... (2000)

Raised Fist: Ignoring the Guidelines (2000)

The Randumbs: Things Are Tough All Over (2000)

Ratos de Porão: Guerra Civil Canibal EP (2000)

Riistetyt: Tervetuloa kuolelma (2000)

Riot/Clone: Do You Want Fries with That? (2000)

River City Rebels: Racism, Religion, and War… (2000)

Rollins Band: Get Some Go Again (2000)

Runnin Riot: Monk’s Not Dead (2000)

Ryker’s: From the Cradle to the Grave (2000)

Satanic Surfers: Fragments and Fractions (2000)

Scumbrigade: Negative Hardcore Destructive Youth (2000)

Severed Head Of State: Black Blood World EP (2000)

Severed Head Of State: Jedem Das Seine EP (2000)

Severed Head Of State: Self-titled (2000)

Shelter: When 20 Summers Pass (2000)

Shutdown: Few and Far Between (2000)

Shyster: Say Uncle (2000)

Sick of It All: Yours Truly (2000)

Sick on the Bus: Set Fire to Someone in Authority (2000)

The Skinflicks: Steel-Toe Anthems (2000)

Sleater-Kinney: All Hands on the Bad One (2000)

Slight Slappers: A Selfish World Called Freedom (2000)

Snapcase: Designs for Automotion (2000)

Society of Friends: Growing Up, Moving Away (2000)

Soilwork: The Chainheart Machine (2000)

Sonic Youth: NYC Ghosts & Flowers (2000)

Son of Sam [2]: Songs from the Earth (2000)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Polvo en los Ojos (2000)

The Specials:  Skinhead Girl (2000)

Splodge: I Don’t Know (2000)

Spread:  Hope from Despair (2000)

Spunge:  Room for Abuse (2000)

Straight Faced: Pulling Teeth (2000)

Strike Anywhere: Chorus of One EP (2000)

Suicidal Tendencies: Free Your Soul and Save My Mind (2000)

Sunny Day Real Estate: The Rising Tide (2000)

Swingin’ Utters: Self-titled (2000)

The Teen Idols: Full Leather Jacket (2000)

Terrorgruppe: 1 World 0 Future (2000)

Thug Murder: The 13th Round (2000)

Thrice: Identity Crisis (2000)

The Tossers: Long Dim Road (2000)

Totalt Jävla Mörker: Industri, betong och sålda själar EP (2000)

Tragedy: Self-titled (2000)

Troublemakers: Pogo (2000)

Ulster: Aperte O Gatilho ‎(2000)

Uncurbed: Keeps the Banner High (2000)

Underøath: Cries of the Past (2000)

The Vandals: Look What I Almost Stepped In... (2000)

The Varukers: How Do You Sleep? (2000)

The Vibrators: Noise Boys (2000)

Vicious Circle: Switched On (2000)

Victims: Harder than It Was Meant to Be EP (2000)

Violent Femmes: Freak Magnet (2000)

The Virus: Still Fighting for a Future (2000)

Vitamin X: See Thru Their Lies (2000)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Symbolic (2000)

The Weakerthans: Left and Leaving (2000)

The White Stripes: De Stijl (2000)

A Wilhelm Scream: The Way to a Girl's Heart Is Through Her Boyfriend's Stomach (2000)

The Wretched Ones: We Don't Belong to Nobody (2000)         

Yidcore: YIDcore (2000)

Zeke: Dirty Sanchez (2000)

Zumbis do Espaço: Abominável Mundo Monstro (2000)

4ft Fingers: At Your Convenience (2001)

4 Promille: Und ab… (2001)

7 Angels 7 Plagues: Jhazmine’s Lullaby (2001)

8°6 Crew: Menil’Express (2001)

59 Times the Day: Calling the Public (2001)

Against Me!: The Accoustic EP (2001)

Agnostic Front: Dead Yuppies (2001)

American Nightmare: Year One (2001)

Anal Cunt: Defenders of the Hate (2001)

Anti-Flag: Underground Network (2001)

Antiphaty: For the Scene (2001)

Antiseen: The Boys From Brutalsville (2001)

Argyle Goolsby: Let Flowers Die (2001)

Arma Angelus: Where Sleeplessness Is Rest from Nightmares (2001)

Arma Angelus: The Personal Is Political EP (2001)

Armchair Martian: Monsters Always Scream (2001)

As Friends Rust: Won (2001)

Aus-Rotten: The Rotten Agenda (2001)

Awkward Thought: Fear Not (2001)

Bane: Give Blood (2001)

The Beltones: Cheap Trinkets (2001)

The Beltones: Shitty in Pink EP (2001)

Belvedere: ‘Twas Hell Said Former Child (2001)

Bigwig: An Invitation to Tragedy (2001)

Billyclub: Serve Loud (2001)

Blitzkid: Let Flowers Die (2001)

Blood for Blood: Wasted Youth Brew (2001)

Bombshell Rocks: City Rats & Alley Cats (2001)

Buried Alive: Last Rites (2001)

Burn: Cleanse (2001)

Candiria: 300 Percent Density (2001)

Captain Everything!: Make the Love Connection (2001)

The Casualties: Die Hards (2001)

Champion: Come Out Swinging EP (2001)

Charlie Brown Jr.: Shaking Your Factory (2001)

Circle Takes the Square: Self-titled  EP (2001)

Citizen Fish: Life Size (2001)

Converge: Jane Doe (2001)

The Culprits: Fifteen Thirteen (2001)

Dead Moon: Trash & Burn (2001)

Desobediencia Civil: No Hay Libertad Sin Desobediencia (2001)

Deviates: Time Is the Distance (2001)

Dogwood: This is Not a New Album (2001)

Dogwood: Matt Aragon (2001)

Drei Flaschen: Die Rebellion steck im Detail (2001)

Dr. Know: Habily: What Was Old Is New (2001)

Dwarves: How To Win Friends And Influence People (2001)

Earth Crisis: Last of the Sane (2001)

Eight Balls: Self-titled  (2001)

Electric Frankenstein: The Buzz of 1000 Volts! (2001)

Ensign: The Price of Progression (2001)

Envy: All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead (2001)

Evergreen Terrace: Losing All Hope Is Freedom (2001)

Every Time I Die: Last Night in Town (2001)

The Ex: Dizzy Spells (2001)

Extreme Noise Terror: Being and Nothing (2001)

Fabulous Disaster: Put Out or Get Out (2001)

The Fartz: What’s In a Name? (2001)

Los Fastidos: Guardo Avanti (2001)

Figure Four: When It’s All Said and Done (2001)

Fleas and Lice: Recipes for Catastrophes (2001)

F-Minus: Suburban Blight (2001)

Frodus: And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea (2001)

From Autumn to Ashes: Too Bad You’re Beautiful (2001)

Fugazi: The Argument (2001)

Funeral Dress: A Way Of Life (2001)

The Generators: Tyranny (2001)

Give Up the Ghost: Background Music (2001)

Gloom: Noise Attack Devastating Tokyo City (2001)

Good Riddance: Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit (2001)

HardSell: Bark of the Underdog (2001)

Harum-Scarum: Suppose We Try (2001)

Holier than Thou: The Hating of the Guts (2001)

Hoods: Time...The Destroyer (2001)

Hot Cross: A New Set of Lungs EP (2001)

Hot Water Music: A Flight and a Crash (2001)

The Icarus Line: Mono (2001)

Integrity: Closure (2001)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy: A New Morning, Changing Weather (2001)

Irate (NYC): 11:34 (2001)

Jeromes Dream: Presents (2001)

Kaaos: Ismit (2001)

Kill Your Idols: Funeral for a Feeling (2001)

Kismet HC: Our Message Is of Anger…Our Voices Are of Pain (2001)

Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards: Self-titled  (2001)

Leftöver Crack: Mediocre Generica (2001)

LIFE: The Master of Darkness EP (2001)

Limp Wrist: Self-titled (2001)

Majority Rule: Interviews with David Frost (2001)

Makeshift 3: Game Day (2001)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Blow in the Wind (2001)

Morning Glory: This Is No Time ta Sleep (2001)

Mouthwash: 1000 Dreams (2001)

The Mud City Manglers: Tired of Losing EP (2001)

Murphy’s Law: The Party's Over (2001)

The Neighbors: Negative Attraction (2001)

The Nerve Agents: The Butterfly Collection (2001)

New Bomb Turks: The Big Combo (2001)

Nobodys: Less Hits More Tits (2001)

Nomeansno: Generic Shame EP (2001)

None More Black: Self-titled EP (2001)

No Redeeming Social Value: 40 Oz. of Hardcore (2001)

North Side Kings: This Things Is Ours (2001)

No Warning: Self-titled EP (2001)

Patrik Fitzgerald: Room Service (2001)

Pennywise: Land of the Free? (2001)

Perkele: Voice Of Anger (2001)

Persiana Jones: Agarra la Onda (2001)

Phobia: Serenity Through Pain (2001)

Pig Destroyer: Prowler in the Yard (2001)

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Fuck with Fire (2001)

Popperklopper: Learning to Die (2001)

Porno Riviste: Codice A Sbarre (2001)

Propagandhi:  Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes (2001)

Pulley: Together Again for the First Time (2001)

Pungent Stench: Masters of Moral, Servants of Sin (2001)

Race War: The White Race Will Prevail (2001)**

Rasta Knast: Bandera Pirata (2001)

Ratos de Porão: Sistemados Pelo Crucifa (2001)

Raw Power: Trust Me (2001)

Resistance 77: Retaliate First (2001)

Rhythm Collision: All Bombs Away (2001)

Right Brigade: Self-titled (2001)

Riistetyt: Kuka Valehtelee? (2001)

Ringworm: Birth is Pain (2001)

Rise Against: The Unraveling (2001)

River City Rebels: Playing to Live, Living to Play (2001)

Rollins Band: Nice (2001)

Saves the Day: Stay What You Are (2001)

Severed Head Of State: No Love Lost EP (2001)

Sham 69: Direct Action: Day 21 (2001)

Shelter: The Purpose, The Passion (2001)

Skafield: Fasten Your Seatbelts (2001)

The Skinflicks: Lies, Damned Lies, & Skinhead Stories (2001)

Skitsystem: Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen (2001)

Skruigners: Finalmente Vi Odio Davvero (2001)

Slaughter and the Dogs: Beware Of... (2001)

Smut Peddlers: ISM (2001)

Soilent Green: A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down (2001)

Soilwork: A Predator's Portrait (2001)

The Specials:  Conquering Ruler (2001)

Stage Bottles: I’ll Live My Life (2001)

Stray from the Pack: People Over Profit (2001)

Stretch Arm Strong: A Revolution Transmission (2001)

Strike Anywhere: Change is a Sound (2001)

Strike Anywhere: Fat Club EP (2001)

Submission Hold: Sackcloth and Ashes (2001)

The Suicide Machines: Self-titled (2001)

Sworn Enemy: Negative Outlook (2001)

The Templars: Horns of Hattin (2001)

Thursday: Full Collapse (2001)

Total Chaos: Punk Invasion (2001)

Tragedy: Self-titled (2001)

Trapped in Life: Blood and Gold (2001)

U.K. Subs: Timewarp (2001)

Unearth: The Stings of Conscience (2001)

The Unseen: The Anger & The Truth (2001)

Until the Ink: Blood in the Ink (2001)

U.S. Bombs: Back at the Laundromat (2001)

The Vapids: Charm School Dropouts (2001)

Victims: Neverendinglasting (2001)

The Von Bondies: Lack of Communication (2001)

Weezer: Weezer (Green Album) (2001)

The White Stripes: White Blood Cells (2001)

Wild Billy Chyldish & The Buff Medways: This is This (2001)

A Wilhelm Scream: Benefits of Thinking Out Loud (2001)

Wolfbrigade: Progression/Regression (2001)

Yacøpsæ: Einstweilige Vernichtung (2001)

Zaunpfahl: Gesicht (2001)

Zeke: Death Alley (2001)

Zero Down: With a Lifetime to Pay (2001)

4ft Fingers: From Hero to Zero (2002)

30 Foot Fall: The Doppler Effect (2002)

59 Times the Pain: More out of Today (2002)

98 Mute: After the Fall (2002)

Ääritila: Self-titled  EP (2002)

Accion Mutante: Up the Metal Punx (2002)

Accion Mutante: Ghetto Europa (2002)

Against Me!: Reinventing Axl Rose (2002)

Alexisonfire: Self-titled  (2002)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead (2002)

Anti-flag: Mobilize (2002)

Argy Bargy: Songs from the Streets (2002)

Authority Zero: A Passage in Time (2002)

Avail: Front Porch Stories (2002)

Awkward Thought: Ruin a Good Time (2002)

Balzac: Terrifying! Art of Dying – The Last Men on Earth II (2002)

Behind Enemy Lines: Know Your Enemy (2002)

Blind Pigs: Self-titled (2002)

The Blood Brothers: March on Electric Children (2002)

Blood for Blood: Outlaw Anthems (2002)

Bloodlet: The Three Humid Nights in the Cypress Trees (2002)

Blyth Power: On the Viking Station (2002)

Boulder: Reaped in Half: Act I and II (2002)

Brain Failure: Turn of the Distortion! (2002)

Bratmobile: Girls Get Busy (2002)

The Brokedowns: Let the Disappointment Begin (2002)

Burnt by the Sun: Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution (2002)

Career Suicide: Self-titled  (2002)

Caustic Christ: No Love EP (2002)

Champion: Count Our Numbers EP (2002)

Channel 3: CH3 (2002)

The Chinkees: Searching for a Brighter Future (2002)

City of Caterpillar: Self-titled (2002)

Civil Disorder: Berontak Dan Nalar (2002)

Common Enemy: Outsiders (2002)

Consumed: Pistols at Dawn (2002)

Contravene: A Call to Action (2002)

Dag Nasty: Minority of One (2002)

Deafness by Noise: Last Minute Call (2002)

Death Threat: For God & Government (2002)

Defiance: Out of the Ashes (2002)

Demob: Better Late than Never (2002)

Derozer: Chiusi Dentro (2002)

Digger: Keystone (2002)

Discharge (2002)

Disorder: We’re Still Here (2002)

The Distillers: Sing Sing Death House (2002)

D.O.A.: Win the Battle (2002)

Dogshit Sandwich: Royal Sponger EP (2002)

The Domestics: Keep It Lean (2002)

The Dregs: Skipping Class (2002)

Driller Killer: Cold, Cheap & Disconnected (2002)

Drunk Injuns: From Where The Sun Now Stands I Will Fight No More, Forever (2002)

Ekkaia: Manos Que Estrechan Planes De Muerte Y Sometimiento (2002)

Emscherkurve 77: Lern Ma Deutsch! Lektion 1 (2002)

English Dogs: This Is Not A War (2002)

Evergreen Terrace: Burned Alive by Time (2002)

Everybody Gets Hurt: The Dark Seeds of Man (2002)

Evil Conduct: Eye For an Eye (2002)

Extinction Of Mankind: Ale to England EP (2002)

Face to Face: How to Ruin Everything (2002)

Fall Silent: Drunken Violence (2002)

The Fartz: Injustice (15 Working Class Songs) (2002)

The Fartz: Viet-Raq (2002)

Fear Before The March Of Flames: Self-titled  EP (2002)

Feederz: Vandalism: Beautiful As a Rock in a Cop's Face (2002)

Flatfoot 56: Rumble of 56 (2002)

Flogging Molly: Drunken Lullabies (2002)

Framtid: Under the Ashes EP (2002)

Freebase: My Life My Rules (2002)

Funeral (2): 16 Song EP (2002)

Funeral Diner: The Difference of Potential (2002)

G.B.H.: Ha Ha (2002)

The GC5: Never Bet the Devil Your Head (2002)

The Generators: State of the Nation (2002)

Genocide Superstars: Self-titled EP (2002)

Genocide Superstars: Iron Cross (2002)

The Get Up Kids: On a Wire (2002)

Girls Against Boys: You Can't Fight What You Can't See (2002)

A Global Threat: Here We Are (2002)

Gogol Bordello: Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony (2002)

Goldblade: Do U Believe In The Power of Rock 'n' Roll? (2002)

Groovie Ghoulies: Go! Stories (2002)

HardSell: Breaking the Jaw (2002)

Hatebreed: Perseverance (2002)

The Hope Conspiracy: Endnote (2002)

Hopesfall: The Satellite Years (2002)

Hot Snakes: Suicide Invoice (2002)

Hot Water Music: Caution (2002)

Human Bastard: Self-titled (2002)

Icons of Filth: Nostradamnedus (2002)

INDK: Kill Whitey! (2002)

Inepsy: See You In Hell EP (2002)

The Lawrence Arms: Apathy and Exhaustion (2002)

Left Alone: Streets of Wilmington (2002)

Maroon: Antagonist (2002)

McClusky: Mclusky Do Dallas (2002)

mewithoutYou: [A→B] Life (2002)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones: A Jackknife to a Swan (2002)

Millencolin: Home from Home (2002)

Mudhoney: Since We've Become Translucent (2002)

Murphy’s Law: Beer, Smoke, And Live (2002)

Mustard Plug: Yellow No. 5 (2002)

Načo Názov: Myslieť Nadovšetko (2002)

Nailed Down: Might Is Right EP (2002)

Nailed Down: Perth Wolfpack (2002)

New Bomb Turks: The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still (2002)

Norma Jean: Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child (2002)            

No Use for a Name: Hard Rock Bottom (2002)

No Warning: Ill Blood (2002)

On Broken Wings: Number One Beautiful (2002)

One Man Army: Rumors and Headlines (2002)

Orchid: Gatefold (2002)

Oxo 86: Bernauer Bierchansons (2002)

Perkele: No Shame (2002)

Pitboss 2000: Told Her Twice (2002)

Pöbel und Gesocks: Lieder Über Leben Und Tod (2002)

Poison the Well: Tear from the Red (2002)

Potshot: A Go Go (2002)

Premonitions of War: The True Face of Panic (2002)

Pro-Pain: Shreds of Dignity (2002)

Protestera: Rock n Riot (2002)

The Queers: Pleasant Screams (2002)

Raised Fist: Dedication (2002)

Ratos de Porão: Onisciente Coletivo (2002)

Razorblade: Spreading Fear (2002)

The Restarts: Slumworld (2002)

River City Rebels: No Good No Time No Pride (2002)

Roger Miret and the Disasters: Self-titled (2002)

Rotten Sound: Murderworks (2002)

Rövsvett: Kick Ass!! (2002)

Satanic Surfers: Unconsciously Confined (2002)

Schleim-Keim: Leck mich am Arsch EP (2002)

Send More Paramedics: A Feast for the Fallen (2002)

Sick on the Bus: Go to Hell (2002)

The Skeptix: Hate and Fear (2002)

The Skinflicks: Beyond Good and Evil (2002)

The Skulls: Therapy for the Shy (2002)

Sleater-Kinney: One Beat (2002)

Snapcase: End Transmission (2002)

Soilwork: Natural Born Chaos (2002)

Sonic Youth: Murray Street (2002)

Spunge:  The Story So Far (2002)

Stray from the Path: People Over Profit (2002)

Strife: Angermeans (2002)

Strung Out: An American Paradox (2002)

The Suicide File: Self-titled EP (2002)

Superjoint: Use Once and Destroy (2002)

Surf-Nazis Must Die: Self-titled (2002)

Surgery without Research: Gun Logic (2002)

Sworn Enemy: Integrity Defines Strength (2002)

Tara Perdida: É Assim... ‎(2002)

Ten Foot Pole: Bad Mother Trucker (2002)

Ten Grand: The Comprehensive List of Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong to Us (2002)

Ten Grand: This Is the Way to Rule (2002)

Threats: Back in Hell (2002)

Thrice: The Illusion of Safety (2002)

Toxic Narcotic: Had it Coming EP (2002)

Tragedy: Can We Call This Life? (2002)

U.K. Subs: Universal (2002)

Uncurbed: Punks on Parole (2002)

Underøath: The Changing of Times (2002)

Unwritten Law: Elva (2002)

Uppercut (2): A Luta Continua (2002)

The Vandals: Internet Dating Super Studs (2002)

The Vapids: Teenage Head (2002)

The Vibrators: Energize (2002)

The Virus: Nowhere to Hide (2002)

Vitamin X: Down The Drain (2002)

Volxsturm: Bi Uns To Hus... (2002)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Steady as She Goes (2002)

Weezer: Maladroit (2002)

Wild Billy Chyldish & The Buff Medways: Steady the Buffs (2002)

World Burns To Death: The Art of Self-Destruction EP (2002)

World Burns To Death: Human Meat…Tossed to the Dogs of War EP (2002)

World Burns To Death: The Sucking of the Missle Cock (2002)

The World/Inferno Friendship Society: Just the Best Party (2002)

Xpozez: Democrazy EP (2002)

Złodzieje Rowerów: Ten Moment (2002)

Zumbis do Espaço: Aberrações Que Somos (2002)

340ml: Moving (2003)

Ääritila: EP (2003)

Ääritila: …Ja Kaikki Kuitenkin Päättyy Kuolemaan! (2003)

Actives: Reactivated (2003)

Against Me!: As the Eternal Cowboy (2003)

The Agony Scene: Self-titled  (2003)

All Out War: Condemned to Suffer (2003)

Amenra: Mass I (2003)

Antidote [2]: Back in Year Zero (2003)

Anti-Flag: The Terror State (2003)

Apatia No: El Ruido De Antes... Contra Los Opresores De Siempre (2003)

Argyle Goolsby: Trace of a Stranger (2003)

The Arrivals: Exsenator Orange (2003)

The Astro Zombies: Mutilate, Torture and Kill (2003)

Avskum: Punkista (2003)

Battle of Disarm: 平和 (2003)

Behind Enemy Lines: The Global Cannibal (2003)

Bickle's Cab: …Only Darkness Waits (2003)

Blitzkid: Traces of a Stranger (2003)

The Blood Brothers: ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn (2003)

Born from Pain: Sands of Time (2003)

The Briefs: Off the Charts (2003)

The Briggs: Numbers (2003)

Burnt by the Sun: The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good (2003)

Buzzcocks: Self-titled (2003)

Captain Everything!: It’s Not Rocket Science (2003)

Caustic Christ: Can’t Relate (2003)

Cheap Sex: Launch Off to War (2003)

Collision: Romantic Display of Love (2003)

Comeback Kid: Turn It Around (2003)

The Culprits: Nora (2003)

Cursed: One (2003)

Daïtro: Des Cendres, Je Me Consumme (2003)

Daymare: Self-titled EP (2003)

Defiance, Ohio: Share What Ya Got (2003)

Disfear: Misanthropic Generation (2003)

Disorder: Kamikaze EP (2003)

The Distillers: Coral Fang (2003)

Dödsdömd: Samhällets Fiender Nummer Ett (2003)  

Dogshit Sandwich: Murdering Bastards (2003)

Dogwood: Seismic (2003)

Down to Nothing: Save It for the Birds (2003)

Ensign: Love the Music, Hate the Kids (2003)

Envy: A Dead Sinking Story (2003)

Evergreen Terrace: Sincerity Is an Easy Disguise in This Business (2003)

Every Time I Die: Hot Damn! (2003)

The Exploding Hearts: Guitar Romantic (2003)

The Exploited: Fuck the System (2003)

Fabulous Disaster: Panty Raid (2003)

Fahnenflucht: K.O. System (2003)

The Fall of Troy: Self-titled (2003)

FC Five: Memories (2003)

Fear Before The March Of Flames: Odd How People Shake (2003)

Figure Four: Suffering the Loss (2003)

Flatfoot 56: Waves of War (2003)

Fleischwolf: Lebenskraft (2003)

F-Minus: Wake Up Screaming (2003)

From Ashes Rise: Nightmares (2003)

From Autumn to Ashes: The Fiction We Live (2003)

Funeral (2): Cry of State Desperation EP (2003)

Gallhammer: Gloomy Lights (2003)

Garotos Podres: Garotozil de Podrezepam (2003)

Genocide Superstars: III: Superstar Destroyer (2003)

Give Up the Ghost: We’re Down Til We’re Underground (2003)

Goldblade: Strictly Hardcore (2003)

Good Riddance: Bound by Ties of Blood and Affection (2003)

Groovie Ghoulies: Monster Club (2003)

Gumbles: In Duff We Trust (2003)

Happy Campers: Black Bear Album (2003)

Hard-Ons: Very Exciting! (2003)

Harley's War: Cro-Mag (2003)

Hatebreed: The Rise of Brutality (2003)

Have Heart: 2003 EP (2003)

Heaven Shall Burn: Whatever It May Take (2002)

Hellshock: Only the Dead Know the End of War (2003)

Heros & Zeros: Wake-Up Call (2003)

Hoods: Pray For Death (2003)

Hot Cross: Cryonics (2003)

The Icarus Line: Three Jesus Songs EP (2003)

Inepsy: Rock ‘N’ Roll Babylon (2003)

Inner Terrestrials: X (2003)

Integrity: To Die For (2003)

I Would Set Myself on Fire for You: Self-titled (2003)

Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains: Fire Hazard (2003)           

Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains: Anarchy Means I Hate You (2003)

Kids Like Us: The 80s Are Dead (2003)

Kill Your Idols: Four Our Friends (2003)

Knuckledust: Universal Struggle (2003)

Koffin Kats: Self-titled (2003)

Lagwagon: Blaze (2003)

The Lawrence Arms: The Greatest Story Ever Told (2003)

Lebenden Toten: 8 Track Demo! (2003)

Lebenden Toten: Nuclear Flowers EP (2003)

Lebenden Toten: Those Deceitful People Why Do They Resort to Money? (2003)

The Living End: Modern Artillery (2003)

The Locust: Plague Soundscapes (2003)

Lower Class Brats: A Class Of Our Own (2003)

The Lurkers: 26 Years (2003)

Magrudergrind: Religious Baffle (2003)

Magrudergrind: Don't Support Humanitary Aid Led by the Church (2003)

Majority Rule: Emergency Numbers (2003)

Martyrdöd: Self-titled (2003)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Take a Break (2003)

Merauder: Bluetality (2003)

Million Dead: A Song to Ruin (2003)

M.O.D.: The Rebel You Love to Hate (2003)

Modern Life Is War: My Love. My Way. (2003)

Municipal Waste: Waste ‘em All (2003)

MxPx: Before Everything & After (2003)

Nailed Down: Resurrection (2003)

Narcoleptic Youth: How to Fake Your Death (2003)

Nervous Eaters: Eat This! (2003)

New Bomb Turks: Switchblade Tongues & Butterknife Brains (2003)

No-Ca$h: Run Your Pockets (2003)

NOFX: The War on Errorism (2003)

No Choice: Dry River Fishing (2003)

None More Black: File Under Black (2003)

No Redeeming Social Value: Self-titled (2003)

North Side Kings: A Family Affair (2003)

No Turning Back: Revenge Is a Right (2003)

The Now: Here Comes The Now (2003)

Oblivians: On the Go (2003)

The Offspring:  Splinter (2003)

OHL: Zurück Zur Front (2003)

On Broken Wings: Some of Us May Never See the World (2003)

Outlaw Order: Legalize Crime EP (2003)

Paint It Black: CVA (2003)

Pennywise: From the Ashes (2003)

Perkele: Göteborg (2003)

Persiana Jones: Brace For Impact ‎(2003)

Poison the Well: You Come Before You (2003)

Porno Riviste: Tensione 16 (2003)

Potshot: Six Potshot Rockers (2003)

Rai Ko Ris: Guerilla (2003)

Rancid: Indestructible (2003)

Raw Power: Still Screaming, After 20 Years (2003)

The Restarts: System Error (2003)

Riistetyt: Orjat ja Kurjat (2003)

Rise Against: Revolutions per Minute (2003)

The Riverdales: Phase 3 (2003)

Rövsvett: The Dwarf EP (2003)

Rövsvett: Thitma Karin ‎(2003)

Rupture: Space Ape (2003)

Saves the Day: In Reverie (2003)

Schifosi: Ill Winds from Outopia (2003)

Severed Head Of State: Anathema Device (2003)

Shai Hulud: That Within Blood Ill-Tempered (2003)

Sick of It All: Life on the Ropes (2003)

Skafield: Smiling at the Tragedy (2003)

Skitsystem: Allt E Skit EP (2003)

The Skulls: The Golden Age of Piracy (2003)

Skruigners: Duemilatre (2003)

Slapshot: Digital Warfare (2003)

Snapcase: Bright Flashes (2003)

S.O.B.: Still Grind Attitude (2003)

Soilwork: Figure Number Five (2003)

Soziedad Alkoholika: Tiempos Oscuros (2003)

Spider Crew: A Menace to Society (2003)

Spread: Rambling Platoon (2003)

Stand Against: Until the End (2003)

Stiff Little Fingers: Guitar and Drum (2003)

Stomper 98: Jetzt Erst Recht! (2003)

Stray from the Pack: Audio Prozac (2003)

Stray from the Path: Audio Prozac (2003)

Street Dogs: Savin Hill (2003)

Streetlight Manifesto: Everything Goes Numb (2003)

Stretch Arm Strong:  Engage (2003)

Strike Anywhere: Exit English (2003)

Surf-Nazis Must Die Anti-Everything EP (2003)

The Suicide File: Things Fall Apart EP (2003)

The Suicide File: Twilight (2003)

The Suicide Machines: A Match and Some Gasoline (2003)

Superjoint: A Lethal Dose of American Hatred (2003)

The Supersuckers: Motherfuckers Be Trippin' (2003)

Surgery without Research: Please Daddy Give Me a Gun (2003)

Swingin’ Utters: Dead Flowers, Bottles, Bluegrass, and Bones (2003)

Sworn Enemy: As Real As It Gets (2003)

The Teen Idols: Nothing to Prove (2003)

Terrorgruppe: Fundamental (2003)

The Thermals: More Parts per Million (2003)

Threats: Twelve Punk Moves (2003)

Thrice: The Artist in the Ambulance (2003)

Thursday: War All the Time (2003)

The Tossers: Purgatory (2003)

Total Chaos: Freedom Kills (2003)

Totalt Jävla örker: Det ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri (003)

Toxic Holocaust: Evil Never Dies (2003)

Toxic Narcotic: Shoot People, Not Dope EP (2003)

Toxic Narcotic: Beer In The Shower EP (2003)

Tragedy:  Vengeance (2003)

Troublemakers: Kleptoman (2003)

Turbonegro: Scandinavian Leather (2003)

The Undertones: Get What You Need (2003)

Union 13: Symptoms of Humanity (2003)

The Unseen: Explode (2003)

U.S. Bombs: Covert Action (2003)

Vanilla Muffins: The Drug Is Football (2003)

The Weakerthans: Reconstruction Site (2003)

The White Stripes: Elephant (2003)

Wild Billy Chyldish & The Buff Medways: 1914 (2003)

Wisdom in Chains: Self-titled (2003)

With Honor: Self-titled EP (2003)

Wolfbrigade: In Darkness You Feel No Regrets (2003)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever to Tell (2003)

Zombie Apocalypse: This Is a Spark of Life EP (2003)

4ft Fingers: A Cause for Concern (2004)

Agnostic Front: Another Voice (2004)

Alexisonfire: Watch Out! (2004)

Alice Donut: Three Sisters (2004)

All for Nothing: Start at Zero (2004)

Anatomy of a Ghost: Evanesce (2003)

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead: Worlds Apart (2004)

Antiseen: Badwill Ambassadors (2004)

Architects (1): We Will Turn Your Cemeteries Into Our Cathedrals, And Your Cities Into Tombs EP (2004)

Authority Zero: Andiamo (2004)

Balzac: Came Out of the Grave (2004)

Bastard Squad: People Like You (2004)

B.B. Bomb: Self-titled (2004)

The Blood Brothers: Crimes (2004)

Blood for Blood: Serenity… (2004)

Bonecrusher: Fractured (2004)

Bonecrusher: Tomorrow Is Too Late (2004)

Boulder: Unleashed in the Midwest (2004)

Brain Failure: American Dreamer (2004)

The Briefs: Sex Objects (2004)

The Briefs: Singles Only (2004)

The Brokedowns: Self-titled EP (2004)

Broken Bones: Time for Anger, Not Justice (2004)

The Briggs: Leaving the Ways EP (2004)

Candiria: What Doesn't Kill You... (2004)

Casey Jones: The Few, The Proud, The Crucial (2004)

The Casualties: On the Front Line (2004)

Caustic Christ: Government Job EP (2004)

Champion: Promises Kept (2004)

Champion: The Truth EP (2004)

Cheap Sex: Headed for a Breakdown (2004)

Circle Takes the Square: As the Roots Undo (2004)

Close Combat: Viva Mestreech! (2004)

Common Enemy: Late Night Strike (2004)

Converge: You Fail Me (2004)

Cop On Fire: Self-titled (2004)

Crime in Stereo: Explosives and the Will to Use Them (2004)

Dead Moon: Dead Ahead (2004)

The Deathskulls: We Will Win EP (2004)

Death Threat: Now Here Fast (2004)

Demob: If It Ain’t Punk It Ain’t Rock (2004)

Derozer: Di Nuovo In Marcia (2004)

Descendents: Cool to Be You (2004)

Destruction Unit: Self Destruction of Man (2004)

Dezerter: Nielegalny zabójca czasu (2004)

The Dillinger Escape Plan: Miss Machine (2004)

Discharger Born Immortal (2004)

Disclose: Yesterday’s Fairytale, Tomorrow’s Nightmare (2004)

D.O.A.: Live Free Or Die (2004)

Drongos For Europe: Barcode Generation (2004)

The Ducky Boys: Three Cords and the Truth (2004)

Dwarves: The Dwarves Must Die (2004)

Ekkaia: Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdon (2004)

Elektroduendes: Salgo A La Calle (2004)

Endless Pride: Parasite (2004)**

The Ex: Turn (2004)

Extinction Of Mankind: The Nightmare Seconds… (2004)

Far from Finished: Nuthin’ But Class (2004)

Los Fastidos: Siempre Contra (2004)

Fear Before The March Of Flames: Art Damage (2004)

The Filaments: …What’s Next (2004)

Flatfoot 56: Knuckles Up (2004)

Flogging Molly: Within a Mile of Home (2004)

Folsom: Self-titled  (2004)

Forced Reality: Unheard, Unreleased and Under the Boot (2004)

Funeral Dress: Come On Follow (2004)

G.B.H.: Cruel and Unusual (2004)

The Get Up Kids: Guilt Show (2004)

Ghost Mice: The Debt of the Dead (2004)

Guns Up!: All This Is (2004)

Happy Campers: Old School (2004)

HardSell: Pissed ‘n’ Broke (2004)

Harley Poe: In the Dark (2004)

Harum-Scarum: The Last Light (2004)

Have Heart: What Counts EP (2004)

Heaven Shall Burn: Antigone (2004)

Hirax: The New Age of Terror (2004)

Hopesfall: A Types (2004)

Hot Snakes: Audit in Progress (2004)

Hot Water Music: The New What Next (2004)

Human Bastard: After the Last Bomb EP (2004)

The Icarus Line: Penance Soiree (2004)

Iskra: Self-titled  (2004)

J Church: Society is a Carnivorous Flower (2004)

The Jerks: Revolution Time (2004)

Juggling Jugulars: Nothing’s Finished (2004)

Kakistocracy: Self-titled (2004)

Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards: Viking (2004)

Leatherface: Dog Disco (2004)

Left Alone: Lonely Starts & Broken Hearts (2004)

Leftöver Crack: Fuck World Trade (2004)

Maroon: Endorsed by Hate (2004)

Mass Grave: Survival of the Richest EP (2004)

McClusky: The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not on Fire (2004)

M.D.C.: Magnus Dominus Corpus (2004)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah (2004)

mewithoutYou: Catch for Us the Foxes (2004)

Misery Signals: Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (2004)

Mission of Burma: OnoffOn (2004)

Načo Názov: Krok Od Zániku (2004)

Narcoleptic Youth: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed... (2004)

North Side Kings: Organizing Our Neighborhood (2004)

No Turning Back: Damage Done (2004)

No Warning: Suffer, Survive (2004)

Numb: Death Co. (2004)

OHL: Klänge Des Widerstands (2004)

Only Crime: To the Nines (2004)

Oxo 86: Fröhlich Sein Und Singen (2004)

The Partisans: Idiot Nation (2004)

Paul Baribeau: Self-titled (2004)

Perkele: Stories From The Past (2004)

Pig Destroyer: Terrifyer (2004)

Planes Mistaken for Stars: Up in Them Guts (2004)

Popperklopper: No Compromise feat. Patti Pattex (2004)

Potshot: Dance to the Potshot Record (2004)

Premonitions of War: Left in Kowloon (2004)

Pro-Pain: Fistful of Hate (2004)

Protestera: Zora EP (2004)

Prussian Blue: Fragment of the Future (2004)**

Psyopus: Ideas of Reference (2004)

Pulley: Matters (2004)

Pungent Stench: Ampeauty (2004)

La Quiete: La Fine Non È La Fine (2004)

Razorblade: Skinheads Are Back! (2004)

Razzia: Relativ Sicher Am Strand (2004)

Reatards: Bed Room Disasters (2004)

The Red Death: Aftertaste of the Emaciated EP (2004)

Redska: Mi Son Sbagliato Nel Confondermi! (2004)

Resistance 77: Long Time Dead (2004)

Righteous Jams: Rage of Discipline (2004)

Riot/Clone: Mad Sheep Disease EP (2004)

Rise Against: Siren Song of the Counter Culture (2004)

River City Rebels: Hate to Be Loved (2004)

Rocket from the Tombs: Rocket Redux (2004)

Rövsvett: Kängor & Shorts EP (2004)

Runnin Riot: Built to Belfast (2004)

Rux: Where are We Going? (우린 어디로 가는가) (2004)

Schifosi: Half Lit World EP (2004)

Send More Paramedics: The Hallowed and the Heathen (2004)

Severed Head Of State: Charge Ahead EP (2004)

Short Fuse: Self-titled EP (2004)

Small Town Riot: Some Serious Shit (2004)

Smut Peddlers: Coming Out (2004)

SNFU: In the Meantime and In Between Time (2004)

Social Distortion: Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll (2004)

Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse (2004)

The Spectacle: Rope or Guillotine (2004)

Springtoifel: Ettalprednik (2004)

Spunge:  That Should Cover It! (2004)

Stage Bottles: We Need a New Flag (2004)

Stars and Stripes: One Man Army (2004)

Stormcrow: Wounded Skies EP (2004)

Strung Out: Exile in Oblivion (2004)

Submission Hold: What Holds Back the Elephant (2004)

SubZero: The Suffering of Man (2004)

Suppression: Release the Piranha (2004)

Surgery without Research: Death Comes to Little Bohemia (2004)

Talco: Tutti Assolti (2004)

Ten Foot Pole: Subliminable Messages (2004)

Terror: One with the Underdogs (2004)

The Thermals: Fuckin A (2004)

Totalt Jävla Mörker: Människans ringa värde (2004)

U.K. Subs: Violent State (2004)

Underage: Africani Marocchini Terroni EP (2004)

Underøath: They're Only Chasing Safety (2004)

Unearth:  The Oncoming Storm (2004)

Until the Ink: The Blind Leading the Lost (2004)

U.S. Roughnecks: Twenty Bucks and Two Black Eyes (2004)

The Vandals: Hollywood Potato Chip (2004)

Venomous Concept: Retroactive Abortion (2004)

Victims: …In Blood (2004)

Vitamin X: Bad Trip (2004)

The Von Bondies: Pawn Shoppe Heart (2004)

Voodoo Glow Skulls: Adicción, Tradición, Revolución (2004)

Walls of Jericho: All Hail the Dead (2004)

The Warriors: War Is Hell (2004)

A Wilhelm Scream: Mute Print (2004)

Witch Hunt: As Priorities Decay (2004)

With Honor: Heart Means Everything (2004)

Wolfbrigade: A D-beat Odyssey EP (2004)

Zaunpfahl: Leben ist (2004)

Zeke: 'Til the Livin' End (2004)


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